Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Morning day 4. I am so anxious. I have barely slept. This feels terrible. Has anyone else felt like this?


Any group that keeps you accountable and allows you to be open and honest is a huge step in your fight. Just the fact that you are not defensive and irritated by my tough love shows your commitment to overcome this struggle. Your strength is growing everyday and your recovery is becoming stronger as well.

Have you looked online for SA groups? I know there are online meetings for AA and NA.


Goat!! A full year sober! You are so inspiring, I’m so proud of you! What’s your favorite thing about this past year?


Almost sober twins then! :dancing_women::tada: I like that! This morning I walked for one hour again and now I’m working (having lunch now :wink:) Tomorrow is my fast day. Lovely sober day for you too!


Yes! Congrats! You’ve definately worked your ass off to get here. Your strong resolve, and definately your sense of humor, has been so amazing and refreshing. I have very little doubt that you made it to your meeting. Hopefully you did something else nice for yourself.


37 and in a funk. But will keep on keeping on.


Thank you so much! I really needed to hear this today. Thank you x


Day 154, Blessed to have another day sober. Keep pushing everyone. :grin::metal::fist::green_heart:


Day 130.

Had a great conversation with a friend, who I haven’t talked to (outside of Facebook likes/comments) in almost 7 years, last night, about her back and forth with sobriety. Felt good, on my end, to be able to get some stuff out, and she felt better getting to talk through her stuff as well.

Have a strong day!!!


95 days. Survived the first night surrounded by crowds of drinkers. Whew. Chillaxin in my scooter :joy::joy:


Day 74. Today I feel bothered left right and center. Being in a routine that is rigid and which makes me feel like a robot serving a purpose that is not mine is one of the reasons today everything is setting me off. I want to blow up all familiarity … Is that sabotage though? Ugh… I just want to feel like I’m not riding waves, going from one strong emotion to the next. I’m managing them way better though, I just find them hard to feel.


So jealous. I need one of those


Day 63. Hadn’t had time to check in last 2 days, been working out in the field, as we say.


Day 21 - Three weeks! It feels good to be alive and kicking. Working hard on the new business and the house renovation. We don’t have urges when we’re exhausted! Just doing the right thing, making better decisions. Still working on SMART Recovery stuff online and thinking about starting a meeting here. I hope everyone is having a great day! :sunny:


60 days today.


Day 9!! Almost to triple digits. Feels great! I’m off to school and this time I’ll be away from home until next Saturday (usually I’m only away 4 days Wednesday to Saturday). But this Sunday my mom and boyfriend are coming in town so we can go to the Renn Fest with our family friend (who I’m staying with while at school). I am so excited.

Last year during my 4 month sober streak October was a big hurdle month. I was two months sober and not only went to Renn Fest and made it through Halloween, but dealt with the year anniversary of being raped.

I know I can get through all of that again this year and I will have done it during my first month sober this go around. So I know it will be a little more difficult but I know I can do it.


Day 21…

The first 2 weeks were pretty tough but each day seems to get easier.

I make it a little farther into each day before my Brain starts fucking with me. When i do get “cravings” They pass a lot quicker and I’m back about my day in no time.

1 day at a time!!


Is Squidward your neighbor?

If yes, do you happen to live in a pineapple?


Checking in on day 34. Feeling strong and blessed that I’m able to appreciate my family and the life I have through clear thoughts and clean living. It was just over a month ago that I was drinking until I blacked out 3… 4… 5… times per week. And for what!!! For no reason other than to feed an awful addiction. I never will forget that period in my life because it gives me perspective and motivation to stay sober. Quoting @Yoda-Stevie because what he said on a post a day or two ago really moved me and encapsulated exactly where I am right now…

“I’ll never mourn slavery and bondage. That’s what alcohol was. It was a chain and shackles, holding me down from growing and living life, enjoying all that I have been blessed with.”

One day at a time… from now on!


Day 20…