Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 2, complete :slight_smile:

Life isn’t all roses, and that’s okay. Better today than yesterday, and I am still clean. That counts for something haha :slight_smile:


Checking in on day 9. Yesterday felt like a white knuckle ride, survived through sheer determination but I am here, and I made it through another day, and I am grateful for that. Many congratulations @Rain666, that’s truly awesome :unicorn::partying_face::clap:t2:


Congratulations @Rain666!
One year = 365 days of hard graft.


Congrats on 1 year! :tada:


155 and still going! I am, however, going through a rough patch with depression. Decided I needed to go be amongst humans and went to a SMART meeting last night. It was my first one and I enjoyed it. I’ve been dealing with chronic depression that doesn’t seem to be improving after stopping drinking, and my doctor put me on an adjunct med to my regular antidepressant to see if it helps. So that’s 20 mg of Lexapro in the morning + 100 mg of Wellbutrin every 12 hrs. Hoping it helps. House is a mess except for the kitchen (all I have energy to maintain) and I just want to sleep all day if I’m not working. Blah. The winter season is my nightmare.


Nice one man!! Here’s to Day 366!


Day 115 starting,
Having the day off. So planned to read here, taking a bath, study, get my groceries and stay sober! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congratulations @Rain666 with those great numbers!

@jms sorry to hear about your struggle, but you are active in doing something about it! You are a strong person! SMART and some new medication sounds like good help.

@Deadman allmost triple digets! :facepunch:


I love your metafore about running/sobriety! Thank you for sharing it @TMAC :pray:


Thanks doll!


Yarrrrrrsssss. Nice work :+1:


Congrats thats awesome work , keep up with that :slight_smile: We all are awesome :pray::ok_hand:


Checking in on day 16. Have a good one guys :grinning:


I hear you. Your doctor started you in a good dose of wellbutrin but it will take a week or so, it will do wonders. It got me out of the bed and kept me motivated. Meds are there to support our recovery. Please make sure to take them. Hang in there. Hugs.


Checking in and am in a very happy mood. Thank you! Up high Universe!


Awwww yes!!! Happy sober birthday Tomi! Love, Lucy


What is your favorite change in this last year?


Great job on your 6 months! :heart:


Thank you MandiH!! Yahoo!


Checking in, Day 180. 6 months!! :heart::partying_face: