Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Ah! You’re the sweetest.
I was trying to make a list of gratitude every day. But I find it hard to stop and make the time for it.
Maybe if I post em here, it’ll motivate me to be more regular about these meditations.


90 days! That went by fast!


Happy 3 months!!! Super excited for you!!!


A whole quarter! The length of one season! The amount of time it takes to complete the NBA playoffs! Way to go!!! :+1::+1:


Checking in: Day 17. Went to bed at 8 am, woke up at 12 pm :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:. Hope everyone is having (or has had) an amazing Tuesday (it’s still Tuesday, right? lol).


Day 126. Longest check in ever, but a cool one…

Impulsively, I went to an AA meeting for the first time yesterday. Life is mysterious, and God connects dots in weird ways. Here are some examples…

  1. Yesterday, I had zero intention of going to a meeting. The idea “popped” into my mind, and I went with it. I obeyed the prompt.

  2. I was very close with my late grandmother. At the back of her property were train tracks. When I hear a train, I associate the sound with her, and I get a sense of calm and peace. When I took a seat at the meeting, and got my bearings, I heard a train in the distance. I seem to hear trains at the weirdest times. It confirmed for me I was supposed to be in that place. I thought to myself, “Yup. I’m supposed to be here”.

  3. I’ve lived in Alabama since 1993; however, I’m a native Texan. My roots are in Texas. Different things remind me of home, of Texas. I feel a sense of connection and familiarity and happiness when I’m reminded of home. After I heard the train, I realized the gentleman next to me was wearing a gorgeous pair of cowboy boots. I always notice boots. I love a good looking pair of boots. They remind me of home. I just so happened to wear boots yesterday too. Of all the seats to choose in that place, I chose to sit next to “Tex”. His accent was different. He sounded like he was from Texas. We were the only two people wearing boots in there. Sitting next to him, I thought, “Yup. I’m supposed to be here”.

  4. My mother died in 2008 from alcohol overdose. We’d become mostly estranged during her final years. After she died, I learned she’d come to like lighthouses. I found poems and pictures and devotionals referencing lighthouses in her things. There have been times since her death, when I’ve come across an image or reference to a lighthouse, and it stops me in my tracks. I instantly think of my mother. I usually get a feeling of clarity and peace when I see a lighthouse. As I left the meeting yesterday, I must’ve been looking at the ground on my way to my car. When I glanced up, and I kid you not, I saw a lighthouse! I stopped in my tracks, and tears immediately filled my eyes, and I started bawling. All I could think was, “Yup. I know momma. I’m supposed to be here”.

I was supposed to notice those things yesterday. I was supposed to be in that place yesterday. I’m thankful I still have eyes that see and ears that hear. Life is mysterious, and God connects dots in weird ways. I went back to that place today.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”. John 1: 5


I’m so happy that you had this experience. Our HPs work in mysterious ways!

Mine also bought me to AA through a stroke of inspiration that popped into my head, I don’t know where from. The first meeting I went to was EXACTLY the right meeting for me, particularly as it has such a unique and different vibe to many other meetings I go to. It led me to know that I was in the right place. I’m glad that you had a similar experience and hope that you are able to continue to gain positives from it. :two_hearts::two_hearts:


This all makes my heart happy!! :heart:


Hope everything is ok.


Awesome!! Your post has made me smile so much. Fantastic.


That is wonderful. I love that you had tea time together. :sparkling_heart:

But it is also an eye opener when we realise that our little ones are aware of it more than we are. I remember being asked by my then 13 year old when we went out to lunch “mommy, do you think that THIS time you might not order wine”. I was stunned. I had no idea they were noticing how much wine I was drinking.


Yes, VSue, couldn’t agree more. As much as I laughed on the outside and saw the cuteness and humor in her innocence, on the inside I was stunned and sad that she even ever took notice.


Congratulations, sober buddy, Megan. Huge accomplishment! I’m right behind you!


Day 4 sober. The cellphone is a trigger then sorry if I don’t write too much but I need to be in contact with all of you, I guess I love all of you somehow and my problem is a problem of searching love in wrong places and this is a right place wher people say the truth


AHmazing :dizzy:


So beautiful, brings tears to my eyes :kissing_closed_eyes::heart:


Left the party sober, so mission accomplished!
On my way to bed, see you tomorrow! :+1:


WELL DONE. Have a nice sober sleep and enjoy the morning feeling of sobriety gratitude. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Oh no it doesn’t!! Day 10 whoop whoop:sparkles:

Coped with a mad urge to drink and nearly crumbled - thankfully only lasted a few mins but took me by surprise.
Big thanks to everyone sharing their stories and experiences. I don’t know you but many things you’ve said popped in my head as I tussled with my needy brain. Helped me gain perspective again. Take care all.


Day 73 - Currently on a plane going home; L.A. to Seattle. I went for a solitary walk this morning through downtown Whittier California. Lovely little town. On my way back to the hotel, there was a gentleman lying face down in the middle of the sidewalk. Passer-bys looked upon him as they walked on. I asked if he was ok a few times when he rolled over to reveal a bottle of vodka. I know how that feels as I’ve been there a time or two. Anyway, his Angel from the diner that we were in front of called 911 and the ambulance came and picked him up. I hope he gets the help he needs, that is a life no one deserves.