Checking in daily to help maintain focus

  1. The little voice in my head told me to stop and get wine tonight bc well as I have posted before it’s always wine down Wednesday in my casa. I actually was thinking “you’ve been doing good, 2 glasses isn’t going to hurt anything!” Luckily I forgot we have dinner with my stepdaughter tonight so I drove and picked her up after work and then did a workout and cooked dinner and did homework. I made no time for the red devil liquid, haha!


I got mine at Meijer. They’re “mini”, and had them on sale…I had to buy some.


Day 74 winding down. The wife is still out of town so I took advantage of her absence and had Indian food for dinner. We made tiki masala and curry mango with basmati rice. My daughter made the raita sauce and I made the chapati bread! It was delicious! It’s nice to lose yourself in cooking when you’re feeling blue. Gonna go read a book to my youngest then crawl into bed.

This is what it is all about.


Keep up the good work!


It’s pretty friggin cool to enjoy simple evenings like you just described. (-:


Thank you very much!! Sincerely appreciate the check in, Dan! Day 7 almost done and starting week 2 tomorrow. :slight_smile:


End of day 3. Had some urges tonight when I got home from work but I made it through. Last night I went to recovery yoga and really liked it. I’m thinking it will be a good way to support myself on this journey. I had an amazing nights sleep last night. I think I have been sleep deprived for years! No more waking up at 3 am with a racing heart and hot flashes never to get back to sleep again. I feel so much more clarity and focus at work too. I’m grateful for this day.


Thank you for beiing here! I think it’s a great encouragement for all of us to read people with a year ore more under their belt.
So happy to hear you gonna stick around!
Congratulations with your 2 years+ :tada:


Day 80, and as a “reward” I had my first relapse dream :open_mouth:
It was so damn realistic! I was on a terrace with friends and I thought “I don’t give a ****!” and ordered a glass of wine. I felt a lot of emotions in my dream and when I woke up I felt horrible. But now I’m releived. I’m awake and sober and still adding up my days.
Today is a stressful day, but I’m doing it with a normal headache, not a hangover! :sunglasses:

Have a good day Sober buddies :facepunch:


That little voice!!! Evil thing! It can catch you out very easily. I had it pretty much every day for the first couple of weeks. Still there but most days I’m finding it easier to fight it, but yeah it was always trying to justify to me that I could have
" just the one" it’s hard to fight that because you think to yourself " yeah I can do this. It is difficult I know. But I also know that it won’t be just the one.
Well done in beating it. It does get easier. :grinning:


Day 4 without drinking. Staying strong and this forum and app are big reasons why. I am grateful for everyone here and for this community. Thank you!


Day 340
As you guys know I plan to move end of this month and so I tried to sell some of my stuff before moving. I found someone who wanted to buy my bunk bed, but I had to change the day when they could come and get the bed. They did not respond for 7 days. I E-mailed them 2x and sent text messages, nothing. I then was fed up and cancelled everything to give the bed to someone else. This morning I received a call from the husband of the woman who didn’t respond. My behaviour is not okay and he wants me to call him back. Oh boy…I surely won’t call him to give him the chance to yell at me…
Sometimes I just hate people :expressionless:
Rant over
Edit: it was 5 days…anyway, not nice


They broke the purchase contract you agreed on. Sue them. Or kick them in the dick


Day 32. Going to a party tonight and already hear myself bargaining with myself about drinking: It’s a special occasion. It’s free. I won’t be driving. I don’t usually see these people so it doesn’t matter what I do. Why not? Having one drink is acceptable by anyone’s standards. I might need it to get through the evening. I’m at a party to have fun and drinking is fun. Well then. I miss gin. I miss you, Gin! You were a bad friend and I’m not taking you back. Me and ice water are buddies now.


It’s the perfect day for getting back on the horse! I know life has been super tough on you for months now, I’m happy to see you taking steps to get your life back love! Glad to see you not giving up!! :heart:


Do your friends at this party know that you have quit drinking? You might reconsider going and instead surround yourself with strong, supportive people for the evening or lock yourself in with no alcohol around.

For me personally, when that little voice :smiling_imp:/addict within pops up and starts to try and convince me “you will be fine… just one drink, you deserve it” you’re about to enter a high risk zone of relapsing. Time to take action and stop this other side of you from winning.


Feeling blue today. Sober blue.

Life and decay…


I agree. This early in your sobriety @Ariadne, with that kind of rationalization talk going on in your head, you’re in danger, girl. Sorry for the cheesy Ghost reference.

You’re a grown up, you know if you’re comfortable in your sobriety to go and handle yourself. I only mention it because I was a full 6 months into my sobriety last time when that rationalization stuff started and I relapsed. Be aware of it. If it’s happening at 32 days, a party might not be a good environment. Food for thought. Congrats on 32 days, though, I know every day is a hard won victory for a lot of us :heart:


Haha yes I should. He keeps on calling me, now blocked his and her number :+1:


Checking in. Day 695. Instead of going on a hike tomorrow, my hiking group is going to Littleton, Colorado for some holiday lights viewing and a “Christmas Themed” savenger hunt one of our members has put together. After the hunt, we will go to dinner and I will be the only one not drinking alcohol. No problem for me. It should be a good time. Keep Sober and Carry On.