Checking in daily to help maintain focus


@Dasindog - did you manage to sort out hotel frustration? :bird:


Yes, thank you! Ended up having to go to a nearby town. Still need to figure out where the deposit went. Not gonna worry about that now. All is right. :blush:


Checking in Day 75…

Haven’t been on here much lately, to many things going on in LIFE and just haven’t had much time.

A positive note is that even though I had a few bad days last week and couldn’t wait for the day to end. The last 2 days have been great.

Im getting that boost of confidence back that I can definitely do this!

90 days in coming soon, something I would have never imagined when i started here. I can still remember 24hrs, 3 days and 2 weeks which seemed like it would be impossible…But, here I am!!

Hope everyone had a great day Sober!


Day 8 done and honestly I didn’t think of booze once tonight!! I don’t know how that happened. I was just reading FB and thought “Oh hey, I forgot about Talking Sober”.

I was, however, thinking about sobriety. I did put on a podcast while I took a bath. But I never once fought against an urge to drink.


Thats awesome!


So so well done, especially fighting through the hard times. :two_hearts::bird:


Ive pretty much replaced facebook with Talking Sober. My Facebook feed now just seems like vapid waste.



Day 30. Life doesn’t feel right. I’m unsettled. I wish to hibernate. Hide. Guess I won’t be doing that by drinking anymore. Gonna try to go to sleep.


I’m still using MySpace :blush:


Evening at end of day 52. It’s not even 10pm and I’m exhausted. For some reason I’ve felt sad and sensitive all day. Maybe it’s impending holidays? Maybe it’s some sort of loneliness/emotional neediness? IDK.

I’m trying to not stress about these fluctuations in mood because they come and go like the tides. And it’s futile to fight the tides. But the good is much more frequent than the bad, so it’s not all doom and gloom. And I did have a little laugh trying to balance stuffed animals on my head for no reason.

Bonne nuit :two_hearts:

  1. Exactly


I shut down my Facebook a couple years ago now and have not regretted it in any way. Your feed is now manicured to the point of being a useless and endless stream of advertising. It really was good once… But that’s a long time ago now sadly


Checking in day 216. I worked from home today and it was so nice. Board meeting tomorrow which I’m nervous about - but I’ve done it before and I can do it again. Back pain for the first time in my life: need to get back into yoga but I seem to have frozen around exercise… one thing and one day at a time :cherry_blossom:

  1. Monday was hard. My younger son and I were both grumpy but unfortunately I am the adult so I have to be there mature one. We did two hours of studying tonight, so I’m proud of us.

My replacement addiction of sugar and carbs kicked in a little after the study session and I had cinnamon toast crunch with almond milk, and some egg nog :joy: it wasn’t that great, but luckily it was just a small bowl.


The trick is to use the egg nog on the cereal instead of the almond milk


I used 2 parts almond milk, 1 part egg nog and it was just ok lol


Well, there’s your problem.


Day 5 winding down. I honestly believe that I would not have made the first step toward this new and better life had I not stumbled upon Sober Time and checked into TS during another night of mindless binge drinking. Thanks to all and I look forward to another sober day tomorrow.


Lol I guess so :wink: