Checking in daily to help maintain focus


So very much well done! It sounds like you are rocking it. So proud of you, my almost twin. :two_hearts:


Checking in day 4. Meetings, phone calls, praying on the schedule today


Day 5 over here. Getting the mind right, and taking it day by day.

Have a strong day!!!


Welcome back!


Much appreciated. I’ve been lurking in the shadows, reading posts and what not…Going to put forth a solid effort to be more present in the conversations here.


Good morning, day 84!!! Uncharted (is it uncharted or unchartered?) territory. Longest stretch of society ever! My eyes have been opened, my life has changed and I’m loving life like never before. Thanks to everyone here for your support, insight, humor, successes, challenges, and friendship. I’m never looking back. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, sober day!

  1. Happy Thursday! Still fighting this stupid cold. I’m doing it sober!

Im on call all week for jury duty but have not had to go in. I live in the burbs so I would need to go in to Chicago downtown. I’m willing to go but happy I have not had to. 1 more day to get past and I’m clear for at least another year.

Lots of stress at the moment, holidays, anniversary of some really bad emotional stuff (kids, exwife cheated and divorced me), and the grand opening of my biz is this weekend. I’m happy to say that I’m staying in the moment and getting through it without thoughts of drinking.

Thank you all for being here and listening to my rants. You are awesome!!


Day 39. Not sure if I’m low in iron of having a depression rebound but I’m so, so exhausted.


Glad to hear it twinny :raised_hands:. I had a little nap last night and rolled around for hours when I actually went to bed. So today I’m being tired and grumpy and shouting at inanimate objects lol. Could be worse… I could be hungover. Get some exercise in!!! Do anything, go for a walk, do crunche, do some star jumps, anything that gets those endorphins flowing and making ya feel good.


I’m on day 333, I still hear this voice too simetimes. “You could…blala…moderate…blabla, you’re not one of those ppl…”. I then think about the stupid and dangerous things I did drunk and the voice is gone :pray:


Around 3 months I think I felt different. Clear and faster mind and a much better stress management :wink:


Migraine sucks! I hope you feel better soon


My dream car :heart_eyes:


D3 day three, I’m back to work. That’s gonna be stressful but nothing that can make me drink. The only thing that can make me drink is me. Like it or not, alcohol is like poison in my system – that’s the way I have to look at it now. And it’s true. Everyone have a good day


Mazda is partly owned by ford and has been for years… Ford is a leading contender that never took the bail out… Somethings working…that gm dont get.


This is day 2 from migraine so it’s a lot better then yesterday, thank you! Just doing nothing all day but playing with my phone :astonished:


It’s “uncharted territory”, as in unmapped. Unchartered territory is either just an autocorrect thing or a common mistake. I’ve seen “disassociate” when “dissociate” is the correct term, from people too… no big. I think we all understand each other’s meaning. :slight_smile:


My husband was looking at a job in Victoria BC…I was looking forward to moving there JUST so I could take a trip to Forks!! LOL I don’t even like the books/movies that much, but just to say I was in Forks would have been a blast.

Alas, the move never happened and I’m still stuck in butt f*@k cold Ottawa!!


Today is day 4. Day 2 was the worst. Day 3 marginally better. So far I feel a million times better but I still feel like crud. I’d still rather be snuggled up in bed with Netflix and books. But it’s better and I know it will be even better tomorrow…PHYSICALLY. The problem is when I start to feel better physically that’s when the mental game starts.


Day 85 checking in!