Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Hey, thank you!! You’re too nice. Funny thing is I went to night shift partially bc I thought it would help cut back on my drinking. Nope I just doubled up on my days off haha. I have a constant love-hate relationship with nights. I never miss out and I’m always available for the kids, but I’m perpetually tired. The plan is to go to day shift in a few years, when they get older. Definitely could not do this forever.


I’ve never seen a homeopathic physician, but I know there are several in the Houston area. Not sure if they are in your area or are covered by insurance? Sorry I don’t even think you were asking advice… ugh. Anyway… keep us updated :wink:


Even worse is drinking! Totally ruins any positives from a workout, and screws with your metabolism.

Another reason to stay away from that poison

  1. Happy hump day! Everything is going great. Switched meds so hopefully I wont be an irritable butthead.

On a side note if there any nurses here that have worked in a hospital I have a couple questions that are business related. Please message me.

Have an awesome day!!


Well, things went better this morning than I expected. I think we all got some clarity which is always a good thing.

Now, I just need to get through the party this afternoon. :slight_smile:


Day 516. “Sinterklaas” on december 5.
I ate a chocolate K and now I feel sick, not used to so much sugar. Ah well… still sober :innocent:8BC82BDA-0425-4C37-9182-966BB277DD8E


Today I am grateful for

A full 6 hours of continuous sleep

Waking up in my own bed, rested and ready.

The rain last night and the overcast sky today

The consistency of Uber

My boss and his willingness to pick me up /drop me off.

My sober mind

The privilege of having my job

The added privilege of being able to work alone, in peace and comfort.

Serenity in chaos

My friendly neighbor

My sober friends who check - in


Great list! I am thankful for your posts


Today is day 30, I made it a month! It’s a beautiful day, its snowing outside and headed out to go have brunch with some friends. Everyone have an amazing day!


Wow!! That does sound beautiful and so much fun. Congrats on 30 days :blush:


Oh my. I miss chocolate letters!! We do have a dutch shop here but everytime I go all the letters are sold out. I stock up on black licorice instead. LOL


I used to live in the Netherlands as a kid. I loved Sinterklaas. Chocolates in your shoes. Of course the fear of the stick or being taken back to Spain was a little traumatizing. LOL


I just walked by the party as I was returning from my walk…holy social anxiety batman!!! I’m going to have to wait until the crowds die down before I venture. There is supposed to be a craft activity…I think I’ll hang out there.


Way to go! Thanks for being so supportive of all of us! I know im not alone when I say I appreciate it! :grinning:


Well done that man!!!:grin:


Congratulations @BillS :musical_note::notes: 90 days sounds great!


9 months: a little sober baby :baby: :wink:
Congratulations @MandiH :tada:


Checking in on this chilly day with 362 days sober. Feeling grateful today and happy to have made it this far but I will always remember where I came from and why I made sobriety a priority.




I made my appearance. I initially turned down my drink tickets but when people found out they made me go get them and share them. Oh well. I didn’t want to encourage excess drinking but as long as it wasn’t ME drinking.

I made a sad little card in the craft area. Ate some raw veggies (without dip because some genius thought it would be a good idea to make the hummus last longer by mixing in plain yogurt!! Grrr.). Then made my excuses to leave and now I’m planning on going home early.

First party success.