Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in on the start of day 3. Yesterday was a very rough day. My anxiety and depression took over me, but I’m proud of myself because before I would have just headed straight to the bar. Instead I came home, climbed into bed and put on a movie.
I feel good this morning having slept in my own bed and being in my own safe space.
I normally struggle to be alone, but this time it feels good.
Hoping today will be better.


Hell yes, scooter! Where that turtle shell at? :metal: Heal up soon, Angie.


Feeling like a fucking rockstar at 60 days. You have no idea (actually you likely do) how hard it was to get through thanksgiving (I’m a Canuck) where every single person was drinking but me. I will say this- I have never felt better and have not looked better in years. I got so many compliments at the family dinner for how good I looked- my face is less puffy, I don’t have bags under my eyes, and I am constantly smiling because I have a beautiful sober life worth living. Also, I have lost 10 lbs (not that I’m counting :wink:) and I am loving my job, my kids, and my life. I am going to keep on keeping on, remembering that I am only one drink away from my old life. Thank you for the support you have all shown me and each other, I truly feel this community makes a difference in so many peoples lives :heart:


That is so, so true. And once we see it, it no longer has to be. We can get better. We can seek hope and live instead for light.

Thank you for sharing this, Mike. :heart:


Cuz you are a f—ing rockstar! The baddest, soberest, cat love/hatingest rockstar I know. Big ups on the 60, lady. :v:


You make that scooter look badass


You’re right. If I was to describe myself as a cat anything it would have to be a lover/hater. Again, they’re just such arseholes, but so damn sweet… I’ll post a pic of pure sweetness captured at the tiniest local pet store in town (formerly owned by my grandparents who have passed). My son wants that tortoise bad… only $500!


You definitely need that tortoise and both kittens in your life.


Perhaps we have unlocked the true meaning of life, and the key to ultimate happiness *cue in cheesy music here


I did feel high anxiety for sure. Days 3 through 6 or so were the worst of it and then it cleared up a little. I’m on day 29 now and I definitely find anxiety decreasing little by little over time and increasing ability to manage it before panic sets in.


Day 123…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Day 24, having the day off. Going to study today and run when I’m done doing that. But first coffee and a chat with my cat :grin:

Have a happy sober day! :dancing_women:🤸 :dancer:


Morning all (or maybe goodnight depending where you are!) Day 222 and finally have a day off work :grin: have a good one everybody


Day 9 sober. Thursdays are my most stressful days. I try my best to be calm and cool.
A long long day before me.
I hope not to deal with it only with my own strenght and ask for help


Day 107 and still going strong!


Hey @Chickypant! How are you doing? I have finally made it to 10 days again and feeling pretty good this morning but it has not been easy. The only way that AI was able to make it this far is because I have a friend that stopped drinking the same time as I did and we have been leaning on each other. I have talked him down and last night he talked me down. I truly believe that if not for having him to lean on, I would have drank for sure. If you need someone to talk to or even someone to message or text please let me know. I think that as long as we have someone depending on us to not drink and someone we can talk to when we are craving it, that is the only way we are going to get through.


Day 16. Two more days and I am done with this job. Can’t wait to do some work that is more suited to me and my skill level. We’re gonna have some wind and rain today from Michael but not nearly as bad as Florence. Plus, many of the clean up crews are still here so should be a short recovery. Thoughts and prayers going out to the folks in Florida.


Checking in day 40 alcohol and tobacco free. Night all :blush::first_quarter_moon_with_face::waning_crescent_moon:


Hey, haven’t been on for a while (for obvious reasons) day 1. Self destruct gone mad last couple of days. Feeling so bad and look terrible, heart palpitations, drinking got back to daily this week, Monday, Tuesday, and drank all day yesterday.thats a lot of cans :cry::disappointed:. Back to focusing on sobriety…and back with Talking Sober :pray::purple_heart:


Yup, I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin for the first couple weeks. Then it slowed to once a week. After about 90 days for me it was all but gone. I still have generalized anxiety but have learned through this process how to manage it in a healthy way. “This too shall pass”.