Checking in daily to help maintain focus


and ESPECIALLY watch out for the combination of the two.

Shit puddles.

“Shit puddles, Randy”. (TPB reference)


Day 125. Feeling stronger and more resolute than ever. Hit the gym HARD today. Eating healthier than I ever have and just feeling IN CONTROL. This app has been such a blessing for me. And I embrace any negativity that I read here. I mean… Sobriety is hard! If it was easy, none of us would be here. So I expect people to (often) have shitty days. It’s inevitable! And this is the place to dump that shit! It’s why were here. And there are going to be disagreements. We are all going thru some shit (or, again, we wouldn’t be here). But as long as we keep it civil and, as somebody said, agree to disagree, we can all benefit. I learn something from everybody’s stories here (good, bad, and in between). Keep 'em coming & don’t filter them. Thank you ALL for helping to keep me sober!


Checking in day 9. Congratulations to everyone checking in.


Thanks for this post Bill. I’m really glad you’re here! :heart:

And, I just laughed out loud @TMAC, shit puddles belong at the bottom of the shitrope!


Day 22. :muscle:t3:


Thanks I remember now it did come up the other day but I forgot


Ray Winstone’s is quite good. I haven’t really read a lot of biography lately


151 days off alcohol and training for marathon!


Day 3. It suck how tired I feel and go through all this again. My husband came home last night drunk , nothing new … I guess I just have to focus on my self and my kids.
Just checking in , one more day.


Hey you got that right. It’s up to him!
You need to think of you!
3 days is no walk in the park! Remember that!


May I ask what you are going to do differently this time? It will help to think about that and try to have a plan in place. What can you do to stay on your path?

I remember you talking about your husband drinking before. Does it bother you when he gets drunk? If it does, it may be worth talking to him about boundaries and respecting your decision to be sober.
My girlfriend still drinks. However, it has helped tremendously that she is supportive and considerate when it comes to me not drinking. We had a great discussion about it when I first started, and I’m glad we did. Having a supportive partner can be huge.

Also wanted to add that I bet your kids are very proud of you.

All the best!


A lot of change and turnover, that is for sure. I like seeing new people though. Those are new people who are trying to change their lives for the better. I like that. If I can give them even the smallest bit of advice that can help them, even better.


‘Get a pair of dry shoes and look out for puddles’ is going to be one of my sober mantras. I love that analogy. I hate running but I’m a rower and it’s a very similar feeling when sitting down for a long erg.


@liv_m thank you :slight_smile: :doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::star_struck:


I will let you know, I hope so. I start Friday evening


@Buts thank you . I really need a game changer :face_with_head_bandage:


Checking in - day 606 done, grateful to have got another day of sobriety.

Busy day at work, non stop and I shudder at the thought of having to work at this pace if I were still drinking.

Meditation and sleep time. Night all, stay strong and stay sober.


I’m starting therapy with a specialist in addictions next week, once a week, Im going to stay away from my old group of friends , I just commit with a ver good friend to call her any time that seems a good idea to have a drink.

My husband is a big support but he truly things that alcohol is something I can control so he doesn’t understand why a don’t listen to him when he tells me to stop …
I guess I can’t make him understand what I feel when I start drinking … in the other hand we had a very hard year so it’s not easy to be on the same page.
Let’s see how this goes.


It’s not easy , but I feel so at peace at home. It’s my favorite place to be. If I fail this time, I’m going to check my self in rehab. I already spoke to my husband and he agrees.
I really hope I can stay sober this time and be successful


Tracker just ticked into day 9.

Away from home for a couple of nights. I expected to be challenged tonight but all good.

Drove for 4 hours after a very long day which would have been deadly dull however… I found an old memory stick with some amazing albums on… groved like you wouldn’t believe possible while sitting down to freestylers, gorillas, daft punk, foo fighters, death in vegas and leftfield.
Awesome. Was 30 again just for a while. (You know your getting old when 30 feels young right?:rofl:) gonna dig out that thread as it made me smile. Glad it was dark so none could see me screeching​:stuck_out_tongue:

Back to planning for a board meet tomorrow and being sensible. Missing my boy whos at home with his Dad though still sober and happy.

Wishing you all continued determination and success for another day.