Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in :slight_smile: I spent most of today writing a new guitar solo then went to the flicks to see ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. If you’ve not seen it yet, its well worth a watch on the big screen :slight_smile: Hope everyone is having a happy sober day.


Day 1… again


I’m 3 hours from a full day. Let’s remember this feeling of anxiousness and depression the next time I’m “deserving” of a drink. Let’s do it.


You can do it. Next time you feel like a drink…jump on here for an hour or so…and start reading.


83 days sober. Feeling sick :frowning:


I got sick earlier this year. I couldnt believe how terrible i felt!! I wondered to myself if being sick was normally that bad and i just never noticed because i was literally always hung over.


Day 24. Snowed in. Power’s out. Car’s in the shop. Took care of my 2-year-old granddaughter today. So important to be alert & available when caring for others, especially in less than perfect conditions. I could’ve asked other members of my household to bring home booze, and didn’t. ‘Cause I used to drink but I don’t anymore.


Checking in Day 69…

Headed to bed a little early tonight. Getting over a cold and have a long day tomm for work. I saw a few of you were sick too, hope you get better soon.

Hope everyone had a great day Sober!


Thank you! I know right, I need to get some airborne.


I hope you feel better. I got a great mulligatawny soup recipe that can help you out if you’re up to it :slight_smile:


I’ve never heard of that, what is it?


Its an English winter warmer soup based on light curry spices. Completely vegetarian aswell if thats your thing.


I love Curry!! Yum!! I’d love the recipe!


On its way!


Redoing day 3 today. That means in the last 8 days I broke once. But I am here.


Day 9 Still tired, thinking maybe it’s a coffee hangover. If that is even a thing.


Coming to the end of day 46. It was snowing and inconvenient to get to meetings, so I went to two.

Work was unproductive. I think after my intense therapy session last night I was still processing all day today, with my mind bouncing around.

Tonight I was glad that the weather let up and I was and to meet my dad for climbing and dinner. He’s a problem drinker, but he’s proud of me for what I’m doing and said I looked really well.

Here is the fortune I got tonight - I interpret it as a message about not getting complacent with my sobriety.


Have redone a few Day 3s. Keep on keeping on💕


I would interpret it the same way!:two_hearts: I like the fact that you went to two meetings because it was snowing and inconvenient. That’s the best attitude.:two_hearts:


I’m looking forward to you getting past these difficult early days. Not that the rest is all smooth sailing, but you have so much to look forward to if you can get past the starting out gunk. :slight_smile: