Checking in daily to help maintain focus


It’s in great shape! You take care of it well.

Saw this Maserati yesterday, pretty gawdy if you ask me, but I’d take it lol



Day 227. I’m having a good week so far. Hope everyone else is hanging in there.


Yep. Take it and take it straight in to get that gold wrap removed. Why do people do it?
I think that’s the Ghibli. A sweet four door which is not improved in any way by that tacky foil


It was pretty cool because I live right by the ocean (West coast) and the pink sun set was reflecting off the gold at certain angles but beyond that I think black or white would be :100: better.

And wow you really do know your cars!!


Today I hit my first 15 day milestone! By that I mean actually 15 days without drinking (not simply where I forgot to reset my goal tracker for 15 days as usual). I don’t post very much, but I do read a lot of messages and get a lot of inspiration from this forum. So thank you everyone whether you know you’ve helped or not.


That is pretty fantastic, keep going!


Congrats! Keep us updated. Everyone needs support!


Day 3 and nerves feels a littlebit better. Got a caring call from the local police. Amazing people :heart:


One day at a time, and it gets better.


Thank you @Thirdmonkey


Day 313. I was the speaker at my Wednesday night women’s meeting last night. It was a full house and i was NERVOUS. But it went really well and it felt so good to share my story, very therapeutic. The best part was having people come up to me afterwards and say how much they related to my story and how much it helped them. That made me realize that it was not about me at all, it was about sharing my experience, strength, and hope, and being of service to others. It was a great experience and it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone! :blush:


Yes SAME. I start to.feel better then I tell my self what’s the big deal. Just have one night and get back on. But that diesnt happen for me. I’m one day turns into how ever long and hard. SUCKS so much. Feeling of anxiety . No sleep. I’m happier without it. So why does my brain lie to me


Day 333
Almost 7 pm, laying in my bed watching a horror movie (not much horror yet, yawns).
Feeling comfy, the skin on my body is looking healthy. This is the longest I have been without abscesses or pimples on my legs or butt or armpits :pray::star_struck: Uuuuh I had so so many of them esp. on the butt, sitting often did hurt. My body needed almost a year to recover from the poison alcohol. Thanks God I stopped :heart: Life is good now :blush:


Sometimes we just need a day of distraction. Rest as much as you can and start over a fresh new day tomorrow. Hope you’re well soon.


Hell yeah, man. Back in the game!


Moss grows in the shadows.


My husband’s Hyundai was just totalled, only 1 year old. We both had Mazda’s before that and we’ll probably get another one this time. I didn’t know they were partially owned by Ford, interesting!


Was a diehard GM guy for years. Won’t buy another one new forever, because of the bailout. I’d buy a new Ford though, if I ever buy new again. Good for now. Nissan and Chrysler that are both paid for with cash.


I’ve got a Tele as well. Nice aint they?