Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Woohoo…congrats on 300


had to google that…my guess was horribly wrong :wink:


Most high regards to you sir. You have been the funny jokester and the old wise one and many things in between. You are truly one of the ones that stood out when I started coming in here and ever since I have to say it’s been an honor getting to know you bit by bit…Biggest respect from me you just earned with 365/365. I don’t think I’ve met anyone else who’s done that…and I can tell you that I’ve met a lot of people in AA…You sir are…


Hahahaha. It’s a H2O song reference. Here’s where I was leaning with it:


Congrats! This site wouldn’t be the same without you. So glad you’re here with one year now!:birthday:


You’re welcome


Congratulations @DowntroddenGoat. It’s great having you here. Thanks for you wonderful, funny, honest and helpful posts. Wish you well.


Oh @MandiH, sorry to hear you’re not well. Hope you get better soon. Thinking of you.


@Modestakieran thank you so much. You are always caring. The meeting is not a SA group as I desired. I hope to have one soon. But at least the meetings I have I can be accountable and free to speak about what is happening. It is a church based group but no moralistic or trying to force me to do certain things. I can be free and open and that is what I need in an addiction which leads me always towards isolation.
Thank you Megan! You are becoming a great support. I wish you the best


@Annaka I understand you. Tiredness is my normal state of being. Patience my friend!


Day 150 without acting out, and day 20 with no alcohol!

Doing well! I got two of the most meaningful compliments I’ve gotten in a long time yesterday and I’ve been carrying those with me. One was from a man I knew in college who I recently reconnected with(appropriately) and he complimented who I was and who I am and how it feels to be around me. It was a lot of beautiful compliments and all very platonic and I didn’t have any urge to take it elsewhere.

The second was from a dancer who is just starting out at the studio I go to. She was making up a class she missed. She was behind me for most of the night and gave me a super sweet compliment on my transitions between moves, which I’m self conscious of.

So those things carried me through today. Celebrating 5 months with a non alcoholic bubbly drink, salmon, and Brussels sprouts, then going to bible study.


Congratulations!!! A year of sobriety is radical!!! I hope to be there one day


Day 24. That is all. Still not ready to talk.


Day 19… in the “this suuuucks” phase. lol
Been off for a week and I’m actually ready to go back to work.


Woot woot! Glad you have been having an awesome few days :blush:


Only just noticing the headache trend. Have you worked on diet at all, maybe thought about a daily vitamin supplement? Might help.

Lack of nutrients or sleep always land me back in the magical world of Migraine Land.


Happy anniversary, Goat! :ice_cream: :tada:

Congratulations, and genuine thanks for sharing your sobriety with us.

Do you feel like a kid again?


Checking in on day 34 sober :grinning::grinning:




Day 74. I’m noticing myself wanting to be more feminine. I don’t even like saying this, it feels sexist, but, I do. I’ve been such a girl-dude my whole life; tomboy, athlete, tough skinned, fought a lot (against bullies, I protected everyone else through kicking ass). I don’t even know how to be more feminine, but I feel as though alcohol got in the way of me discovering this side of myself. It’s as if it was never safe to be feminine … And now, it wants to live…