Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Good Job!!


Good work buddy!


Nice job on your 6 months!!!


Day 306.

Last week, one of my best friends that owns her own shop publically called me out to do a 30 day photo challenge for my art business I am just starting up. So, naturally I accepted it and man, the momentum that’s given me has been amazing! By day 3 I had a crazy idea to create a day planner (that will take me until 2020 to complete) and by day 4 I created an online store and designed a few products from my artwork. Keeping my focus on it every day and putting a little energy into it has been really amazing!! I’m branching outside of my normal and it’s a really good feeling. Also, day 4 of no sugar or coffee, that’s been just as “sweet” of a transition, I’m amazed how much better I feel already aside from the headache that’s kicking in but I know that will pass. It’s really mindblowing to see how fast things can shift when we put our attention toward something we love as we let go of the things that no longer serve us and hold us back. :heart: Happy sober Thursday all!!


Way to go MandiH! Keep on conquering!


Checking in. Day 730. That’s two years without a drink. No sips, no slips, no relapses, no excuses. Just one day at a time. AA is the way. It works if you work it. Keep Sober and Carry On.


Keep going back! Good job!


Checking in day 8. Put on my Fitbit yesterday and making sure to walk a bit each hour. Even though I sit all day at work I managed to get in 7000 steps! Rather than attaching to a big goal this time I’m trying to incorporate small changes. Hopefully this strategy will work.


34 days sober. Feeling great! :muscle::sunglasses:


Thank you very, very much! Appreciate it!


Checking in on day 10! Feeling like time is beginning to slow down a little, and I just feel more peaceful overall. I’ve fallen into a “feel good” routine, and although it is predictable, it is also extremely satisfying. :grin:


I didn’t have to drink :yum:


Checking in on Day 47.

Took today and tomorrow off. Gonna do some deep cleaning over the next few days, get in some gym time, and go spend some time with my uncle.

Have a strong day!!!


I admire the creativity you get to engage in for your work Mandi. I am also impressed at the way you are able to methodically plan that far into the future. I feel like I can barely look past the end of my nose. Thanks for shining so brightly.

I never heard about your young friend who was in a coma. Have things improved there?


Great!! :tada: :bouquet: :facepunch:


Congratulations @MarcD :facepunch:

  1. Good morning my friends! Great day to be sober.

I in no way want a drink. I have however been craving desperately a chocolate milkshake! Lol


Yes, thank you for asking! He is stable finally and back to the land of the living, he can only open his eyes right now and he is blind in one but he can FINALLY be awake without it causing massive additional damage. He still can’t move or talk, he had a lung collapse again so once he’s well enough to handle it he is looking at a lung transplant next if all goes according to plan. Pretty slow progress but I’m SO happy to see him moving in the right direction now. Still not out of the woods at all and it’ll be a long recovery process but I really think he’s going to be ok! I really appreciate everyone that’s thought of him. :heart:


I feel you on this, @jms. I wish more people understood that a messy house doesn’t always mean a messy or lazy person. My house is usually a direct reflection of my internal well-being. The biggest problem is if I “go dark” for a long period, when I come out, the mess is too overwhelming that it throws me right back into it. I hope the meds help. :hugs:


Glad to hear there’s progress! He sounds like he’s got a lot of fight in him.