Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 64, got a good 14 hour work day going on today. Hell yes, over time! Gonna spend my extra cash on nothing! Going in my account, lol. :grin::grin::grin:


Hey, ya I’m doing a lot better thanks. Doing this second time around is easier. I’m day 6 today and I only have small thoughts about drinking but then I am so busy studying and doing small courses that it is my priority right now and I forget about it easier. I have found other things to drink like Hot chocolate, lemon cordial in cold water and berry concentrate. Coke light also helps. I’ve been craving chocolate the past 2 days and I had nothing. So I made a chocolate cake in a cup. 60 seconds in the microwave. Was amazing. :pig::pig2::pig:

  1. Just taking things one day at a time. I will try to move around more today at work, I think it’s brining me down being so stagnant. Also, I need to unfollow newspapers on Facebook, or just stay off Facebook in general. I don’t have cable, I can’t stand to see the news, but I read about it daily and it gets to me.


That’s crazy! Congrats :blush: hopefully we can see the end result :hibiscus:


Day 218. It was around this time 4 years ago I was told “I want a dovorce” by my ex. It was the worst experience of my life to date. I thought it was out of my system but apparently not. I e been having unsettling dreams the past few days. I look forward to it passing.

There are far more positives going on now that will receive my attention.

Have an awesome sober day my friends!!!


Yes you can!


Amazing, big congratulations to you


96 days :two_hearts: Alcohol free butter beer. Still can’t believe how unpuffy my face is and how alert I look in vacation pictures compared to years past​:heart:


Two more days and you’ll have 6 months. That’s awesome! :grin::metal:


Day 283. Almost bought a beer
Sh@t Week

I applied for a senior post where i work but wasnt shortlisted yet im still doing work for the post above me (which is vacant) spent two days solid on a business plan for new business …and I feel such a mug …

I have no chance of promotion where i am Now… as the one post above me is the last rung

Peed off :frowning:


Aw man, I am so sorry to read this. Give yourself a break this weekend, you deserve it. Just don’t drink, okay…?


Utterly heart broken …worked in this field for 29 years… But ill not drink…
Ill take time out this weekend and reflect

Sorry for moaning…Just so upset…so Many people above me told t9 apply for it and I just feel like a mug


No, it’s totally understandable. It’s not moaning.
You went after it and now you are disappointed. Must be tough, you were already doing part of the desired job, right? Maybe after some time you’ll be able to focus your energy on something else, something new. For now, just keep breathing, you tried and that’s an achievement in itself!


Im going to take stock this weekend and map out some options

I am kind of stuck where i am as the place i work for covers such a large patch … anyways
Wasnt meant to be…


You’re so freakin cute, Miss Angie


Checking in almost done day 22.

The changes in my life that have happened over the last few weeks have been incredible.

Now, that the cloud has lifted im starting to come to realize all the mistakes I have made over the last 10+ years and all the time I have wasted.

It really sucks when u reflect back on it. However, Im really excited for the new life I have decided to make for myself.

I don’t ever wanna be the person I was just a few weeks ago.

Thanks to everyone & have a great day!!


That’s total BS. Can you inquire why you were not short listed? I would…


Thank you :heart_eyes: I’m so happy to be this happy sober!! :heart:


Day 4 :metal: feeling good


Thank you :blush:.:hibiscus: