Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I hope it’s going to be a healing and uplifting weekend @Bomdhil :heart:


Good days and bad but Im there


Your first week in the pocket! :facepunch:
Congratulations! :tada:


First better day for weeks :slightly_smiling_face:. 3 months behind. Lovely day (Bill Withers -like) to every one :kissing_heart:


Double digits on the way!!!
Congrats on a week Shar!


Day 114,
Goodmorning :grin:
Not much to share today. Just doing fine and doing it sober. Yesterday evening I had a New year drink and I drank water. The bottle of white wine on the table was tempting though. But the more sober days I built up, the less I want to loose them.

Enjoy your day! :heart:


Go girl, you’re killing it :dancer:t2:


If you click on “new message” on your profile and type in her name you can :slight_smile:


Day 189.

Day off work today so spent it cleaning, exercising and getting my head around my new diet. Feeling grateful, bright and pumped.

AA home meeting tonight which hasnt been on for a fortnight so looking forward to seeing the guys there and a couple of old timers who have been poorly but are back tonight.

I’m grateful today that I have this life. There are 30 instances I could have died due to alcohol and alcoholic behaviour. Not only am I alive, I no longer have to live like that, and have been granted a reprieve (24 hours at a time) to live the life I want. Born at 32. I have a lot of happiness and memory making to catch up on.

If youre struggling, reach out. Talk to somebody. That decision could stop a lot of shit snowballing into your life


Checking in, day 11


Day 33 sober. :alien::v::revolving_hearts:


Day 214 - WFHW (Work From Home Wednesday), that’s what I’m going to call it from now on.

This morning on my run, I realized that sobriety is a lot like running. Bear with me on the analogy:

The beginning always sucks, you can’t stop thinking about how much further you have to go. Eventually you get to the point where your legs are chugging along, but you are mentally elsewhere, focusing on other things in your life. Figuring things out. It takes time and practice to be able to get to that point and transport yourself like that mentally, but you get there. Even then, there will always be days where you’re aware of every time your feet meet the pavement, and every step will feel like a chore. Those are the days where it is most important to keep going, even if you need to move a little slower.

You go out and you run, even when you don’t feel like it. Because that’s just what you do. Once you get out there and do it, you feel great. Getting started and then being committed to your choice is half the battle. Eventually the battle is not so much of a battle, it’s just what you do and how you live. Because you’ve made your choice.

For me, nothing makes a run more unnecessarily tedious than getting wet shoes. If my shoes get wet, there is no chance I’ll be able to focus on anything else while I’m out there, just counting the steps and seconds until my run is through. What are the “wet shoes” of sobriety? People, places, and things that detract from your life and unnecessarily make sober living more difficult than it needs to be – especially negative people, or those who discredit your choice.

Get yourself a pair of dry shoes, and look out for puddles.

Love from Massachusetts.


I’m on day 4, yes I know I’m a rookie but I’m back on the sobriety train. One day at a time and thank you all for the words of wisdom.


Love this, very nicely written!


Thanks, Mandi. I was trying to think of positive thoughts to share and hopefully help someone out there. Truth be told, the combination of several people leaving the forum and the seemingly more frequent instances of squabbling had left me somewhat disheartened and sour, to the point where I have considered leaving TS myself. It has bothered me for several days at this point, probably weeks.
I realized this morning that I cannot let that happen, this place is too important to allow myself to become jaded.

I had to try to put something positive out there. For others, and for myself.

Thank you for being a consistent source of positivity and encouragement.


Checking in on Day 46. Killllllled the gym this morning. Also got word that my band’s new album has officially been delivered to our singer, our release show has 100% been confirmed, and the final details of our new merch is rolling in. So, major setbacks in some areas, and some big time positive notes creeping in too.

Doing all I can to maintain my PMA!
Have a strong day!!!


I know what you mean, my friend. Feeling a little beat up and bruised today myself. Mostly just disappointed. Very saddened by those with a positive outlook departing. My apologies if my anger over injustice caused undue stress. Thank you for reminding me to stay positive.
Thank you for not giving up! You’re a great source of encouragement here and that’s exactly what we need more of.


Checking in on day 9. Not too much to report over here…just a trucking along :blush:


Checking in on day 179. Hope all is well and good everyone!


Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.

It’s not just that bit of a dust-up yesterday, that just happens to be the most recent skirmish. I don’t hold anyone at fault, and there’s no need to apologize. Disagreements happen. That’s inevitable when you have so many people, from so many walks of life, participating in any community. I think that that diversity is also part of what makes the forum great.

Constructive disagreement is well and good, growth can come from that. In awareness of the tide here the past month or so, I think we all just need to be better at recognizing when disagreement and discussion has devolved into…well, something more unpleasant. When it is time to just let something go, rather than dragging it out. It becomes evident at a point that the conversation is no longer constructive, and also that there is no changing the opinion of either party on either “side”. Sometimes it’s just got to be a matter of “agree to disagree”, and then disengage. Having the last word is unimportant.

There is also plenty of ways to relay opinions and ideas tactfully, rather than abrasively. How we word things can mean all the difference.

I apologize if this comes off as peace-loving, wishy-washy bullshit. I see this forum as a place for hope, encouragement, sharing advice, and forging positive relationships based on mutual experiences and struggles.
I just really don’t care for confrontation, especially here in this place, and even more so when it’s between folks who I have come to see as valuable contributors to what we do here – despite any differences. Maybe that’s weak of me, but it’s a part of myself that I’ve come to terms with.