Checking in daily to help maintain focus


You’re so awesome Bill!


I’m a nerd. I love research. You can always ask questions like that


Being single means that when you meet someone, and if you choose, they are getting the real you…which is good. :slight_smile:


Day 62, having some struggles with the two mom’s of my fiance’s kids… I don’t know the right way to handle it… Is there? I’ve never had to deal with extremes like this with my own kids dad. Constant threatening, harsh words, court. We have all five kids in this house every other weekend and I’m doing my best to learn what each child needs. School schedules and lunches clothes back in back packs. It’s like no matter how hard we try there’s always something. Any advice from blended families is welcomed. I will not be defeated. This family means everything to me. I can tell Ben feels defeated though. I need to be strong right now for both of us. Thank God I’m not drinking!


Checking in on my official day 1. Slept terribly last night, woke up at 2am and I basically laid awake til 6am when I just said fuckit, get up. First thing I did was take the recycling out so when my son comes home today he doesn’t see the empty bottles from sunday night. Hiding and lying. What fun. :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


I want to read that. I love her.


It does , often to me too


day number 666…the number of the beast…do you not listen to Iron Maiden??? :wink:


Whoop whoop welcome in the 300’s club :kissing_closed_eyes:


well thank you…and thank you everyone else…


Take care of you, okay? :hugs:


Day 310
Received a compliment today from a collegue: “You look really good, healthy and lost some weight” . I am not used to receiving compliments :sweat_smile: but I grinned wide and everything felt incredible after this.
Life is good, even the shitty days as yesterday are good in the end. I still can fall asleep with a clear mind and knowing that everything I did was the best that I can do. I’m not a lazy one any more :blush:
Wishing you a great sober day friends :heart:


Amazing! Well done! :two_hearts:


Im sorry to hear this, kids always end up in the middle. You can be supportive, however in the end thats for him to resolve with his old flames. You getting involved only adds more fuel, as the exs will have (among other feelings) resentment of you for being with him, and things workin out with you and he…good luck


I do not listen to Iron Maiden. But, yes, 666 is a sign of the Devil.


Day 290. Getting close to being in the 300 club!
:blush: One day at a time.


Thank you that’s some good advice.


Checking in again today… my emotions are in an uproar, just so much shame and guilt and feeling like I’ve let everyone down and I wish I had somewhere to escape to, or escape from myself, escape from all my memories, escape from everything. I feel like bursting into tears, but they won’t come out. Been listening to recovery podcasts all morning during my drive to a work site and it’s not making me feel better at all.


Day 2 almost done. Is it weird that I feel great? Happy? About being sober?
Only thing bothering me is my negativity today. Feel so ungrateful. About my life, job, and basicaly I have nothing to complain about! Plus I am geting better and healthier with each second! Any advice on being more positive?


Try writing a list every day of things you are grateful for. It doesn’t need to be obvious things - it could just be something you noticed, like the sky being a particularly wonderful color, or the feeling of a soft fuzzy blanket, or having coffee with a friend, or just about anything big or small. :two_hearts: