Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Awh don’t call me sir,my names Josh. My Dad is ‘Sir’ lol

Its bizarre! It really is like being in a different gear; and my thoughts seem completely organised. Very odd. Thanks - I wont lie, the thumb feels pretty shit.


Ha! Alright then – Josh it is. My name is Tristan.

I’ve seen your other posts, you’re a guitarist like I am…how’s your thumb moving on the guitar neck? Is the wound out of the way so you can still play?

I cut the tip of my left middle finger off once when I was cutting chicken. Needless to say, screwed up my playing for a bit.


Tristan is is!

If you make a fist and curl your thumbnail under your index finger, the wound runs dead centre down the highest point knuckle to knuckle. I played for a good 7/8 hours yesterday without too much grief. Ive only got my Warlock right now which has quite a thin neck so for the most part my thumbs pretty much straight the whole time im playing. If it were an LP or a strat, I wouldnt be able to play for sure.

Funny you say that; a friend of mine took the top of his index finger off slicing bread. Whats so bloody hard about using a knife?! Anyway, he relearned how to play using his 2nd-4th. Im not sure if he still plays actually, he was multi-instrumental and seemed to excel massively on drums. Good guitarist though.

Whats your weapon of choice?


Day 25. I don’t know how anybody could’ve ever taken me seriously outside of work - ‘cause I’d be drunk. Which means that when I was at work, I’d be hungover. So dumb. Definitely glad I’m making the change. For me. Glad for me. And I’m so thankful for all of you here on SoberTalk for going through this together. It sincerely helps. So thank YOU.

  1. I said I was going to check in today because this the day I crack and say “shoot it’s wine down Wednesday and I had a long day. I deserve some glasses. Time to drink down a few bottles,” just to wake up in the morning with a pounding headache and wine stained lips and try to function at work. But that is not me tonight. Lucky to report smooth sailing for the evening.


I’m just checking in…day 3 almost done. Looking forward to bed!!


Ohh that it just awesome :slight_smile: Top bombing, you!


Day 47 coming to a close. Feeling mentally and emotionally tired so super glad to have a night to myself with no activities other than sitting in front of the fire, drinking seltzer, listening to music/books/podcasts and eating chicken with my bare hands :joy:


Day 10 Binge watched the whole of Twilight series, I don’t even like Twilight. Battling to sleep and when I do I collapse. Not even talking to my “sober blanket”. Have a good day folks.


Last August I drove through Forks Washington. It’s a cute little town, but too many vampires for my taste. :grin:


:joy::joy::joy: Feeling like I live in Forks after last night!


Hey, watch your neck out there! Would hate to lose you to the immortals! :astonished:


@Volbeat 61 days and rocking it! Nice.


Get the Corvette. I had a 64 Stingray convertible (when they weren’t silly money) and still regret selling it 25 years later. And a 67 Camaro. And a 73 Camaro. But coke and booze were more important. What a twat!


And I had 20 years in London! It’s not the place to get sober.


I would love an old Stingray! Or an old Cobra! But my daughter would kill me if I spent the money on a classic and it wasn’t a 19 window VW bus. Well, I could make a quick get away in a vette! :joy:


There’s an architectural reclaim yard around an hours drive from me - I was picking up some old bricks for a customer and there’s a '67 Mustang coupe (matt black) just sitting there, 20k (UK). There was a day I could have afforded that. Damn!


A Miata is a small convertible roadster made by Mazda. Also called the MX-5 in some countries. Legend has it that Miata was an acronym for Mazda Invents Another Terrific Automobile.


Day 172…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Mazda is a great company lol I love my Mazda 3.