Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Phew! Soooo happy to hear that


Truly wish it was the other way around


Talk all you need to, you have all of our support. You said you have a sober playlist of music, maybe that will help you too?
Music always helps me.
Stay strong, You can do this.


Checking in Day 91…

No big news just another day of work and another day Sober to add to counter.

Hope everyone had a great day Sober!


72 days sober. I had a really rough day yesterday where I got really close to drinking but instead of drinking I went to bed and woke up without a regret hang over. I’m proud of myself!


@PatrickF check in after the meeting. Let us know how you are doing


Well, that stinks about the meeting. Someone will be here, if you need something. You will make 8 days. You are worth it!


Hows it going @PatrickF? :slight_smile:

A lot of people probably wouldnt have waited that extra 90 mins and would’ve used it as an excuse to use edited from drink- Major credit to you for waiting and staying committed! With that commitment, you WILL make 8 days :slight_smile: I have every faith in you, bud


Day 4 …date night with my son at ihop for their grinch pancakes and grinch minty hot chocolate now time for a Christmas movie. Blessed to be engaged.


Almost at day 11, 2:05am and after a productive day thinking I’m doing okay I rest my head down to sleep and can’t.
I’ve kept myself so busy today and here I am with my thoughts and I don’t like it
Feeling very alone in life. And lost. So so lost.


Sorry to hear this, Dan. Hang in there, brother!


I appreciate it a lot. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I’ll push through tonight. Hope you feel better too as you haven’t had an easy night either.

#34604 has online meetings everyday. Stepchat has online na meetings on Saturday. I found online meetings helpful before. I hope you can find one.


Just managed to catch up on what people are up to this evening. Particularly in my prayers are @Dasindog , @PatrickF and @JamesR.

Patrick, if you are struggling to find an NA meeting, you can also go to an AA meeting. The ones I go to involve plenty that identify as addicts or have a mix of drug/alcohol problems.

Dan, sending you and your wife lots of :two_hearts::two_hearts:

James, it’s so nice seeing you around here, working hard and encouraging others. We’ve got your back.


My thoughts go out to you and your wife during this emotional time.


Same here Dan… hope all goes well :heart:


I’m really sorry you’re going through that. When it happened to me I insisted on a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). It took 4 miscarriages for them to listen. They should be able to help. I know how hard it is, sorry :frowning:




Checking in on day 1 after relapsing in a big way for a few weeks. Today i am not going to drink.


End of 68. Still breathing, still sober. :two_hearts: