Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 22. A little drizzly out today, nice change. Was going to go to work but there is nothing to do there. So may as well just kick it in my cozy house and chill out with the kids. They have no school again all week because the fires are still affecting people not being able to get to work or school. Lovely extended vacation. :grin::grin:


I do my best to get to meetings when it is hard or inconvenient to do so in order to push myself. Today is a snow storm and I didn’t want to be out and about. So I got myself to two meetings. When I feel like it is inconvenient, that’s when I know I need to reprioritize and refocus. Good luck :bird:


So, my “studio” is a standard bedroom, carpeted, with windows on 2 of the 4 walls. As you can imagine, the sound bounces of the walls like crazy. I bought a bunch (24) of 1" eggshell acoustic panels (12"×12"). Right now they are attached directly to one of the walls. However, the proper way is to have them sit about an inch off the wall so that it “traps” the sound. I haven’t gotten to building frames for them yet. It works modestly as it is now, so I’m in no rush. But I definitely need more. I am not sure if I’m happy with 1" yet, I feel I should have gone thicker.


I need to get in that state of mind. I don’t know whether to blame laziness or depression when I can’t seem to get myself motivated. Maybe a little of both.


Day 65 sober never thought I’d come this far… Keep going all :raised_hands:


I need to get in that state of mind. I don’t know whether to blame laziness or depression when I can’t seem to get myself motivated. Maybe a little of both.


I often ask myself “will it make the boat go faster”. As in: will my proposed course of action be helpful to me reaching my goals or not?


Day 265. Full soft kitty protocol is in effect. Home sick. This is the first sick day I’ve used since quitting. It sucks being sick but it’s great that it has nothing to do with alcohol.

Now if I can just get someone to bring me tea and cold meds lol


Day 76. I think I am realizing that I can get through crisis sober, but once things settle down after a crisis, that’s go time for my alcoholic mind. I haven’t sat down for more than a minute in almost two weeks, doing stuff for the kids and my husband. Yesterday I had such strong thoughts about alcohol that I broke down and cried. I realize though that instead of going for a walk, meditating, or whatever, I just keep jumping to the next thing to do of which there seems to be an endless list. It’s like I think alcohol will be the only thing that will allow me to sit down and stop. Pushed through last night and really wanted to give up for the first time. Just thinking, I could end this right now, just drink and be over with the whole idea. I didn’t and I woke up so very grateful for my sobriety. Now I know a pitfall to watch out for, the calm after the storm.


It is your time! Work hard and shine!


Day 107. Yesterday was hard, however, I am thankful for this mug, the coffee in it, and for my sobriety. I am currently on week 4 of working full time, then going home to 3 kids solo. Exhaustion has truly set in, but a sober day is a beautiful day. Have a great day, everyone :heart:


Day 66 - As I worship, I am at peace with myself; the gym my church, milage the sermon.

Stay beautiful gang!


Day 365! A whole year sober! Thanks for your support everyone :grin:


Congrats. Hige accomplishment, and and inspiration!


Yes Rob!!! That’s so awesome!!! I hope you celebrate well today. What’s your favorite change?


Hi Mandi. So many to choose from! I suppose the biggest change is I like myself again…if you know what I mean? I am happy :grin:


I do and I love it!!! Great job Rob!!


Wow! Look at that! Way to go! Keep it going!


Amazing, congratulations!!