Checking in daily to help maintain focus


No your not! At this moment you are thinking the wrong thoughts , your practically giving alchohol the excuse it needs.
I get apprehensive when I think of the future, especially with the silly season fast approaching. But that is how I know that I’m not ready for it. That is why I only think about not drinking today. The future is ours to make for ourselves!


Day 53. Tired, but still here.


666 days no alcohol and 20 days no coke! My dealer messaged me today and I’m not gonna lie my mind was trying to think of reasons to do it one more time. I didnt let myself think too long about it because I know I would have caved my stupid addicted brain would have made it seem like a good idea some how. So I deleted the message and blocked him and quickly changed what I was thinking about!!


Wow, so well done. Really impressed with that decision making!


Almost back at 48 hours folks!


Wow super impressed with your alcohol abstinence!!! Keep it up


When I’m sober and aware I think I was weird before and this is normal! Lol


Checking in day 217. Had a nice dinner out with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Two of them had a couple of cocktails, myself and another person didn’t drink. I missed the fun I used to feel by joining in drinking, but I also felt liberated by not being self conscious of wanting to drink more/ drinking faster than everyone else. Nothing’s black or white in sobriety, but there’s certainly silver lining :cherry_blossom:


He is full of beans and has found his “voice” so I think we might be heading home sooner rather than later.:two_hearts:


Good on ya! Not gonna lie, the drink bug bit me hard tonight out of no where. Got down a line of thinking that didn’t need going. Then remembered I was about to make a pizza and snapped to it.

Day 130. Ate pizza. :heavy_check_mark:


Pizza can save a life. For real.


My HP is delicious AF.


Thank you Lord Cheesus


If I ordered a pizza and the lord’s face was on it, I’d seriously think that it’s a sign that I should eat it. Right? :joy:


Hi Lou, all is good! Some horrible bug doing the rounds here, two other little ones in hospital with the same kind of thing.


Day 16 Checking in!


Congratulations with the big 90 :star_struck: :+1:


I wish you well, hope your little one recover soon!


Day 79, survived the party yesterday. Drank hot chocolate :rofl: :joy: Got a present also: a chocolate letter E. Here in the Netherlands you can buy the whole alphabet in Chocolate during Saint Nicolas. It’s tradition. Kids get the first letter of their name in their shoe.

When the go to bed they sing a song for Saint Nicolas and put food for his horse in their shoes. Next morning the are filled with a present.

Tomorrow I’m gonna celebrate day 80, looking forward to that :star_struck:
Have a Super Sober day!! :+1:


E is for Excellent.