Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Congratulations on everybodies sober days adding up, including myself. Very rough week, not much sleep, a power struggle at work with one of the owners over many meetings. I went to quit my job I love very much on Monday and today I am in charge. I won, he can only be a guest at the restaurants I manage. I was so tired this morning I could barely stand in the shower. 12 hours later I feel like I can move mountains. Sooooo happy. Just wanted to share it with you guys. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Oh, here is a kitty I saw today . Cute thing!


Still beautiful cars even now @MandiH!


They really are, wish we never sold it!


Day 68 - Adventure Time!

I took my wifes car to the shop to get some recalls addressed. My daughter was supposed to follow me and give me a ride home, but she’s a no show and her phone goes to VM. So I went solo. The car is going to be there all day, so I have to make it home (27 miles) somehow. I brought my wifes bus card from work, thank god it still works. I got a bus to Seattle and had a nice lunch with my wife. She’s taking off early to give me a ride home. Ain’t she the sweetest?? :heart_eyes:


Away to hit 585 sober days … just over 19 months. So my next move is stopping smoking… God help me :scream::scream::crazy_face:


Day 124. Sober. Peekin’ in to say hi :sparkles:


Hi liv! Glad to see you


Whats up buddy!


Day 121. Pivot. I like that word.



absolutely necessary right lol. I loved that episode heh


Day 352. Ashamed to say I haven’t touched my step work in months… Until today!!! Been stuck on step 4 and interactions with a few guys from the fellowship this week got me a little motivated. Just worked on some reading and writing for a half hour work break in the middle of the day. Gotta get back to it now. Have a great day everyone!


Best episode ever…Ross stuck in the bathroom with leather pants


Luckily public transportation is awesome up there! Sorry you were almost standard though :disappointed_relieved:


Lots of good surprises today! :wink:


Oh hi! :wave: :hugs:


Day 12… Feeling good, last shift of the week tonight. Thankful for the strong, amazing women I work with. This “job”/second home of mine is THE BEST :heart:


Evening all i haven’t checked in for a while but still going strong. I can’t believe I’m on day 24 it’s just amazing. Tough day ahead as it’s the works Christmas party tomorrow! Keep up the good work guys :+1:


What’s another surprise?


I could never get comfortable with a tele but my teacher has a lefty custom T-Type which he adores. Ive not played one for years.

I love Rickenbacker acoustics but the electro ones just dont feel right. I’m all about LPs more than anything.