Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Have you seen the Haunting of Hill House?


My favourite thing about meetings is the connect with others. Meeting others on the same path and hearing the stories of others who have been there is amazing and makes sobriety not feel like a lonely place, but a network of wonderful and interesting and compassionate people. :two_hearts:


My thought exactly. Sobriety can be a lonely. The fellowdhip makes it less so.


I love seeing these types of posts!


Beautiful words, Mandi. I can only speak for myself but I’m sure you are a huge inspiration to many, many people on this site. You are for me! Congratulations. Your post warmed my heart! Keep up the great work and positivity!!!


Day 60!!! 2 months! Woo-hoo! Happiness is not a big enough word to describe how I feel about sobriety. I was in the dark for so long that I forgot what the light looked like. Well, light… I’m here to stay!!! And dark, drunk days… BUH-BYE!!! Stay strong everyone!!!


Stoked for you


60 days is amazing!!! :two_hearts:


Way to go Bill!


My favorite post of the day. I love you, my dear!:heart:


Today was a bit of a slog, but this evening I’ve turned it around by cooking a nice healthy meal for myself and relaxing on the couch in my fleece panda onsie :rofl:
It’s 830pm EST and when I go to bed, I’ll have 24 days in the bag.
Thanks, everyone, for being beautiful, kind, positive and sober. :two_hearts:


Ok… You have my interest


Cozy AF.


Does make going to the loo a bit more difficult though :rofl:


Day 227.27.Needed to find something
positive today. This is it.


How’s it going. It’s been awhile.


I believe I saw a movie, several years ago…it was a remake of an older one…but is there a new one…I think I saw mention of it on here last week…


The struggle is real :rofl:


The haunting on hill house is a series that has 10 episodes. I think you’re thinking of a movie with the same name from way back. Either way, it’s a must watch!


It’s on kindle? I tried to find it, but couldn’t. Good to know. Will try again. Want. To. Read. This. Book.