Checking in daily to help maintain focus


@MissDuse Congratulations :tada:



I can’t imagine myself just walking past someone face down on the sidewalk without making sure they were safe and help was on the way.

But especially now. I was found lying unconscious bleeding on the sidewalk, less than a year ago. Right next to the crosswalk I use to access a nearby park. At first, I thought it could just have just been a fall, but there is no fall or combination of falls alone that really would have explained my combination of head, arm, and leg injuries in a way that makes sense. Anyways, because someone checked on me and didn’t assume anything, I was able to be brought back to consciousness and taken to the hospital to get treated for my injuries.


I’m crying!:cry: There is healing energy in the celestial sky right now and you are tapped right into it. So beautiful :comet:


Day 9 almost in the books. Had a quick temptation today but I distracted myself.

Tomorrow is a work Christmas party and we each get 2 drink tickets. I’m not sure if I should say “no thank you” or take the tickets and give them away. I’m also thinking I might just make an appearance then sneak out for a walk outside. I’m not sure I want to hang around a bunch of loud revellers. No one should be drunk but they’ll all have a warm glow.


Day 130. Kept daughter home today, we connected and we did her homework together at cafe. Laughed a whole bunch because she is working on “ou” sound, and was saying poupée (doll) and it sounds like poop-eh. She couldn’t get over it, and laughed and laughed. Made me realize how hard it is to learn new things, and how I should be more patient with myself in my sobriety. I’m learning new skills and sometimes it feels like I’m developing life litteracy. I should laugh more at parts of this learning too. Cute day :sparkles:


Keep strong brother. It gets better.


No thank you = no temptation for you.


I like the idea of taking a walk outside. Less time spent tempted and annoyed by drinkers. At the only work Christmas party I went to, I just gave one of my two tickets away and used the other to get a Coke. Bam, no tickets for future temptation, and a non-alcoholic drink in my hand.

This was in my days before I started having issues with drinking, but the similarity is that I didn’t want a drink but knew I was weak to peer pressure. I still got pressured by people buying me drinks by the way. Being obviously underage didn’t stop anyone. So I don’t expect my preferences or alcoholism to stop anyone either, though I’m hopeful you won’t have to deal with that at the party.


Checking in from the airport. Going to Idaho with my family to visit my parents. One of those things I GET to do now that I’m sober. It wasn’t always that way. But I took it a day at a time and put in the leg work to get to here. You can too, I just know it! :wink:


Hello everyone -Just rolled over to day 76 - Checking in :slight_smile: tomorrow I have abdominal testing to see if there’s any permanent damage. I’ll probably not post too much the next couple of days as my hands are very painful and probably need a rest -The arthritis, cold hands, constant use and the bloody thumb burn have really given me some grief today…could barely hold my knives properly and kept dropping potatoes while i was peeling them :frowning: but will be reading as per :slight_smile: hope everyone is well


How Canadian…poop eh?


Be well, brother. Hoping for the best!


I agree. I feel it! Glad you can too!!!


I have definitely noticed an increase in my shopping andnits not even for Christmas presents! :crazy_face:


Double digits…wish I felt more excited about this but with vacation and parties I have a feeling I’m going to snap!




I know eh? But how else would you describe phonetics of poupée?


Day 31. Weird & mysterious things are happening yet everything is OK so far. Does life get weirder when you’re fully aware? Was it always weird and I was too drunk to notice?


It’s always been mysterious for me. I notice and appreciate it more now. Congrats on the 31 days!