Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in day 232. Went to a beautiful Christmas night market tonight in Manhattan and bought myself some spicy cocoa. I had a hot (nonalcoholic) Apple cider by the outdoor fireplace that we go to every year. Second year I’ve done it sans alcohol, and hope for many many more. Today was a good day and I am so proud to be sober :slight_smile:️:blossom:


Day 248? Here are some (unfiltered :scream_cat:) pictures from tonight… We tried to see the launch out of Vandenberg Air Force Base again, and it was scrubbed, again. Maybe tomorrow night we’ll get lucky, 3rd times a charm, or so they say.


Did you get any video of the waves :wink:


Ahahaha, no. I felt like such a typical mom.


First, @Dasindog. Thinking of you, friend. You are one of the people I really look up to on here. I’ve been in your shoes and I know how badly it’s sucks. Especially the waiting game. For me, 3 weeks in the books with minimal cravings or urges to drink. I’ve been 100% focused and committed. But today was the day that many of you wise people on TS had warned me about. Today was the day that my alcoholic brain finally decided it would try all day long to convince the rest of me that I am not, indeed, an alcoholic. That shifty little bastard wouldn’t give up trying to inform me that I could actually moderate now and that all the crap I’ve written on TS wasn’t actually the real me. I finally beat the little arsehole into submission and won the day, but man I was not expecting that after such a solid 3 weeks. Meetings are definitely in my near future.


Finishing up Day 1. Trying to be as active in my sobriety as I was in my drinking. I know it’s the only way this will work


Looooove the second one


Thanks Mel!

Saw your post about being in a good head space yesterday, hope that continued today :heart:


Thanks Tom. It’s been a road we’ve been down before, however it turns out. She has an appointment next week to see if anything is different.

I’ve had those thoughts too, a lot at times. Just one drink will be ok… but we know how that story ends. Good job winning the fight tonight!!! Keep it up my man!


I got myself a Personal trainer that made a scheduel for me both with food & training. I found out that I prob need some kind of regular scheduel to maintain focus.

If you have the economy i would totally give it a try and invest in yourself. Since I started with this i lost wight, gained muscle and I feel so much better mentally. :slight_smile:

Be strong.


Checking in. Day 18


Day 4 sober check


Glad to hear you are fine and congratulations with you being sober still! You did it! With help I know, but if you are not willing to listen to them you weren’t sober anymore! :facepunch:


Love your photo’s! :heart_eyes:


Congratulations!! :tada: :tada: :tada:


Sounds like you’re doing amazing work! Go you!


2 weeks sober! Congratulations @Bomdhil, you are doing it! :facepunch:


Hard to find words in English to express myself. So sorry to hear. Hope it is turning out well.


Hang in there girl, nothing turns out better with a drink. Come here to talk when you need it, there’s always someone to talk to :heart:


You guys aren’t alone in that struggle.
My wife and I have the same curveball.
If you ever wanna talk about it, I’m here for you.