Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in for the first time even though it is my day 2. I am grateful for my sobriety and for the many people in my life who care about me. :blush:


Day 177…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Party! :tada: So glad you made it! Congratulations @MissDuse ! You did it! :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


Welcome here @BigRob, glad you found us! :+1:


Checking in…
Yesterday was really amazing.
Started out like any ordinary day.
Tidy house, got my little man off to school, read AA literature and journaled.
I got a call from my ex’s Grandma (who I talk to regularly and still have a great relationship with), she put money in my account for Ethan and I for Christmas.
I cried. She made our Christmas.
Then I went to my AA meeting and there was a newcomer there.
She told her story and I felt compelled to share mine, which I normally don’t, in hopes of helping her.
We had a lot in common.
I then gave her my special 24 hour token that I keep in my wallet and my phone number. (We don’t get tokens at this meeting I attend.)
It felt wonderful to help another alcoholic.
Hope everyone has a great day!
Sending my love! :two_hearts:


Day 78 and goodmorning :notes:
Tonight I’m going to a party. There will be a lot of alcohol. I know Im going to get cravings :open_mouth: But I have to go. Besides that I’m feeling ok, there are days that I don’t think about alcohol at all. That’s a huge win! :tada:


Thank you so much @Buts that means alot :two_hearts: Love the picture! That looks alot like me. Hugs from nurse Jenny, day 627


The drawing is made by a Dutch man: Dick Bruna, the same artist who draws Nijntje. Abroad known as Miffy. I :heart:️ what he used to make. He passed away a few years ago.


Day 22. Feeling on top of the world today and I’ve got my self a date with a lovely girl on Saturday. She doesn’t really drink so I’m not overly worried about me caving in but this will be my first time in a restaurant since I gave up being a piss head. I don’t need a drink to feel confident anymore because I like myself a lot more like this. Life is on the up :grin:. I hope everyone smashes today.


Actually day 23 :man_facepalming:t2::joy:


MySpace is still alive? Woah


Day 15 In hospital with my little monkey, he got very sick, very quickly. Grateful I was sober and could drive him to emergency at 9pm last night. Grateful he is feeling better, we going to be here for another 2 days worst case scenario.:two_hearts:


All the best to your little monkey for a speedy and full recovery. Go well


Day 338
I feel like a jellyfish on land today ugh…my intestines are doing rollercoaster rides :mask: Just had some scrambled eggs and now peppermint tea and laying on my couch :disappointed:
Dear eggs please stay inside :grin:
Not going to do much today :confounded:


Take care of yourself! Tell your intestines it’s time to get off the roller coaster and get ready for lunch and a relaxing time lounging somewhere comfy!

When I can’t keep solid food down, I like having a cup of broth. :slight_smile:


That sounds like a wonderful day indeed :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Hey friend, hoping you have a game-plan for the party tonight. Mine tend to be: arrive in my own car so I can make a quick exit if needed, tell sober friends I will be going and to expect that I might need to call/text for support, check-in here, bring a case of seltzer and keep a drink in my hands at all times, make sure I’ve eaten before or there (hungry is a big thing that causes cravings for me). etc etc. I had an AA friend who had to go to a party on a day when she was struggling and she told her husband and a friend that she was feeling vulnerable and asked them to stay by her side the entire night.

And committing to calling, texting, checking in here if thinking about having a drink!!!

Whatever it takes my friend!! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Sober dating is the best! You can actually get to know someone in a real way rather than just getting nervous and drunk and then later embarrassed! Enjoy it :two_hearts:


Usually I hate broth…but my body seems to need it right now bc it tastes great :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the tips. I know that there are a few who aren’t drinking, so I’m going to sit with them. I check in afterwoods :+1: