Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 3 without drinking. Just drove past my old hangout on the way home from work. Thank you all for sharing your stories. They inspire me to make better decisions :blush:


That’s nice! Thank you! :grin: :+1:


Day 178…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Day 108 :slight_smile:


Night 5, checking in.
Did a hike last weekend instead of drinking… Finally went back to the gym today. Feeling a bit down on myself, anxious, but better. Healing. Excited for my journey towards health.


Wow! Congratulations! You did it so quietly and without complaining. Good for you! Wishing you many 90 days sober. Much love.


Made it 3 weeks. Last few days felt great. Seems the busier I keep myself, the urges are almost not there for me. General mood in the house hold is up. Here’s to a good day! Everyone here is inspiring me so much. Keep on keeping on all! :grin::grin::grin::grin:


@Eke @Dasindog @AyBee

This pizza thing is for reals. Not even joking, but at a meeting this week TWO people had stories about their HP speaking to them about the need to get sober through the medium of pizza.


Good morning! Today is 18. Yesterday was a little rough… up for 26 hours straight (no nap), came home the next day and slept for 4 hours. Was so out of it… only had coffee and 2 slices of cheese, before going back to bed at 7 pm (and waking up several times after). SO I think I’ll just stay home today… do some online Christmas shopping finally, maybe hit the gym to get that endorphin rush.

A little nervous to report that I haven’t had any cravings in a while. Finally coming off of school-related stress (2.5 weeks later) and it is so nice. Still can’t believe I finished and survived :star_struck:.

Anyway… hope you all have a wonderful day :heart_eyes:


I’ve settled in, can’t imagine drinking now, no glamour, absolutely no desire. In a way it is like being a kid again, just don’t want it. The initial energy has wore off, settling into the new me. At the point where I don’t get nervous around it anymore, which is nice. Take care!


Day 270. 9 months!

Today is day 2 of fasting, I’ve been not feeling well for a few weeks now every time I ate almost anything. I had the idea of fasting randomly pop up in my head after meditation a week or 2 ago and while I love my food, I didn’t dismiss it. But I also didn’t do it. So I’ve spent the entire last 2 days in bed, yesterday I couldnt eat anything at all, the day before was very little so I figured it’s a good time to start. My system has been overloaded since I got on the sugar train shortly after stopping drinking…its not been good for me. I’ve gained 25 lbs since this spring just by adding that one difference in my diet, we do not play well and never have. That was an absolute shock when I stepped on the scale yesterday! I just didnt realize it was that bad! After today, I’ll be going back to my paleo diet and eating as I should with intermittent fasting for a while to allow the built up toxins to continue to release. Sobriety has been great stepping stone for this. Now the time has come to kick it up a few notches and ditch the sugar for good! I laughed yesterday when I said geesh, couldn’t it have waited until after the holidays? A friend more or less said ah, spoken like a true alcoholic! Amen my friend! Now is the time. Happy sober Wed all!


Day 90! :sunglasses: can’t believe I’ve made it this far and never looking back. Lots of holiday parties over the next couple of weeks but I’m feeling strong and ready to attend, enjoy, socialize and NOT DRINK. Thank you all for your support… could not have done it without this amazing group.


Awesome work, Bill – you’re killing it!


9 months, holy toledo! Great work Mandi, you are doing so great and I am proud of you!


Yes Bill!!! Happy 3 months!!


Congrats on your 9 months :slight_smile:️ When was your last physical? Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.


That went by FAST! You’re doing amazing!


@BillS and @MandiH - you two are crushing it! So inspiring :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I deleted my FB about a year ago. And the respond from friends was “are you sick?” “Do you need help” ect. Also got som angry texts. Think a lot of people need a FB detox…


Day 24. Not much to say because I’m tired and grumpy but still sober.