Checking in daily to help maintain focus


You will be ok! Sometimes (like yesterday/today) something will set me off. I’m learning to recognise rust when I have a strong reaction, I need to not react but take some time, take some breaths, walk, sleep, consult dispassionate friends, vent, etc. Sometimes I just feel shit and it’s not linked to a particular thing. I just remind myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other. My perspective changes from one day at a time to one hour at a time. I have faith that in time the feelings will pass. And they always do. Sending :two_hearts::two_hearts: your way.


64 days sober. Rough night last night with one of the kids. I didn’t drink. I don’t want to. Had a friend’s of my fiance’s bring his daughter over for dinner. My anxiety was so high. Normally I’d drink in those situations. It’s difficult for me when the anxiety doesn’t go away. At least I didn’t drink.


Day 335, eleven months sober. So very greatful. Sometimes I can hardly believe how far I’ve come. One day at a time all things are possible.


Day 35 post EPIC relapse. Got a lot done today and although it’s early on my OCD medication, I did finally notice some compulsions that I didn’t follow through with. I got a nice letter from the resource center I volunteer with, a letter from IOP, a copy of my psychiatric evaluation and a few other things to present to the court on Tuesday. In addition, my interim sponsor is coming to stand by me at the arraignment. This all shows that if you work a plan, and put all of yourself into it, anything is possible. 1.5 months ago I was tying a belt to a shower rod contemplating suicide. I had given up, but through the grace of God, and a couple beautiful souls on here. I got through it and today I am doing what I should have done a long time ago. I get asked sometimes if I’m doing all this to please others. The answer is no; I just finally got my last call to either give up or let go and let God. I always knew what to do, and I could direct people with my advice. It just took till now that I decided to take my own and to work on myself. This was longer than I intended…lol.

P.S I got two calls for jobs and can actually pick which one I want.


What great advice. Dispassionate friends, man I love those :sparkles: Thank you.


Go well


Day 23. Nearing my last record. Ever feel so stressed out that all you can do is laugh at everything like a crazy woman? Yea I’m there. Wish I could offer more to this app advise-wise. I appreciate all of the threads that are more lighthearted and hilarious for the moment. Helps me get through the day, so thank you all for that :heart:


47 glorious, beautiful hangover free days!

Today is my 8 yearold’s school concert. I am so looking forward to it!

Stay beautiful gang.


6 months today! I’ve been very testy and feeling my feelings on the outside lately, but I’m hoping it’s a temporary thing. Feeling happy to be at 6 months.


Drank only water today & made it to an AA meeting - my first. And it did not disappointment. I will go again, happily. Looking forward to living the rest of my life without alcohol. Heck, I’ve already lived most of my life under the influence, might as well blow my mind and meet my unadulterated self.


Good night peeps, be well…


I’m very tired. I’m lacking support and motivation. Feeling depressed with the change in weather and daylight. Overeating most days. Just shit.


:frowning: ugh it’s really hard confronting who we were. Realizing we were just kidding ourselves about the quality of our character. But we’re getting better. One day at a time.


Random thought of the day: Not sure why it took me so long to figure this out, but sober sex it’s way better than drunk sex! Night night sober friends!


Haha lucky you


I was thinking the same thing, like, wow. :grin:


Indeed. All this time I thought I was a nice person, but I was just selfish and self centered. Well, I am a little bit of a nice guy. Ok 40% nice and 40% asshole and 20% dumbass.


Day 152…checking in friends :slight_smile:


9 days clean and sober. I am in IOP and it helps tremendously. Although, I still need to get a sponsor. Looking forward to Saturday’s women’s meeting. I’m gonna check out a couple tomorrow too. Good night everyone💙


Day 53, went to the dentist. Hate it! Gave me a lot of stress, wanted a drink afterwards but didn’t.

Let’s do one more :grinning::+1: