Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Well, it has been quite the week on the mental health front. It’s no lie that I’ve been struggling to get by. But I’m doing it sober. Looking forward to perhaps a bit of restabilization… we shall see.

Keep the fight going guys! We’re winning our lives back, one day at a time.


Day number 5 for being on the sobriety train! Finally made it past day 4… Come evening time I become very angry and very irritable. I hope this passes… Have a great day everyone


Hey James! Proud doesn’t begin to describe what I feel for the way you battle it out.

Wondering if you had a chance to see the Dr. about your liver enzymes?

Your strength is inspiring!


I’ve never seen anything like it, that kid is as tough as he is good! SOOOO happy to see him improving!! :heart:


Thanks Buts! Appreciate it! More to come! Everyone please keep strong!


BOOM :boom:, there it is!

Congrats on 1 year Tomi. Thanks for sticking by and sharing your experience and example. :muscle: :+1: :ice_cream: Much love, brother.


And there he is. Thanks for the check in! Been thinking about ya, @Ifs. :+1: :v: May you find calmer waters.


Thanks Bro. Much apreciate :sunglasses:


Thank you all for really Nice messages. It’s Been a great Day while reading those


Thanks, that means a lot :slight_smile:

I haven’t had a chance to yet. Soon. My enzymes should be more than fine, but there are other liver concerns that need to be ruled out – scary but unlikely genetic disorders, etc. CT followup is scheduled for next month, which should bring further clarity.

@Eke thanks!


Just rolled into 118 days.

That’s like, almost 4 months. That’s like, almost a third of a year!

I’m so thankful for today. I’m grateful that I get to stand shoulder to shoulder with so many good people here. For the first time in a long time, I am optimistic for the days ahead. Looking into the future used to fill me with dread, so that’s a refreshing change.


SO refreshing! Seeing hope and good things in my future is proving to be one of the most important mindset changes in my life right now. Glad you’re in on that action!


15 days, heck fire!

A quick note to say I really think you all rock! It’s very hard to undertake this sobriety challenge and the care and love that you give to each other really makes this place feel safe. There are very small bits of friction but it is very tiny in comparison to the positive and brave self evaluating words given. I am grateful to you is my point. Hugs.


Day 116. Last two nights have been frustrating, trying to adjust a sleep cycle to an earlier bed time. Just need to stick with it…
Congratulations to everyone for another day sober!!!
Just for today!


On the quit day one the cigs have to go along with the drink as I don’t even like cigarettes yet when I have alcohol I always smoke heavily. It will do me the world of good stopping as I love jogging n my poor lungs can’t take much more before they pack up and leave me for good lol wish me luck here I go :grinning:


  1. I wouldn’t expect any less from you.


Congratulations man, amazing to see your journey to recovery.


Hi Chad. Welcome to the forum. Rest assured it does pass. You are going to “miss” drinking and that will cause some anger issues. But it gets better. The best thing you can do is educate yourself. I highly recommend reading This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. It explains in detail why you’re feeling what you do. And get all alcohol out of the house. You made an awesome decision… best of luck in your sober journey!


thank you so very much…and likewise