Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 25 nearly in the bag - I love getting home and getting cozy on the couch :cat:

Had my first real moment that made me anxious about relapse… Was at a restaurant with a friend and when a lady at the table next to us ordered a second glass of red wine, something clicked in my brain and I started salivating. I made sure to order myself a large soda water with lime and a tea and tried to reposition my chair so I couldn’t see it, but it had me feeling preoccupied and uncomfortable. Got through it though, but it was a glimpse of challenges to come…


Day 98. I hope I’m snoozing within the hour. Good, but long day. 'Night.


Congratulations! Hang in there! We are voting for who we want to represent our state in the government. We are also voting on new laws in our states.


Ugh I do not like those random reminders. I get it all the time scrolling on facebook… people with margaritas or lining shots up at the bar, showing off their new harvest microbrew… it’s so annoying. Like, get off my feed lol!


I hear ya. I’ve unfollowed bars and muted friends, stopped going to breweries or any for venue that is kind of boozy. It was annoying tonight because having specifically selected a Thai restaurant rather than pizza and beer, it still zapped me to the point that I almost asked my friend if we could switch chairs. WTF!


At some point during sobriety, one must have to get used to these images and be unaffected by them, right? I mean, right?


Congratulations on your two days clean. Just focus on today. And come here for support.


Day 65. I voted. :us::sunglasses::v:


Coming up to 2 years now, it doesn’t bother me anymore. It did take a while though, around 18 months.


Day 150…checking in friends :slight_smile:



Day 51, goodmorning! :sunrise:
Got my coffee and try to wake up. I’m a regular now, what does it mean?

During my morning walks I see this big stone. There is a poeme ingraved on it. The poeme is about water, nature and silence. Exacly what I like about the area I walk in.
I think I’m going to name my walks: soberwalk :sunglasses:
So I’m a soberwalker :joy: :rofl: :+1:


Day 2 sober. Great meeting yesterday. I have to change my way of thinking. I have to look for victory not fighting thinking one day I am going to be defeated



Double digits! I slept so well last night that I overslept. Now to catch up on the morning … Sometimes this responsible lifestyle stuff is so draining:) I hope everyone is having a good week…half way over!


Day 10 for me. Hang in there everyone!


Checking in on day 62. I know some of you are struggling but I promise you things get better. Your problems don’t go away, but if you drink/use to numb yourself, the problems will only grow. Getting sober, thinking with clarity, and making sound, rational decisions is your way to attack those problems. Have a plan for your recovery and work it every day, one day at a time. Find your strength in your support network… whether that be AA, SMART, Al-anon, Sober Time, reading, podcasts, etc. Those tools are your weapons against your mortal enemy… your D.O.C. You are stronger than you think and you are not alone. Don’t think about forever. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Just stay sober today. One day.


Checking in. Day 666. @rain66 has reminded me that 666 is the number of the beast. In the Book of Revelation, of the New Testament, 666 is associated with the Beast of Revelation. In most manuscripts of the New Testament and in English translations of the Bible, the number of the beast is 666." Thanks @rain66, you devil :grin:

But for me, 666 just simply means another day sober. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Checking in ! Feeling slightly light headed today. Almost like my brain doesn’t belong to my body ?? Might get something sweet to eat to combat it.


Checking in on my day 2. I feel tons better than yesterday. I actually feel happy! Woke up nice and early and hung out with my pets who were gathered on my bed trying to stay warm. I have a meeting with my boss this morning, presumably to discuss missing work monday. I was fraught with panic and fear all day yesterday but today, I know how to handle it. Ya know, things happen, mistakes are made. All we can do is move forward, look at what went wrong and make a plan to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Huh, kinda like a relapse. I’m not gonna brush it off like it ain’t no thing, but in all seriousness that really is all I can do as their employee.