Checking in daily to help maintain focus


About to be another week down. A cool book a friend who got sober showed me is Refuge Recovery which out lines the Buddhist path to recovery. May not be for all and parallels some of the 12 steps in ways. Has some really good meditations. Check out the podcast if you want a taste before you buy. I think all tools in hand help. Also one of the speakers got sober through the 12 and is still active in the program but uses this alongside. Happy day. May everyone have a peaceful and prosperous day!




Day 3 here.
Feeling good. I actualy liked the way I was so kind to myself today. Actualy saying relax, take your time.
And everything I do seems so real.
Living my best life !
Is coffee bad for you in recovery?
Wonder if someone made coffee pics topic.
Have a good one people.


Amazing!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


I drink lots of coffee! And I enjoy it! And at AA meetings the coffee is wicked strong :rofl:


Joining the 600 club today :muscle:


8 months! I also received the green light today from the village that I can open to the doors to the public for my busines!

I could not have gotten where I am if I had still been drinking. God has blessed me beyond what I deserve.

Thank you all for being there for support and just for someone to chat and have fun with!


Yes!!! Congratulations on your SIX HUNDRED days!!! You’re an amazing inspiration, glad you’re here! :heart_eyes:


Day 330. I haven’t been very active on here in the last week. I was isolating as I grieved the loss of a colleague and then I got sick a few days ago and haven’t had the energy to do much at all.


I’m glad you checked in today, congrats on your 11 months Mike!!! Hope you start feeling better soon


Day 46 - bleh, I have no motivation today. I’m still in bed, avoiding my responsibilities. I need to do something, anything, I’m too busy standing still, I just dont know what though.


Go to a meeting? :two_hearts:


I’ll often get out the gardening tools and just tidy up the lawn and edging… Even if it doesn’t really need it. Using power tools is very distracting :grinning:


Maybe this is just what you need…cant be go go go all the time. Be well my West Coast peep


Day 63 sober. Love being clear headed and feeling mentally healthy.


Day 345. Stay sober everyone…:grin:


Day 6 feeling ok today.
Didn’t go to my Daughters though as this would have meant being in the car on my own. A trigger for me
Nice to see a thread like this.
Keep up the good work all


Congratulations! 600! That’s motivating! I’m on my way to 60, but you did 600! Hope to get there too some day.


Get a good book. Or binge Netflix. Salvation is good
That’s what I did last week when I had my breakdown. Just stayed on the sofa 24 hours .
Sometimes you just gotta do it. It stopped my mind exploding and me going to the shop


80 days sober…yesterday I went to a bar with friends… 300 kinds of beer…and I had a non alcoholic beer. Worst beer in my life. :joy::joy: I smelled my friends’ beers and they smelled really tasty. Made me realize I still have an issue with alcohol because the smell was so adicting, but I didn’t drink. One day at a time for me but going strong.