Checking in daily to help maintain focus


You and @TeejLazer checked in today :slightly_smiling_face:


Checking in Day 71…

Nothing really exciting today, just another day to add.

Hope everyone had a good day!


Sometimes those are the best days!


Don’t be sorry, if everything went to plan then there would be no good stories. Plus, I’m pretty crafty when it comes to getting around. :+1:


Day 26. I’m going to a meeting and that’s all I have to say about that.


They trust you with a knife in the kitchen?

Just kidding. :unicorn:


Hi. How you?


@Phoebe - Its their insurance ;)…

Edit: Day 71 - Checking in. 'Nuvva 14 hr slog done. Think I need a holiday! No urge to drink or use today but after the day i’ve had, I believe it to be only fair that I be awarded something for not punching someone in the throat. Some sort of prize perhaps… Maybe a knighthood?


Best episode!!

  1. Feeling good. 4weeks ago this morning I had my last drink. Sat is a calender month. Wow!!:grin:


A Jedi Knight hood, with a space? I hear they’re exceptionally warm, and if you let it droop enough to hide your face, you can automatically turn into a Sith Lord.


… Not a Knight-Hood lol a knighthood!


I know, I was just thinking knight hoods are a bit more renewable. Unless knighthood can stack… After three shifts like that you can be Sir Sir Sir Josh. :slight_smile:


You know the title I’d love to have? ‘Admiral of the Fleet’…


Day 12 cont. Was put on-call tonight. Fingers crossed, I’m tired AF.


We watched “the shack” at IOP…tugs a little at the heart strings.


Ugh, my prayers are for you tonight! :pray:


Day 5^3. :nerd_face: :v:


I’m good , thanks. Real good I think :wink:


Nice round number! End of a good, sober day. Loved reading everyone’s updates… so much inspiring stuff!!! G’night all!:sleeping: