Checking in daily to help maintain focus

  1. Exactly


Day 11 Not out of bed yet, so it’s a lovely day so far.


7 days of peace :blush:


End of 48. Had a lovely and relaxing evening with a sober companion. Time now for zzz. Bonne nuit! :two_hearts:


I’m at 122 now. Night, night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. :sleeping:


Bonne nuit :sparkles:



One week down :purple_heart:


Hey everyone I’m John, I’m on day 20, glad to see all of you sober to,


Day 74 and checking in. Last day of my migraine. I allways have it 3 days. The 3th day is a foggy mist and doable headache. Having a long day work ahead: 9.00 till 20.30.

Saw this reminder somewere, I like to share it with you :raising_hand_woman:


Day 173…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Day 19 and checking in. Found myself falling into a state of depression the last couple of days but I didn’t use my normal coping tactic of getting hammered, I pushed through it and I’m Feeling back on form again today. Happy Friday


Look at that pretty blue sober November :slight_smile: I’m on day 40 and practicing mindfulness to cope with some regular irritation about this time of night. It’s hard at first but will help if I stick with it.


Strangely enough, I have never even played a LP…I’m honestly not sure if I’ve ever played a Gibson in general. Maybe tried an SG at one point, I can’t recall. I should probably try one out at some point in my life…


Day 49. Didn’t get enough sleep because I was hanging with a sober friend until late and then up to go to a meeting before work, so I don’t regret it. Tired and grateful, but not grumpy. Yet.

Another thing I’m grateful for is that my work is currently at a slow point. I’ve not been super productive for a wee while now, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem and hopefully will improve in time.

I’m grateful that I made big life changes 1.5 years ago that made this new phase possible for me. I couldn’t have been functioning with my previous work like this and probably would have needed to take a leave of absence and probably would have had to pack it in eventually. I’m glad I did that on my terms.

My HP works in mysterious ways.


Day 4 starting here. I’ve made it back to work. The next hurdle has been making it through the weekend but it’s gonna happen. God bless all!


Agree, it’s the mental affect that becomes a hurdle now. Let’s do this!


Day 5 today. My kids are realy testing me!! I swear they decided “lets see how serious mummy is with quiting alcohol…lets give her a really good test”.

But I am determined to not let the actions of other people affect MY choices. Their choices are their own and so are mine.


I’m so happy you got that response from her. I learned that the way people responded has brought into sharp focus who my real friends are - who really cares about me and is capable of looking past their own shit and be supportive. :two_hearts:


Day 334
I survived pure horror at work, phew! A lot of coworkers are sick, so extra work for the rest. Yay. Not.
I worked 8 hours straight without break, had only one glass of water and some sweets ugh. Getting me some veggies now and will have them with rice and leftover sausages from yesterday, I’m already drooling lol.
At least I’m sober :muscle::muscle::muscle:
Have a beautiful sober 24hours friends :heart::pray: