Checking in daily to help maintain focus


They are a sweet little car.
Though i love my MKII Toyota MR2 even more. Can’t believe she turns 29 years old next year. Almost sold it once, but didn’t. Thank goodness for that!



Day 124. Looking back on my life and sharing it with another, the tools provided so far work like some kind of magic. The ping pong my ego and insecurities have been playing, now clearly spelled out, don’t have to rule my life ever again. :exploding_head:

…also went out for Pizza with a friend tonight, so that’s pretty great.


That sounds like having a good plan more than just luck alone. Well done on day 4! :+1: :muscle:


Thankyou! Know it as an MX 5, going to have to go with a Corvette or Mustang.


Day 18 very shortly :grin:


You made me think…congratulations? With my migain? :fearful: But I guess you ment my sober days :joy::rofl:


Congratulations @SweetTea with your 120 sober days! That’s great!! :heart:


250 days sober! That’s awesome! Congratulations @Thirdmonkey :tada:


Make a plan @Danna17 Ask yourself all the hard questions: if the little voice in my head say: “you can take just one”. I’m gonna go: running, walk, be on this app, work out, etc
Make this friday filled with other nice stuff. Maybe binge watch Netflix or taking a nice bath and go to bed early?


Day 73, still enjoying my migraine :cry:
Not in the mood for my sober walk. Today I’m a couchpotato!
Somebody has to be one today, so the job is given. It’s me!!


I did merlin with my daughter on the first weekend I was sober. Didn’t like it at first but as we went through I got better. I heard though that there is no plot to twilight.


I know what you mean. When I was a chef the knifes always seemed to have it in for me. These days its my construction tools. The other day there wad a rather stubborn brick that wouldn’t sit right so I hit it with my trowel handle. Unfortunately my index finger was in the way. The nail is now a nice shade of purple. Thing is you’d of thought id have learnt something from it…no I hit it again the next day. Ouch!!!


I actually meant your daughters internship at :wink: that’s a huge step for our kids and for us as patents too. I’m proud of my two grown up sons :heart_eyes:
Sorry to hear about your migraine again. I’ve got a bit of a night shift blues but otherwise ok so far. Have relaxed sober day, my walking sister a nnd get well soon.


Ha ha :joy: Now I understand :blush: Thank you very much! I’m proud of all 3 of them! They are doing great! Sorry to hear about your night shift blues, hope they fade away soon just like my migrain!


It’s really kind of funny how life works. It seems like lessons come in the weirdest places, and I’m really starting to believe that there are few if any coincidences. If you watch and listen, everything seems to work in a system.
I’ve had an interesting couple days. They have been challenging, and enlightening. Nothing that big has happened: found out I’m going to be in school longer than I thought, but that should be no big deal; had something I said come back to me , not that I said anything wrong, I just didn’t expect it to get around to the person it did in the way that it did; and just haven’t been feeling myself. I’m feeling like I notice all of the things wrong with me, and my conscience is shouting at me every time I do something imperfect that could have been avoided. I guess my self-esteem is just shot right now. I’ve been overspending on Christmas gifts and on Black Friday items. I’ve been being hard on myself about my diet and exercise regime. I’ve been speaking without thinking, and oversharing. I’ve been back at my old ways in a sense, not drinking, but acting out on addictive behaviors and on my own need for control.
I’ve been putting off getting a sponsor and working the steps in AA. It’s not that I don’t want to, in fact I’m actually looking forward to it, I just didn’t feel the immediate need, and felt like waiting until the semester is over. Last week my friend in AA said something that rubbed me the wrong way at the time- She told me I’d get desperate and miserable enough to get a sponsor eventually. At the time it kind of upset me, but she was right. Right now I feel out of whack, and not miserable, but like I could be if I let myself spin out. I’m definitely ready to get a sponsor and work some steps. My addictive behaviors are manifesting themselves in my life, and even though drinking isn’t tempting, my life is still being affected.
But there have been in this week other inspirations and lessons then just that realization. I was able to help a friend tonight, and by telling him to just pick up and learn from his mistake, I was able to finally feel like I possibly could as well. The speaker at last night’s meeting set a lot of things I needed to hear… And just a lot of little things.
I don’t know exactly what’s going on right now, but it feels like it’s right. Like it’s what’s supposed to be happening.
111 days and I think I’m where I need to be


I am a Telecaster man, through and through. Thats my main one. I also have a 70s/80’s Danelectro that I LOVE playing, but the thing is so damn heavy.

I have been considering picking up a Rickenbacker at some point, love the tone on those.


I had a 69 Camaro RS that looked similar to this. Loved it!


I always struggle with Fridays - there is a threat on here you can search fir “Friday night - whats up”, with people checking in and yaking on Friday nights. I try to bump it up every Friday night as I know I really need it. My Fridays are usually quiet at home these days, but that doesn’t stop me from getting antsy. So I make sure to spend a lot of time reading this forum, texting sober friends, eating nice food, or whatever. Sometimes I go to the cinema. But definitely come up with a plan that doesn’t involve alcohol.


Checking in.
Day: 47.
It’s looking pretty festive around here.
You can never have to many Christmas lights.
I’ve had a couple discouraging days due to unsupportive, abusive family members but have remained sober, which is quite an accomplishment for me.
Normally, my coping mechanism would be to drink my sorrows away.
No thanks.
I refuse to give them that power over me.
I went to a meeting, journaled, added decorations to the house, bird watched and started talking to a Higher Power (who I am coming to believe in.)
I am distancing myself from these trigger inducing people and focusing on positive things.
Currently enjoying a coffee, the quiet and the view.


Good morning day 48. I continue to wake up with an intense gratitude for my sobriety. It’s a great feeling to start the day with. It is so helped by spending a little time on this forum just before bed and first thing in the morning. Got up at 5.45 to ensure I get to my morning 7.15am meeting before work. It’s really my favourite meeting - so wonderfully uplifting.

In fact, I just realised that this was my first meeting, 4 weeks ago today. My HP works in mysterious ways and it was exactly the meeting I needed as my first. I walked in the door and there were less than 10 people there, of which 6 were women under 40. It was SO what I needed, I cried my eyes out and got so much compassion from these strangers, who all gave me their phone numbers and told me to contact them. And they meant it. :two_hearts::two_hearts: