Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Just watched that last night! Lol


Huge congratulations to you, my friend. Enjoy the day! (Although I believe the day is pretty much over in your time zone).

Keep kicking ass


Day is truly coming to an end…but what a day…thank you :slight_smile:


Milkshake yes!! Maybe with a side of fries. And a burger lol


Every evening in the beginning- mentally and physically I would get very tense. Some days it was so bad I had to ask my husband to massage my shoulders, because I would get a knot that could cause discomfort in my jaw and give me a headache. It felt like I was grinding my teeth even :grimacing: After some time it got easier and I found new things to do and now enjoy my evenings at home without alcohol. This too shall pass… :sunny:


Pffft… ain’t no shame in that. :wink:


Oh, no! I am about to turn into a pumpkin!


Which kind of pumpkin?


Nothing special. I am happy to be the garden variety now. Letting go of the CDO.


Checking in day 10. Congratulations to everyone checking in.


And you like your shoulders being massaged as well Don’t forget that!:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Not by someone who thinks your skeletal system needs massaging too (ouch, cringe), but beggars can’t be choosers :joy::joy:


Haven’t checked in for a while
Day 70.
Things have been easier in the last 2 months but I’m not about to grab a bottle.
Had a bit of the old voice saying " hey that’s over 2 months now. You can moderate, you know you can. "
So I say no!!
Just keep saying no!
On a lighter note it’s great to see all the positivity on here.
Everyone who started in the new year, you’ve all hit over a week now!
Well done to you!

Everyone who’s having a bit of a rough time… You know you can do this. Just think of a life without the bind of alcohol.

Everyone else…Just keep on keeping on!
Thank you for reading
Stay strong people! :grin:


That’s really Nice to read , im so happy and you have come far, u doing it so well . Superhappy for you . Wonders do happen :grinning: keep on doing you :grinning::pray::pray:


You all in here is so awesome​:grinning: at this forum. True blessed to be here . Im humble and thankfull. :heart: Wish us all nothing but hope and good recovery. Yes im sober today. Happy to be alive


Checking in on day 3, enjoying reading all of your positive comments each morning and looking forward to a sober weekend in rainy Queensland :grinning:


I watched it this week aswell. Its just so excessive! Another great example of excess is Slashs autobiography. Its ridiculous.


Outstanding stuff! Love having you in this community.


Hey been wondering how you are and missed your thoughtful comments. I hope you are safe.


Hey everyone. Checking in at day 12.

Getting ready to go to a balloon jam. See, I’m currently a professional balloon twister. I’ll show you some of my work when I get some time. Once a month, fellow twisters come together for a meal and fun. And this is our New Years dinner.

This is the best addiction forum I’ve ever been part of. I’ve been on at least 4. Lots of positivity here. Good job everyone. Happy sober Thursday.