Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Just keep getting better at getting better!


Day 19: I worry about my health; I’ve neglected my body for so long, it’s hard to break the bad habits I’ve collected over the decades. Earlier this year I made my first attempt to quit drinking and be healthier, I made it 58 days. I failed because, while my heart was in the right place, I wasn’t fully committed, or perhaps, prepared. But I took what I learned and here I am again, this time I’m fully committed. I quit smoking, been cooking healthy meals, working out daily. My blood pressure is still dangerously high, but i’ve read that it takes 1 to 3 months of healthy living for it to settle down, I sure hope so.


Sorry to hear that! Hope You will get better soon! All the best for You.


Just finishing day 29. Feeling good. Very much looking forward to my doctors appointment in 2 weeks to See the Heart of my Baby beating :star_struck:
Still cannot believe…


You’re on the right path! You can’t go back in time and change the decisions you’ve made, but you can live a healthier life starting right now. But you should go see a doc about your BP. He/she may put you on some meds to get it in check. Good luck to you on your healthy journey!!! One day at a time!


Day 302. I shared my first step at my new home meeting last night. It was pretty emotional, more than I thought it would be. I sat there reading it, trembling, because I was so afraid of what the others in the room would think. As always, their feedback was loving and accepting.

One person gave me some feedback that caught me a little off guard. They said that my share reminded them that we weren’t just addicted to our DOC, but to shame as well. That thought weighed heavily on me last night and still this morning. It seems like such a strange idea, to be addicted to shame. But it makes sense to me. Why do we tend to watch the same news channels every night? It further confirms our bias whatever it may be, it reinforces the things we already believe to be true. So, if I considered myself to be a bad person, I would seek out behaviors that confirm that bias…

Anyway, I thought it was interesting and worth sharing. The notion has me feeling pretty blue today. This too shall pass.


Glad it worked out well! :+1:


666 days today - and I hope that is a good thing! :sweat_smile:


I looked for online SA groups but one of my problems is internet. I don’t have personal computer and the browser in my cellphone is blocked on purpose because free internet triggers me a lot. I tried phone meetings my the schedule is difficult to me because the crazy schedule of my job. But I don’t give up. I know one day I will find what I am looking for.
@Modestakieran I always felt that you want the best of me. I know we are very different in a lot of things but I respect you very much because you really cares :green_heart:


End of day 3 again… just gone midnight and im tired but unable to sleep… very frustrating!


Age is a number only. What time scale does the Divine use? Eons, centuries, nanoseconds? I am sober today. Literally all things are possible, the question is what will I manifest? What will I work on? All things are possible, if I stay sober. If I do not, then my universe becomes smaller and smaller and will collapse in on itself. “Great suffering and great love are (our) disciplinarians. We need no others.”

Be here now.


Keep scootin Angie😁


Thanks! I really do need to see the doc. I would walk to the end of the earth for a friend in need, but I can’t follow through for myself to save my life. I’ll find a doc tomorrow and set up an appointment.


Well this is my first day trying for mhself to stop my active addiction of meth


Day 71. Got really short tempered earlier. Tired. Cranky. Saw my brother yesterday. Journaled today about things. He’s so very sick. He said there’s no point in him staying sober, because it’ll only be a matter of time anyway before the wheels fall off again. Obvious long term memory problems during our conversations. I’m physically and emotionally drained. Thuurapy tomorrow tho. My therapist earns her money with me on her caseload. #jobsecuuurity


Day 15.16… Checking in.

Feels so good to be clean, sober, aware, productive. Long time since i had such great day. Feeling grateful. Thanks to you all! You help me keep focus and motivated. 1 day at the time :facepunch:t4:


Checking in day 162. Consumed with anxiety today - hoping tomorrow will be brighter :sparkles:


Checking in at exactly 4 months sober💪🏼
Shit this is hard



My favorite thing. Oy that is a tough one as there haven’t been many tangible or cash and prizes sort of things that many people would look to right away. I also haven’t had the opportunity to sit and reflect on it all much. All I can really say is that it is much better.

I think one of the biggest things would have to be finally learning what gratitude is and learning how to be grateful about life on life’s terms. I never felt or understood gratitude, even with all I had been so lucky to receive in my life, when I was out there. I always wanted more. There was never enough.

There is also that whole HP thing that keeps showing me I am in the care of my HP as well. But that’s for another post. Haha.


35 days sober!! I can do this!