Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Haven’t checked in in forever! However I’m still going strong, still sober, still counting. Days and weeks and months just fly by these days. Just living a (mostly) normal life. Never thought I would be able to go so many consecutive days without thinking about a drink…or a pill…or SOMETHING mind altering. I do believe in miracles.


I’m glad! That makes it even more worth it.


@Declan. 5 months… strong work brother! You’re an inspiration… Keep it up!


Day 8! Made it past my first week and I have this new sense of empowerment! I was honest with my boyfriend about my drinking again and how I haven’t been able to handle it. He didn’t say much except that he doesn’t want to put any peer pressure on me and doesn’t want me to feel uncomfortable that his jobs a musician is centered around being bars. We’ve had this conversation a couple times before and I told him that I just want to know he supports me. So things are looking up and I’m really excited about what the future holds. :slight_smile:


Greatly appreciated! Woke up with that P.M.A., and going to keep it going all day.


Almost day 310. I am exhausted, almost six weeks into the new school year. Funny thing is: I keep wondering how I managed to juggle this job and drinking at the same time, all those years…? It’s draining enough as it is.
Off to the local shops to get some soda and a salad. Oh, and Netflix. I am knackered :smirk:


By the grace of God and the help of other alcoholics (including y’all), today is one year since I walked into the rooms of AA for my first meeting. My last drunk was a couple weeks before in late September and my last drink was between then and making my first meeting – but I wasn’t keeping track and my fucking brain was so scrambled that life was all really really fuzzy. So for me – today is my sober date, as it was the day I was lucky enough to get a new start, to live the life I should.

Assuming I make my meeting today at my home group, I will have made at least one meeting every single day in this year. I am so blessed and fortunate to be given this gift and to have the ability to make my meetings. So much gratitude for all of you that I have met along the way…


I agree. I’m turning 50 this month and I’m signing a lease this week to open my own martial arts school. You’re just getting started JR lol


Day 216. I saw a sign yesterday (I think it actually was a sign) that said “what God has ordained he will maintain”. Awesome and powerful!

Have a great day my friends!!!


I knew it was coming. But goat’s time is a closely guarded secret. Congrats


94 days. Today is day 1 of vacation. Big anxiety for me. I hate airports. We both have TSA Pre check so that will help a little but I won’t be chill until we actually make it to the resort. Planes are a big trigger for me too because the drinking usually started as soon as the cart came around. I’ll be okay though. I’m not feeling any specific urge to drink and husband is on guard too and doing all he can to help alleviate travel day stress. Happy Tuesday everyone.:red_car::flight_departure::flight_arrival::taxi::ferris_wheel::roller_coaster:


Thanks mate.


Checking in with 305 days sober, feeling alive.


Thank you Bill. It’s so much easier when I don’t try do it on my own. One Day at a time we’ll get there.


Happy Birthday :grin::green_heart:


Thanks! :goat::goat::goat:


Day 27. Last night, I had to attend a fundraiser for my kid’s school. It was at a brewery where the kids could come, there was a stage band and catering. Tickets and beer sales went entirely to the PTA. My family and I sat with 4 other families that we are close with. Everyone was drinking except me and I had zero, I mean none at all, desire to join in. I didn’t even think about it until my friend was talking about getting together to BBQ and said “we’ll just have to get her drinking again by then.” I chuckled inside. Good luck with that… I have made a solid decision and in my mind there is no going back, ever. I have been reading a lot about messages we get as youth concerning alcohol though and really… Really? An elementary school fundraiser centered on parents getting drunk with their kids in tow. Wow.


Day 28 and tired as always🤣
Have a good day everyone!:blush:


Dear Mr Goat, congratulations! I am very happy for you and always enjoy your posts. This one in particular :+1:t2: I hope you’re celebrating!


CONGRATULATIONS on 1 year!!! Awesome, awesome accomplishment!!! :muscle::muscle::muscle: