Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 129. Sober, that’s all that still counts at this point. Looking forward to going beyond this and complexifying my process. I’ve been wanting to make it complexe and all encompassing from the beginning and this sent me in a frenzy. I now get day by day. :sparkles: Enjoy yours folks.


Oh no! I feel the same and I haven’t dared to eat anything. Hope you feel better!


Back in the double digits today, at Day 10. Stoked on dinner and continuing our Harry Potter viewings tonight.

Have a strong day!!!


This is my first check in - morning of day 2. I’m feeling relieved to have finally committed to sobriety - not just “taking a break” or “moderating”. I can’t moderate. I failed that experiment about 100 times. I’m scared about the holidays - lots of events involving alcohol. I’m glad I have the support of my husband.


Day 6. After a long night. 눈_눈


Amazing isn’t it.


The broth was good, but I had to take some medication now for the diarrhea :see_no_evil: And I have to laugh now bc always when I hear the word diarrhea I think about @Thirdmonkey 's story
I hope you feel better soon


Welcome Rob. We’re glad to have you here. Check in often. Best of luck in your sober journey.


@Buts Good luck tonight. Stay strong. Have an “escape route” if you feel tempted. But I know you’ll get thru it fine.


@Pagelo Welcome to the group! You have a similar story to mine. I would “cleanse” for a month or two or three to try and reset my system in hopes of becoming a moderate drinker. Doesn’t work. Best of luck… check in here often. You will find lots of support and strength here. :muscle:


@Ockie Welcome back. Moderation is not an option for me either. Best of luck!


I was very sad the day Dick Bruna died…I felt like Miffy had died. She was such a “sweet little bunny”.


This was always my biggest fear when drinking…that I wouldn’t be able to rush my little ones to the hospital if they got hurt or sick. Still, I drank. :frowning:


I hope little monkey goes home soon.


Decided to check in on day 2. I have picked out the meetings each day that fit with my schedule. Planning to go to one today at 7pm.


Right on Leah👍


I haven’t checked in, in a while…also haven’t counted the days anymore…so I’m saying, it’s day 300+ anyways…way to go people…keep getting at it, one day at a time.


Today I am so very grateful for :

The last 4+ weeks of time I’ve been given to do what I love and be with whom I love.

A new relationship with myself, my sense of self and the discoveries that come along with that.

My relationship with my God, and the mercy I have been shown.

The hope /optimism I have, as a result of my talks with God. Everything is different now.

The lovely people I get to work with day after day. (and even the not so lovely ones)

The lessons that continually find their way to me.

The sober men and women of the LGBT Center. They are just the best.

This morning, waking right up, because I didn’t drink last night.

The sleep I get now. Oh my God, it is glorious.

My evenings with Kerrie. Her silliness, humor and her sobriety. Are we falling in love again?

I’m grateful for today and the sober life I get to live, in this space I’ve been given. Thank you.


So wonderful to read. I’m so pleased that you are finding gratitude and seem to be feeling well in yourself. Keep it up :two_hearts:


Last night, my almost (next week) 4 year-old said “dada, where’s your wine? You surrrrrrrrrre love your wine!” She looked so proud to point that out, and was giggling. I said “well, daddy actually discovered tea, and I looooooooove that even more!” Together we made her some herbal fruity tea. And my yogi detox tea. We had tea time and talked (about nonsensical things that 4 year-olds talk about) for 45 min. I was so thankful and so happy about my decision to help myself 6 days ago. And I felt so present. And so alive. Never going back.