Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I understand what you are going through. It’s a lot harder to put more effort in than our partners when going through this process. Its good that at some point you had decided to try to get better together. Try not to let their actions keep you from being a better you. They will see your progress and hopefully jump back on that train. Ive been with mine 21 years and there has never been any attempt to get better, never any counseling, never any acknowledgement of a problem. Well at least none that were communicated. I think I have more faith in your life situation than mine. :wink: Stay strong. Stay sober. :heart:


That is inspiring, you’re doing great to have got 14 days sober and should be proud of yourself. We are all here to support at any time. Have a great day.


Day 23. Checking in. Going to be a rainy cool day here. A friendly reminder that it’s not always lollipops :lollipop: , rainbows :rainbow: and sunshine :sunny:️. Put on the rain gear and keep on keeping on. Enjoy your day :pray:.


A good family friend use to train me a long time ago. I learned a lot from her. Eventually I found I didn’t need nor could afford her help anymore so I did it on my own using all that I learnt. Personal trainers can be a great help for sure. :sparkling_heart:


Day 13 sober from booze and day 6 clean eating. :sparkling_heart:


:wave: Good morning :smiley:. Have a good day


Good morning love. You too!! :sparkling_heart:


Day 26. Half of my office is ready to snap…I’m so ready for the 4-day weekend. Gotta love the holidays. Keep that P.M.A., and stay focused!

Have a strong day!!!


Yay, good to hear!


Day 145. I got into an argument as well, but I’m trying to big picture this situation. And I think I put more on him than necessary. He doesn’t get into the hard stuff as much as I’d like, and I feel alone with my thoughts. But in general, I’m finding my relationships deeply unsatisfactory; I am so bored and I lack stimulation from a good number of friends. Ive always been a ride or die friend, so I like to keep long time friends and go through it all. But sobriety is making me change perspectives on what I like, what I want and what I need. Im realizing I’ve been feeling like this for awhile. But I kind of made him the target for all these feels. …

Also, @aircircle, I’m reading Thich Nhat Hanh on meditations for transforming difficult emotions, as well as some Pema Chodron. Buddhism is really helping me. I’m glad you brought it up, I find these views fit well with how I view the world, and it’s offering me sound guidance for my recovery.


And yeah, sorry I took your situation to discuss mine. Im not happy you had a fight, I’m relieved though I’m not alone. And I’m not assuming we are in same situation. Just shared my thoughts. :heart:


Day 52
Days like today are so much easier to remember with a sober brain. This is the thinking that’s keeping me sober. It’s so strange to be on vacation, in a hotel and not drunk.
For me, this is uncharted territory. lol

  1. Woke up at 7 am by accident this morning :poop: Got the kids ready for their last day of school in record time. This will be my first Christmas without them this year :cold_sweat: I have to work the holiday and John is taking them to Missouri to celebrate/be with family, cousins, etc. for 9 DAYS :confused:

@anon34614660 @liv_m You’re definitely not alone in that department :kissing_heart:

Hope everyone survives these last few days of work and has a wonderful day!! :heavy_check_mark:️:notes:


Oh the frustration when someone uses the name of your disorder to refer to something trivial and, importantly, not the actual disorder! I feel you on that. Also, I’m not bipolar, and I can’t say I know what it’s like, but I have had a couple episodes that multiple doctors suspected Bipolar II for, and… not fun! Whirlwind of intensity, a ride I can’t get off, and lasted for weeks! I hope your episode passes quickly at low intensity or just decides not to show up at all.


Incredible, great pic! Same here… however, I drank the most on vacation… as soon as we hit the airport in the am the drinking started. Saving traveling for last lol.


I have an app that serves as a journal. It tracks moods amd activities. I use it a lot to remember things that happened and patterns in my mental health stuff. It is better than talking to a person because I never have to feel like I said to much, lol


Same here. As soon as I made it passed TSA, booze was the mission.
The sad truth is, flying to Cairo is the farthest I’ve ever gone, but because I did it sober, it was the least exhausting. I feel great.


Day 18, one more work day til they give us until january 2nd off work. I was going to have a little gathering at my house xmas eve for everyone I know who has no family around or no place to go for the holiday, but this friend of mine who said he might come started his own xmas eve event and several of our mutual friends decided to go to his event instead. I can’t help but feel a petty resentment bubbling underneath, but luckily my meds are not allowing a full blown pity party. So far, only 2 people are coming to mine which is fine, but I feel like cancelling or changing the date.


Yeah. I think of it as creative license/freedom of speech so whether they misunderstand or just don’t care, they can misuse things however they want, and usually I get what they mean and I try not to react to it or let it bother me. It’s a struggle though. I’ve been guilty in the past of being in a bad mindset and using it as an excuse to get grumpy because I feel gross for no reason and I want there to be a reason, haha.


That’s right up there with candy being so good it’s just like crack. Idiots. My boss said this one cake was just like crack and I looked right at her and went “No, crack is like crack” She was absolutely stunned. It was hilarious.