Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I was thinking of starting a thread where we can post photos of what we are grateful for. Think anyone would be interested?

Daily Gratitude Group

Do it! Please!


Thank you so much.
You people are an inspiration.:heart_eyes:


Yes please, it helps so much


Co-parenting is SO hard, but especially with multiple parents and different sets of rules or functions in the same house. Just hang on, love and support where you can! Always keep the kids best interests first and always always always try to keep the peace.


Thank you for that Mandi, you’re so right I can only love these kids and try to keep peace. It’s hard with constant harassment. I had to block both women in order to continue daily living. I hope I’m making the right choice by doing that. My sanity was starting to go and my anxiety levels up. I hate conflict… I can’t live in constant drama.


It sounds like youve got a good grip on things :blush:

I study most nights… and listen to music… I have less time for folks ‘Amusing drunken anicdotes’

Id rather hear how people are trying to make a positive change to their lives.

Have a fab Week


I’m super excited lately. There’s a lot of things coming together after months of effort and hard work. Stacking up the sober days at 333!!


He has to be the person ultimately to decide with the mothers what the basic groundrules are and what needs to transpire. Once they set up the guidelines, I supported but I never got involved with schedules, finances or my own opinions unless there was a need and always in private with the father only. I never complain about the other parent no matter how much I want to and I always made sure the mom knew my role was only to support so if there is an issue, it always went through dad and they figure it out. One wanted me way more involved with things because both natural parents are lazy and I’m the consistent one who doesn’t fluff off with any important duties, however they still had to own their roles as the parents. I just support, coach and love, that’s my job.


I think all of us here can validate your feelings. We’ve all been there. Come here as often as you can. We’re here for you. :hugs:


Come to these boards often! There is tremendous strength and positivity here!


Checking in end of day 48…

Got call today that all jobs pushed for week😧 . Some people might not understand it but it sucks not going to work!
Its makes the day go by. I’m gonna spend the next few days reading threads I overlooked before to pass the time this week.

Stay Sober, It will be worth it Tomorrow!


I understand. Work is important to stay engaged or focused. If you like your work, that can be why it’s hard too.

Hang in there.


Im im New home Construction. I bascially build you basement in 1 day. The concrete truck is waiting for me to leave so they can pour the basement.
Everyday I build the foundation of a house. It’s a feeling of accomplishment I miss. It sucks, I get home from the gym at 6am, kids go to school at 830 then I just waiting for them to get home @ 4pm Lol.
I should really start taking some sunrise pics…lol. I have had toms of jobs in Altoona, Pa lately.


Hope all you fine Americans got out and voted today!


My daughter voted for the first time today!


You guys have cool stickers!


Apparently there already is one, but it is mostly text. I was thinking something that is strictly photos, no memes or explanations… just random photos like a cup of steaming tea, or your dog playing. Strictly photos. I think posting photos without having to come up with the words to define it deepens the meaning, and it can be done with no thought. Just, post a photo you just took, and say nothing else. I dunno… maybe this is already done as well


I’m almost 2 days clean. The third day is hard to get. But I’m really want stay clean.
P.s. For what are you North Americans goes voting today?
Sorry about my English and the dummy question


Wrappin up day 30…lookin forward to another day sober…that’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Thx for the help peeps…its nice that you are wirh me each day…I take comfort knowing this.