Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 94 had started.
It’s 8:49 here, drinking my coffee. Yesterday I wend to the city to buy Christmas presents. It was my only day off for a long time. Next day off is Christmas :expressionless:

Photo of our beautiful church “Onze lieve Vrouwe kerk” (Our lovely lady church) or “Grote kerk van Breda” (Big church of Breda).
I wish you a sober day :heart:


Day 193…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the kind words, congrats on day 68 - that is amazing, I’ve been following your story this week and I’m so glad you’re still sober and well.
@PatrickF thank you also again for taking the time to reach out to me even when you were having a bad night. Well done on making it through, takes a lot of strength. The support of everyone does not go unnoticed. I was worried for myself last night but here I am waking up another day, still sober. Thank you.


That is what we are here for, support. Some day, it will be you supporting someone on the edge of relapse


Morning day 69. Is this a sign that I am supposed to start unloading some weird sexual baggage? Joking! (sorta?)

Last night I visited some friends who are quickly becoming a big part of my journey. She is the one whose office I cried in the other day and who gave me the sand tray. He is a buddhist and we talked about the challenges of creating new daily habits and routines around things like meditation, prayer and reflection. He asked the first thing I do when I open my eyes and I, of course, said, “look at my phone”. He gave me a cheap alarm clock from his spare room and encouraged me to take even 30 seconds when I open my mind for whatever - gratitude, prayer, thinking about intention for the day, etc.

After reading everyone’s check-ins and responses in this thread this morning, I had such a wave of gratitude for you all and for this forum. This is a place where I can vomit out my thoughts in writing, strengthen my resolve and feel inspired. I’ve run out of words…:hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


Now that’s a great name for a band!
What should the first album be called?


Crickey… The debut record could be:

“Waking up with strangers”
“Fear and self loathing in London”
“Thank fuck I’m alive”

I can’t find the face-palm emoji…


You did great Patrick! I’m seriously super proud of you for reaching out, saying no and I’m glad you stuck with it and were able to find the support you needed. Job well done my friend!


‘Conjugal arrangements’


@PatrickF - Good work bro! Kick THE shit out it :slight_smile:


Sending :two_hearts::two_hearts: your way today, my friend. :bird:


It occurred to me that I don’t check in on this thread as often as I’d like… why don’t I check in daily? It would be helpful to me, and aid my introspection, though I struggle with establishing new habits.

It’s been some weeks since I last had a significant alcohol craving or urge, which is nice. It hasn’t been easy though, because my recovery workload hasn’t lessened, and the mental health monsters are keeping me occupied. I’ve been shutting down or suddenly crying at the drop of a hat, and now with it being 3:30 AM and still no sleep, and counselling in 5 hours, I’m set up to have quite a day. Perhaps a nap after my appointment, before a noon meeting, is in order.

  1. Took a vacation day. Waiting for a meeting to start. Ran into an old drinking buddy getting coffee. Not all of them have left, the ones left are true friends. Anyway, its a good day to enhance one’s sobriety.


Day 10.53. Our 12 step group has a pamphlet titled “recommitting to recovery”. It took me a couple weeks of denial before I picked it up and read it. Fact is, I had to first admit that I was not committed to my recovery before I could consider recommitting. Sounds easy but denial is a stubborn bitch. Have a great day everyone!


Day 105. So motivated and inspired by all the wonderful people on this thread. A couple more days of work then it’s time for some extended (sober) time off! Stay strong everyone!


Day 11. I feel proud of myself to have got here. And although it’s slow, I’m making progress. I’m seeing colour again in my life.
Got a hair cut, walked my dog, made healthy food. Trying to stay consistent with diet and exercise.
I feel grateful for my sobriety and every single person on here that has shown support. Hope you all have a great sober day.


Shit! I fell asleep and missed it. I have to wait for tomorrow. Getting older by minute. Oh well.
The neighbors dog was barking, I couldn’t sleep. Poor thing, he is an old hunting dog. They never let him inside. He has a doghouse outside, free to walk around in the neighborhood. Goes swimming in the summer but he is lonely. The owners are old too. Makes me sad to watch it


What a way to start the day! Positive reflection, exercise and pet bonding, accomplishments, attention to health, self esteem boost (at least, that’s what hair cuts do for me)… lots of good mental health promotion, I’m glad you’re getting that, especially given that things have been hard. Hope the rest of your day continues to go well :slight_smile:


Goodmorning! Just checking in! Day 681 free from alcohol and day 36 free from cocaine!


Day 14.41
First of all… Thank you all for sharing your lives with the rest of us. Thank you for encouraging those struggling to come here any time day or night and still being supportive and never discouraging. I can’t begin to imagine how many people this group has helped.
Ten years ago, I started to drink more than “once in a while”. I became a waitress at a local pub where they offered end of shift staff drinks at little to no cost. I stayed strong against the inherited genetic of alcoholism my whole life until then. The routine over the next ten years was a steady and gradual progression, until about three years ago where it started to become an every day thing and came to the point where it included 6am shots to kickstart my day and make my stomach stop hurting for the alcohol. Two weeks ago I felt I wouldn’t last more than a day without it. Then came the second day, the third, fourth and so on. So here I am today, two weeks free from the chains of alcohol. I honestly believe this group had everything to do with that success.