Checking in daily to help maintain focus


90 days :muscle::muscle::bomb::boom::woman_cartwheeling::dancer::man_dancing:


Yeah! Well done sticking to your guns, hope you feel better soon though!


Hey, glad ya made it, right on time. Best restaurant in town, no reservation needed…take a peak at the menu, many topics to read…engage when you want, when you are ready. Its good to see you, Be well.


Welcome. You made a good decision. It’s ok to be a bit scared, there’s plenty of people here who get it. It’ll get easier :+1:


2 months 3 days clean and I got dumped today so I’m proud I’m still clean and sober


Ha…you and I are definitely sober twins…not just in days but experiences. I am really liking my quieter life now too, especially with my new sharp mind. I woke up at 5:15 without a clock and had time to meditate, do my ball rolling/yoga prop filled/physical self care/ inversion table routine (being an addict while still professionally dancing in my thirties REALLY took a toll on my body, part of my ten month sobriety journey has been trying to get my body healthy again) make caramelized onion and carrot soup, and take an Epsom salt bath with a latte while I read posts here before I take my dogs on their morning walk. All this before work! I used to scramble out of bed at the last minute…brush my teeth, let my dogs run out into the yard to go to the bathroom quickly, pull my hair back and bolt (and yup, there’s no “change my clothes” in there bc I often fell asleep in my clothes from work the night before and just kept them on the next morning…classy)

My friends, who are all great,and the “not drinking” was just a non issue are all even getting curious at this point. They stared asking the other day “so like…you’re really still not drinking? Do you ever want to again? Why do you like not drinking so much?”

I basically explained that it feels so good to not be waiting for ______ to be over so that I can go relax with a glass of wine (or two bottles…ahem). That my life isn’t something I’m trying to get done with all the time so that I can REALLY let go after a long week.

Life…is enjoyable and manageable again. Congrats on 308 today


Day 16. Cranky tonight but eh, it happens.


Meeeee toooooo…to both👍🏻


Hey welcome! There’s no shortage of amazing people on here to help out :slight_smile:

It’s definitely normal to be scared. I sure as hell was! Getting your body and mind to start feeling better will take a little time but…I figure…the times gonna pass any way.m, might as well be doing something good for yourself while it does. Please come on here and use the search tool to look through threads that interest you. I recommend lots of water and as much sleep as you can muster these few days! Your body needs support right now! Looking forward to getting to know you on here!
Much Love,


Checking in. Day 665. Just finished reading Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher. Great read. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Checking in day 91. Work is going good, apartment is comming along. Things work out if you stay focused and sober. Happy Tuesday


Congratulations with your 150 days! :dancer:


Nice!! The big 90! :facepunch:


Three months sober is a huge victory. Kudos. Now keep fighting the good fight.


Congrats on the upcoming Beast day


Beast Day?


Welcome! Great place with a lot of info. Its a good first step


I researched them. They are more for people who plan on continuing drinking. Basically they help metabolise alcohol faster and with less of a hangover.


I just want you to know that I moved your thread. You did nothing wrong by bringing it up. I just wanted you to know that.


Thank you so much. I feel awful putting that out there on this forum. Goes to show a bit of research always helps.