Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 56 checking in. Have a good day everyone!


Day 50! Nice digits :smiley:
Feeling tired. But it’s going to be a beautiful day. The weather forecast says: sun and 20 degrees! That’s lovely! So I hope I can kick my butt out of my house to walk :flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My compliment for everyone here working on his ore her sober life! You are great!! :kiss:


Wow! Whoop! :tada: Whoop! :tada:


Congratulations Bill! You earned those numbers! :tada:


Sorry its been a while since I checked in, I’ve been ill with a non stop cold for such a long time… Not sure if it’s alcohol witndrawal related or not. Anyway, day 15 (or is it 16?) here for me!! I’m in Germany :de: for work this week and normally the alcohol will flow, but I’m planning on staying strong and using this app for motpvation to stay away. (plus the fact I feel like death at the moment). Love and strength to everyone on here x


Its ok, its been life…still sober. Hows my twin?


Awesome work, man. Closing in on that 1-year. Congratulations!


150 days – 5 months :smiley:

Thanks to everyone here who has offered advice, support, and wisdom! Time to tackle the day.


It is now on the list, thx


Just woke up from a stupid dream…inside a old car/gas station garage was located a antique market, there was a freezer. I was stealing meat, my grade 8 teacher was the attendant and I told him I was 30 days sober (which isn’t till 3:45pm), then I just started drinking…WTF…for some reason my Son was there, I drove my old Camero away in the snow…I know this was a dream, as the Camero would not make it anywhere in the snow…the drinking part scared me awake…I awoke with a real tear in my eye…this is such a tough habit to kick…its creeping into my dreams…fawkkkk I think I’m really upset about this…


Think this is how I post in here? I’ve thought for over 2 years now that I was doing fine and didn’t need to stop. Well… Checking in for the first time ever. Day 1. Man I’m scared, I never talk about this stuff but I’m praying it’s what I’ve been needing.


Welcome! Glad to have you here, this is a great community. Tons of advice and support. It has helped me a great deal, hope it can do the same for you. Makes the journey a bit less scary, especially at the start.


Welcome! You are in the right place! The positivity and support is second to none and been so important to me. Will start my day by praying for wisdom, strength and courage for all of us :two_hearts:


I am happy @StillFighting that you have broken your silence! One Bible legend says that God gave man the power to name animals, so that humans would rule over them. It is so powerful to speak your fears and expose them to the light. There, they wither, perhaps vanish.

Nothing you say to us has not been said before. We have done and seen and thought these same things. Please leave your troubles here, so that you may walk away in peace! Blessings on your house :pray:.


I got it on offer in UK £2.99. :blush:


Well done @BillS. Seeing your positive posts gives me hope :blush:


Good morning from USA east coast (615am). This is my day 25…

Today I’m going to VOTE like my life depends on it and stay SOBER like my life depends on it.


Day 40 something. I’m tired. Still working through the grief of losing my dog, still working until late in the evenings.
I just need to finish these two side projects and then take a break from extra work.


Thank you @SinceIAwoke @aircircle @TMAC , it’s super strange to me seeing people reply to my post…It’s nice knowing that somewhere, someone has made the time in their crazy lives to help me through mine. I just can’t wait to hit the 3 day Mark so I feel more like a person again. Then I can appreciate everything properly


Congrats to my buddy @Rain66 for hitting his 300 days, @BillS for his 60 and @TMAC for his 5 months! So awesome!!