Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 3 in the bag. I am unusually grumpy and not sure if I like this side of me. Hmmmmm. Goodnight.


Checking in day 161. Work is really stressing me out - I’m starting to consider resigning. There is one particular toxic personality I have to regularly deal with, and it’s starting to really bring me down. I thought about having a drink for the first time in a long time this evening, and knew that I had to be gentle with myself, and careful around stress as a trigger to justify drinking. Tomorrow is another day :blossom:


74 days.

The kid next door is getting pretty good at playing the recorder (clarinet?).


Checking in day 3.


Thanks everyone for your well wishes and compliments. More importantly, thanks for helping keep me sober today. If I missed anyone, sorry!!!

I celebrated by doing what I did the last 364 days, made a meeting. I was so fortunate I got to share this with everyone around me who have been such a source of strength to me in this last year.

Before my last drunk, I never thought i was an alcoholic, never thought to quit drinking or even change how I drank. I sure as shit never thought I needed other people or that I would look forward to going to a church every day.

When I had my moment of grace, however, God showed me that I didn’t have to travel this road alone anymore, that i needed others in my life. I didn’t know what that meant until i washed up on the doorstep of AA and sat n the corner for a good while. That gift of desperation and an openness to think about maybe potentially possibly giving AA a try (even if I went was b/c of a resentment) was the only room a group of drunks needed to show me I was loved and that for me, there was a better way. God and a group of drunks did and still do for me, what I couldn’t do and still cannot do for myself.

As it says in the BB:

Luckily, I forgot that God is in charge of results. I was finally taking action, and my motives didn’t matter. … I did not particularly want what they had; I just didn’t want what I had anymore–that was the humble beginning I needed.

So for today, I think I’ll keep coming back.

@C-sun Thanks to you too.


Yes you are right. I’m on a intermitting fasten diet (5:2). Maybe that and stress is feeding my migraine I guess. But I still want to loose 1 extra kilo :flushed: Started to take extra magnesium supplements because someone advise me them. I allready take a multivitamine and extra vit D.


Day 23, yesterday I start to walk 1 hour a day before work. So from now on it’s my intention to walk on the days I work and run on the days I’m free. At sunday I’m giving myself a off day :wink:
This beautiful photo was made during my walk yesterday:


Day 122…checking in friends :slight_smile:


I think this doesn’t sound sexist at all @liv_m. I build a wall around my soul for years and years and didn’t even noticed. It was hard work and took effort and patience to let go and live again. I’m greatful for finding a soulmate and got the chance to do a therapy. Hope you’ll find a way to get back to the real you too. Wish you well.


Don’t worry. This feeling will pass. Be patient with yourself.


That’s an amazing picture @Buts guess we have quite a few things in common. I love walking too. Started 1 hour walks daily( almost daily :thinking: ) on Saturday and I’m on intermittent fasten as well. I do the 16:8 and it really works for me. Had a bit of a headache in the beginning but feeling much better already after 2 weeks doing it. I’m on day 17 sober myself. Hope you feel better soon too. Have a lovely sober day :wave:


Day 17 here for me. Happily looking forward to be back on my 30 days again to move forward from there on. Feeling so positive right now. Thanks for this wonderful place to keep in touch with you all. It helps me a lot


Day 8 sober. I feel happy today. Speaking with friends and trying to discover how powerless I am and how much I need a Higher Power to recover sanity. It is humbling to discover that I need help but at the same time I discover a kind of freedom that makes me happy


@Jane_PixieCore this thread helped me a lot at the beginning and still helps.


Day 282
Sitting at the Drs office in the waiting room bc I got some shit like abdominal influenza :poop: Had to leave work earlier yesterday and a friend drove me home. I did not want to risk a :poop:-incident in the bus or train :rofl:
Of course I took some medications already, sadly this shit numbs my brain heavily, but still better than pooping and vomiting all the time.
I hope I don’t have to wait too long here :confused:
Wish you all a healthy sober day friends :green_heart:


Don’t let this person bring you down, don’t give him or her this power. There is a quote I really like about toxic people:
“Never wish them pain. That’s not who you are. If they caused you pain, they must have pain inside. Wish them healing. That’s what they need.”
Feel hugged, you’ve got this :green_heart:


Congratulations on one full year of sobriety!!! Awesome accomplishment sir :+1::kissing_heart:


Great to hear from you Rosey and more great to see you’re still kicking ass! Congratulations :kissing_heart::green_heart:


I love that analogy, thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to experience the beauty!


Holy hell! I gotta check in more often! I just read through all of yesterday’s and there is sooo much awesomeness going on! I was going to reply to so many but a couple gave me warm fuzzies- @Jolie when I read your check in yesterday I was like “Eff yes!” @BillS I’m so happy you’re sharing your “secret” with your kids. I hope this brings you all closer together. @BrookieB it is so awesome to “see” you smiling. You sound so positive.
And @DowntroddenGoat happy belated birthday. One year of meetings every day? You’re awesome. Have a great Wednesday erryone!