Checking in daily to help maintain focus


2 days into recovery. Ooooo my head hurts. :expressionless:


Lots will hurt… Physically, emotionally, mentally.
It’s all normal and always lessens with time… You just need to make it through enough time to heal. Set small goals and congratulate yourself on reaching those, then just keep going


Day 300. :sunglasses:


Day 101. I’m Chuck Norris’ed out today, I thought he might be my HP… Probably is.

Anyways, sober and developed a better time management plan today. Went in hard with the work stuff too. Going to an all women meeting sometime this week. Excited for that because I think it’s best for me.


Congrats Bill!


Amazing!! Inspiring!! Congratulations! :tada:


Checking in day 188. Love and strength to everyone! :cherry_blossom:


Day 86. I finally have a loaner phone that works! Praise the baby Jesus (the Christmas Jesus in the manger) because holy hell that was a long week without one. I actually lost count of my days because I just had access to the forum. Not much else to report- lots of work meetings, and getting ready to go to a concert on Vancouver in Thursday. A nice little weekend away with a girlfriend- I’m super excited!


Congrats on 60 days! You are such a positive influence on me and I’m right behind you!


Thank you baby cheeses


Those are seriously delicious hahahaha now I want one


Also I’m stealing that pic and sending it to my whole contact list


Mmm, that’s a good one… Happy :100: (and +1), you amazing hooman, you.

:raised_hands: :hugs: :tada:


Congrats buddy. Youre a big inspiration!


The headache, too, will pass. For me, vitamins (esp. B complex) and hydration (esp. La Croix :rofl:) were a big help feeling better early on.

Congrats! Those first few days are rough, and you’re hanging tight.


Woof, Mr. 300 Club over here. Congrats, man! :tada:

And @BillS on 2 months! :relaxed: Sober AF, this lot right here. :+1:


tonight before the meeting helped set up and I led the meeting too great way to start my week right hahaha fuck it it was a good meeting and 70 days clean and sober thank God


Checking in on 78 days life is getting better everyday :hugs::sunglasses:


Good morning everyone.
Day 2.
Have a good one.


Day 149…checking in friends :slight_smile: