Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Congratulats mate … my personal best is 25 daysthatvi acheived around 2 years ago …


Thanks to all of you for posting, for trying, for your bravery. When I got sober, I discovered that my daily life of job and interactions with strangers was not my “real” life. My real life, the thing I come back to as my prime motivation, the source I return to, is a spiritual journey. And you are all, each in your own way, fellow travelers. We go this road together. This road cannot be taken alone. While I am responsible and accountable each day to decide to not drink, that decision becomes action from the love and energy you all and each channel.

We are all beings of light and star dust. Thank you all again for holding me aloft!


Day 72 and sick. Having a migrain :fearful:
Hope to be better tomorrow.
Hope you have a better day!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Back on track day 7. Already baked some Christmas Cookies.
And I have a cold :sleepy::sleeping:
However I will Go to a Meeting tomorrow and also have an online Meeting today.


I was the same…reset after reset. Take time to affirm why you need to do this. Check in here daily…commit to helping yourself :slight_smile:


Day 120. Much has changed in just 120 days! (-:


So happy for you Mandi. You are such an inspiration to me and so many people here. Keep up the strong work. I love reading about all your progress and positivity.


I went about 50 days and blew it last weekend… two-day binge with a little break for sleep. So ridiculous, so much deep, deep shame and guilt, not mention throwing my sleep pattern way off. Anyway, I’m checking in with 2 1/2 days and I really appreciate this app. I really want to embrace sobriety, own it, and be proud of it… yet humble about the fact that will be lost with one drink.


Checking in Day 61 & counting…


Day 10
Best thing about being sober is that I know where my glasses are in the morning.


I didn’t sleep at all for about three weeks; felt like I had the flu for the first week, and some bizarre plague of exhaustion and insomnia thereafter. Emotionally a basket case…

It gets better. It really will.:heart:


I’m not always very positive. I still struggle with letting those crappy thoughts go but I’m aware of them and am trying to shift the balance more instead by focusing on positive things and awareness. Nothing changes harboring negative feelings, I find more misery that way in all honesty. Life is rewarding me for shifting this so since we are all on this journey together I want to share it with others in the event it may help someone else! :heart_eyes: Thanks for your kind words Bill, I’m glad we can share positive things together! I always love seeing how your life is changing for good as well.


I did it!!! 14 days without cocaine!!! This is the longest I’ve gone in 3 years!! Flushing the rest of it helped BIG TIME! Made me realize I CAN DO THIS!!

Also 659 days alcohol free😀


Made it to 30.


Well done. I know it’s been stressful for you and I’m really proud of you. Keep it up :two_hearts:


Congrats my man! Keep it going why not!!


84 days, caught up on some sleep and feeling a little better. Listened to some drinking stories of some girls at work yesterday and convinced me even more that I have no desire to go out drinking. Sobriety has given me so much. I am so thankful.


Corvette is good! Stay away from the secretary!


Checking in today with 355 days sober. Feeling reflective lately and happy to have made it this far. Happy sober Wednesday peeps!


I can relate to that! Granted, I am 30 – not 40, but I have similar feelings sometimes.

Sometimes I get kind of unsettled in that I have lived in one place my whole life (Massachusetts), for example. I have lived in 4 or 5 different towns, but all within the same 20-minute radius. Sometimes I feel like just up and moving to another part of the country, some place far away, and starting over. Always wanted to live in Washington, Texas, California, Louisiana…I’m not sure where these feelings come from, because I do like my life and the people in it – but maybe that I feel like by staying in one place I am not experiencing all life has to offer and that with every day, I am losing time.

I often wonder if “this is it”, you know. Wake up, work, gym, home, repeat (mostly). Again, this doesn’t come from a place of dissatisfaction, but more from the “what if” perspective.

OK I need to quit typing now before I fall into an existential wormhole…