Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I am 24 hours away from being sober for the longest period of time since I graduated high school. For those of you doing the math at home, that was 137 years ago (or maybe just feels that long). :sunglasses:


Day 3…I will just be sitting on the forums for my traditional wine down Wednesday tomorrow evening!


Congratulations @Robketts - that’s a lot of 'one more day’s, but it works!


Day 171…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Day 1… pressed the reset button 5 times in almost 25 days… now staying strong and starting my 6th attempt … struggling but i got faith …will beat the addiction for good…


Going to work to fight with some macho egomaniacs to claim my position. I am going to walk down the hill and …
Injustice pisses me off. But, I like my job, so, hapy happy happy. Here is some flowers for all of you. :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:


I like the positivity! :smiley:


Day 17. Turns out I’m not lazy and I’m awesome at my job. Who’d have guessed :man_shrugging:t2:. Alcohol can go and F itself because I like this version of me a lot more than the other one. Have a good day people


Checking in…day 94.


111 … I feel like a million bucks. So glad I quit drinking. :blush::blush:


Day 2 and I will not drink. Got a lot of phones to do to fix some of my mess. Police,job,school… then a long walk to calm the nerves. And read here :blush:
Wish you all the best!!


Well done!!!


Every one of those little tasks will get you closer to where you want to be in life. Well done for getting to day 2, keep getting those days one at a time.


Day 184 - 6 Months.
Not sure what’s different this time. Quit so many times over the past 30+ years and just struggled, missed it, whatever. I had a few very low “bottoms” and that wasn’t enough. This time I just stopped. I was drunk when I made up my mind. I’ve not missed it yet, and I don’t apologize for not drinking when everyone else is. I actually really like being sober. Go figure.


Day 7-1 Week

This is the second longest period of sobriety I’ve had in the last 9 years :slight_smile: feel great, I haven’t slept this well in a long time and I haven’t weighed myself but the mirror is telling me I may have lost a bit of weight already.

Thank you all! I really think this place has helped a lot :sunglasses:


Thank you so much @Ooooops :heart:


Thats great @Behemoth!!!


Good morning darling day 47! Everyone checking in here is such an inspiration to me, whether you are at 7 days or 700 days. Seeing all the positive results and people fighting through hard times with the conviction that there is no situation that drinking improves is so motivating to me.

Every day I wake up feeling gratitude for my continued sobriety.

My emotions are starting to level out and the things I’m feeling have a more logical connection to the situation, rather than being a confusing vomit of suppressed feelings.



Day 263.

One week shy of 9 months! I’ve been finding myself spiritually awakening much more since I started shifting my thinking to be more positive and conscious this past week. I watched a video about emotions last night on Gaia and omg, my eyes were opened quite a bit! I can see things that have come to me over the last several months in small thoughts coming together for the big picture and having them all tie together so I understand it all now MUCH more. It’s pretty freaking amazing!!! So, I don’t get to read many threads now where my focus is elsewhere but I am really am not remotely interested in drinking ever again, quite the opposite actually! I’m finding myself in a place where my entire soul is lighting up and anything else that doesn’t serve me well is falling away also. Pretty freaking sweet if you ask me! I know I owe all of this to sobriety, I never would have changed anything if I was still drinking. I also owe it to being miserable enough to search for the light, I am SO glad I have. My life will never be the same after this and that is a beautiful beautiful thing. Happy sober Wed my friends!


I loved reading this. Thanks for sharing @MandiH - you are amazing!! :two_hearts: