Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in almost day 8 of my new sober year


Day 19. Full day of work. I really enjoy the work I do. I am meeting all types of fascinating people who are working to make the world a better place. It’s pretty awesome.


Love your perspective and humility. Congrats on today!


Ironically, I started reading Think and Grow Rich shortly before the event that led to me finally buckling down to my sobriety journey…and in the time since, I’ve found the lessons within its pages astoundingly helpful beyond simply financial purposes; the ideas it presents have been immensely useful to me as tools for keeping focused and staying optimistic each day.

100% would recommend to anyone in recovery, it’s pretty powerful, imho!


Anything else you’ve read that you’d recommend? Recovery related or otherwise.


May I ask what type of diet your starting? Sorry I just have been intrigued these past couple years on nutrition and how it affects our overall health.


Day number three sixty five


Fuck yeah buddy!!! Happy birthday! Congratulations!!


Thanks dude…you’ve helped me so much to keep motivated with training and sobriety…let’s keep it up to another great year


Im just sending over my collection of unicorns to shit glitter and happiness all over you :smiley:

Get in there!


Congrats Tomi, u are the muthafuckin man! Thanks for helping light the way, I’m glad to be walking the path behind u! Quick victory lap and a celebratory song b4 u hafta start puttin in work on 366…no rest for the wicked right? :smiling_imp:


Definately no rest for the wicked…it’s 5 a.m. and I’m getting ready to go out to a work site under the stars…minus some degrees…Gotta work and talk to my Higher Power so that I am guided through this, another day…Thanks for a million wise and inspiring words. Happy to share this path with you dude.


Lol, I just ran across this monday and saved it on instinct :smiley:


I have the book and yeah it makes me a little ocd!! I have it ready to watch on NF.


My husband feels the same way. He is supporting me but doesn’t understand the need for it. I’m thinking “really, you have seen me in action!” Lol


Checking in day 253. Work is very busy this week but it means the days are going quickly which is nice! Really looking forward to my residency next week. I’m teaching two university courses plus my full time job from the end of January onwards, so I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed or anxious… preparation, organization, and sobriety will be key to my success I suspect! Much love to everyone on their journey :sparkling_heart:


Wow congrats!!! Way to be extra subtle lol, not surprised by that at all. Great job :blush: :weight_lifting_man:


Day 393, just finished my first D&D night. These are my people. :grin:


Congratulations on your one year.


Way to go! Honored to be on this journey with you.