Checking in daily to help maintain focus


A healing retreat sounds wonderful😊


Day 165. Taking a break from TS, and enjoying life sober. Will be back. @Bomdhil, :doughnut: :heart:, stay on the course. :sparkles:


44 days done. Feeling pretty good, but tired. I need to get to sleep earlier tonight!!


14.0. Checking in. Brain is tired. So much to think about with all thats going on. Looks like the charges might me dropped on Friday. I have mixed emotions on this.


Wishing you all the best during these tough times


Was thinking about you today and looking for updates. Glad to see you checking in!


Thanks , almost time to go to bed. Just took my naltrexone and happy to be sober


Thank you! Hope this is the good one. I don’t believe much in my self. But just going to take it one day at the time. I was already thinking about a conversation I need to have on Friday and make me so stress … so I’m just going to focus and today. And not drink that first one


Checking in day 111 just rolled over :slight_smile:

2 days off. Finally some time for some R&R. I’ve realised today after reading TS for about an hour that I complain and talk about myself far too much. So I apologise for that and will do my best to not. I think I over-use this platform as a way to vent about my day which is good in a way because it means i’m not drinking but clearly not its intended purpose.

I don’t feel quite ready to log off TS yet so I am going to do my best to ask you “How are you, how was your day?” instead. Itd be good to get out of my own head for a while. :slight_smile:

Again, apologies for the long drawn out and boring posts about the kitchen all the time and…moving forward :slight_smile:

  1. Had an extremely productive day, despite my sleep deficit for the last two weeks. Knocked my extremely long to do list down to just a few things and got some good gym time in. Skittle, our parakeet, was acting strange today… seemed a little pissed and very aggressive… trying to tell me to take him back by running along and pecking at his cage, wouldn’t let me near him. Spent some time with him… then would give him some space, then spent more time with him and by dinner time he was calm and letting me touch him :bird::heart:Anyway… should be asleep by now, but my mind is racing. Having a “why is adulting so hard :weary:” moment lol… think I just need to go to bed. So I will… have a good evening/day everyone :sleeping:


Dude, personally I love the hell out of your kitchen posts. Was a huge early Bourdain fan and read Kitchen Confidential a few times. Any time you want to take us on a trip around the kitchen and life in there, feel free! Hell, maybe even start a kitchen thread. :slight_smile: glad you are here, sober, and found a career you seem to be passionate about man. And don’t check out of TS! Too many good folks are leaving…


Yeah man. I like the kitchen posts.

I lost track of the sg post so I couldn’t reply to it. I actually haven’t played it. It was my dad’s. I haven’t played in years. I was going to start again but I’ve been riding my bike more. I’ll have more time in the spring and summer to play once I’m commuting to work on my bike and get my exercise in that way.


You better be back :wink::heart:


Ha, can’t pm ya. Take it easy M! See ya soon.


So I feel like a bit of a failure lately, but I am still trucking along…at least, I am now again.

Day 1, complete.

Keep up the good work, everyone; I know that I can do this when I see all of your successes :wink:


Nothing to be sorry for @DresdenLaPage, listening to other people’s thoughts and feelings is really helpful for me and learn constantly from others.


Checling in early 6.30 am on D8. Working away for a couple of days so might need to check in again later.
Packing a travel bag I found a plastic wine glass FFS. Thought this such a good idea pre sober times so I could quietly drink in the hotel room without having to go to a bar alone. How ridiculous.
Have a great sober/clean and successful day everyone.


Also checking in early on Day 8! Happy to write this and happy to be in this place. It’s getting a bit easier every day even though I am surviving on fractured sleep. I commit to remain sober today and hope you all have a good, peaceful day.


Thank you all for your support and encouragement earlier today. Shortly after I posted I got a headache that took me out for a couple hours, which was a blessing really because I can’t do a thing when I have a headache. After the headache passed I went to my meeting and it was amazing. I felt like we were reading my story, again.


I don’t agree with you. Love you kitchen stories!
I think the daily check in is ment to you and others to tell about your day and how it went. Nothing wrong with that! If TS will kick everybody out who talks about his or herself there wil be no one left! :astonished:
Just do what you do and move forward (because moving forward is allways a good idea! :grin:)