Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 12. Can’t wait to get the day over with. Super stoked on the show tonight!

Have a strong day!!!


Day 179…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Double digits!! Yay. Today is day 11.

  1. Feeling extremely grateful for for all of the people in my life this morning, including everyone here. Going to read a bunch today and be lazy. Gym is a maybe at this point. Have a wonderful day everyone…


OMG that sounds delicious.


That sounds like a lot of fun. I like scavenger hunts. I promise not to hound you but I’m dying to know. :joy: Do you completely hate Harry Potter? Did you start reading it and give up?


No way I am waiting seven days. I have been stood up so many times on these types of exchanges. Your behavior was appropriate.


Day 131. Reading, gym, coaching session for the business process today, which is still well on it’s way. I find myself impatient, but that’s what you get when you depend on the government. I need their money to fund me to be able to do this. If not, too high of a risk. Anyhoo. All this AND trying to work on sobriety. Not an easy thing, but I’m doing it.


Day 10 and sober. Will do push ups and read here. Btw,any recommendations for documetary about alcoholism? Way to cold to go out😐


Day 3. Didn’t sleep at all. On top of my crap news before my slip, I just got more crap news, regarding work. So, I am starting my day putting out fires. I don’t do well with mistakes. I hate making mistakes.

Self-care should really be a priority today, something to make me feel nice.

I also need to do some serious inventory work, today. I am speaking scarcity into my life, when truly there is abundance.


It would have been polite to answer me but nope…they didn’t. Sad.
All this made me so angry that I needed to clean my apartment to distract me haha. Now dinner is almost ready and I’m sipping fresh orange juice.


@soxnut My fellow Mainer, how are you getting on? :bird:


Intervention is nice programm. It keeps me motivated. You can find it on youtube. Nice to hear you do push ups! A special goal in mind?

O and I am at day 8. Muscles are soar of training. Feeling better each day!


Day 4, still chillin. :grin::grin::grin:


Day 2. I’m going to a meeting and its good thing too. I’m grateful that I’m sober. :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


@Ockie well done with 8 days😀and good to hear you are feelig better. How do you work out?
Push ups: goal for today is 75,new PR.
Big thank you for tips about tv programs. Now i got a nice plan for the evening. Heavy snow coming so gonna binge on tv.


90 days is awesome!! Congratulations! Keep going, it gets better and better. :blush:


Day 320. Not gonna lie, the holidays are hard. Very triggering for me, I am so used to associating all the fun and magic of the holidays with alcohol. Unpacked my Christmas decorations this weekend and found my favorite Christmas wine glasses. They’re huge and I’ve drunk gallons of Chardonnay out of them over the years. It was hard to see them and hold them in my hand. So weird how a glass triggered me so much. I put them out of sight now. Maybe I will make a fun NA Christmas drink for them and try to change my association with those glasses and wine. Or I may just put them away this year.
Keep going everyone! :blue_heart:


Dec 6th 2018. 12 6 18. 12+6=18 WOW!!! Lol

It’s a great day to be sober. Hope you have an awesome one!


Day 25. Life is gooooooooood