Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Hi Angie, you have been doing fantastic and helping all of us. One thing really sticks out is that you are able to give unconditional love among many good advice and continuous support. Of course you are going to have bad days. You are a human being, a great one. You got your toolbox. We are here for you, like you are here for everybody. I have not been out of the bed and the house for days now. I lost the meaning of life again. I am just hanging on to my sobriety. Hang in there. This shall pass too. Much love. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I’m remembering your “pawning the living room for cake” (or something like that) comment about this, and wondering if I struck the appropriate laugh/cringe balance when I heard it :thinking:


I consider it all funny because I used to smoke a lot of crack. And also pawned my living room. It wasn’t as funny then, but man does it make me laugh these days.


Apparently, I am still here…

It was a super dark day and night. I woke up to a very overcast and dreary morning. Sober but sad.


Day 643 and what more can I ask of life :two_hearts: Found the love of my life!


Happy to see you here…:heart:


Congratulations on 2 weeks sober, Amy. So glad you are here with us. Keep knocking those days off… one at a time.


I agree with @LuluJo I have only been on this forum a few days and I see you provide great support and advice to people on here.
I’m sorry that you’re struggling at the minute, but always know we are always here to support you too.
Hope your therapy goes well this weekend and that your day gets better.

And @LuluJo I have been in that place of not leaving the house for days and it’s tough on the mind, sending support to you as well during this time. You can do this.


Hello! Thank you for still being here!


Hugs girl, thinking of you! :two_hearts:


Good morning friends - still hanging in there - have a great day. I’ll be in and out the next week or so as we have lots of family coming and going…


Im here for a rant aswell if you need :slight_smile:

Checking In day 91 - Told to stay home from work again today. Starting to get really antzy. Got a haircut at last and munching my favourite Ham and Picalilli Sandwich :smiley:

Heres an update on the injury… This is gonna take a while i think! :slight_smile:


Thank you @JamesR for taking the time to write. I realized I never welcomed you to the forum, something I intend to do for all newcomers. Dealing with lifelong depression and grief over the death of my brother on top of keeping sober proves to be too much sometimes. I isolate and hide at best. Thank you for your kindness.


Thank you for the welcome, I isolate too due to my depression and anxiety. I struggle with talking about how I feel but it is the best thing to do in tough times I think. We are all here if you ever need support.
I’m sorry to hear about your brother, you have admirable strength maintaining sobriety whilst grieving and having struggles with mental health. Stay strong.


@LuluJo I woke early - like 2.33 am early - and, of course, had to check TS… BAM! Another day down :grin: sweet timing.

Oh boy does this hit home for me. I’m also realising that alcohol was not the root cause of any problems. Those same problems still exist when sober, only i am now less meek and accepting of them. Alcohol was used so i didn’t have to properly address them, or any others. Counseling in the new year will hopefully make clearer the path we both need to try.

Are you sneaking into my head and stealing my thoughts?

Tough times all, and it’s not the funnest thing to have to deal with. What i do know is that it has to be dealt with in some way. I can only push it aside so many times. Alcohol made that easier, but also delayed finding resolution and fulfillment. It meant many more years of tangling our lives together, making every next step more difficult to contemplate. Sobriety will be essential in making the right decisions and knowing that those decisions came from a clear head and clear sense of what’s best.
Go well, all.
Go well indeed.


Soooo. Had 45 minutes to prepare my luggage take a shower and be ready to depart. They are sending me suddenly to another country. I was enjoying isolation , growing stronger , the routine and now I am worried cuz I know Its too soon. Going to stay focused ,strong and sober !
Wish me luck !

All the best.


You can do this! Jump on here anytime and talk to us if you need to.


Eek. That looks horrid! Burns are the worst. Did they give you anything to help the pain or are you toughing it out?


I’m relieved to see you back. I went to the AA meeting at the jail last night. The guys talked of how the meeting is the only time in the week they feel safe to express feelings. We are so blessed to feel our emotions and express them openl, lest they overcome us. :pray:


Ten years it was for me. I wasn’t even drinking heavily, a few beers to fall asleep. I worked. I worked myself to near death that the last two years of it in and out of hospitals with surgeries and I kept working…while he sat home and took his pills because of his back injury. Hey, I had a broken back and more but I worked my ass off. My business got too big to handle, he never helped. Just brought me breakfast in bed. Wow. How stupid was I? Anyway, when
I talk about my struggles I take it for granted that I am single and have no children. I can’t imagine dealing with relationship issues while staying sober. You guys are strong, I mean multitasking is hard af when it comes to having a partner. After my first marriage, I was more scared to stay in a bad relationship than being single. The second one as he resentfully stated, I was married to my business. It was the truth because what we had was cohabitation, not having a relationship.