Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Phew. Good to hear. Must have been so upsetting.

Also wonderful to hear of your exciting new business. :grin:


Checking in day 8 …aiming one step at a time. I guess the hook of alcohol withdrawal is reducing. Have been drinking loads of water to flush myself and running a lot. Feeling 100x better, being very cautious of again another relapse. I am avoiding going out at night and many functions which i knew ppl will be drinking.


Congratulations on year 1! - such an inspiration to see people hit the big numbers. Thank you for showing us iddy-biddy day-ers how it’s done.


Thank you!


10 days clear. My stats chart looks like a lop-sided smirk. I’ll be glad when it’s a big cheesy grin.

Wishing everyone a super sober day again tomorrow.


Day 66- Checking in! Feel great and staying positive.


Day 3 sober. I fell agitated :persevere:. Although I had two important meetings in the Church today.


607 days free from the poison. So happy to be able to say that, I couldn’t imagine ever posting this many days back at the beginning.

These daily check ins helped keep me focused.

Keep checking in people, numbers big and small give strength to us all :grinning:.

Stay strong and stay sober.

  1. Doing my thing… 6:30 am AA Eye Opener meeting tomorrow. Gaining momentum finally… was just curious how long it took those checking in here- who attend any kind of meeting to step up and ask for a sponsor?


Well I reached double figures…


I found a sponsor on day 3, some think it’s too soon, I saw somebody who had the type of sobriety I wanted and started the program on week 2 with him. It really worked for me, some people need a bit more time. I was actually thinking “I’m not like these people, I work in a corporate world” like the condescending jerk I was back then and thought about leaving and he walked in fully suited and gave one of the best top tables I have ever heard to this day.

He really explained the addiction and the allergy and broke it down in to the scientific studies suggesting alcoholics don’t break acetone in alcohol down as well as normal drinkers and how this causes a craving effect. Suddenly I had answers to why I behaved the way I did with alcohol. I am allergic to it.

I found big book meetings better for meeting people who had actually worked the program and my advice is to look for someone who has the sobriety you want to have. You get some magical people in the room and if you keep going, pretty soon you’ll find the right person.


He also directed me to the big book and specifically to “The Doctors Opinion” chapter to read it and come back and speak to him.


Sweet… was thinking this would be my approach… watching and waiting for the right person. Plan is to attend every off day (4 days a week) at this location that I really like- that has 4 meetings a day. They had one tonight at 7pm Big Book Study, but wasn’t sure if I could go or if this is something you have to sign up or have a sponsor for.


No, just get yourself there. I like the big book studies best.


Exactly. It’s such a vicious cycle. I’m trying to do one little thing more each day to get a handle on it before that happens. In addition to keeping the kitchen clean, I swept up the shredded dog toy fluff … always with the fluff!! Today I picked up all my rugs and am washing them now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a load of laundry done. I have been working really hard not to get down on myself in times like these and it’s getting better. My self-shaming is my worst enemy. Thank God I’m learning to be patient with myself. Finally.


I quit smoking as soon as I learned it could trigger my drinking. Bravo to you for making another healthy decision!


Way to go and thanks for checking in! My not so old voice is trying to tell me that and it’s way too soon to be thinking those thoughts. I wish I didn’t think them. Lol day 9 here.


Thanks! Yeah I’m starting to do better. This week is better than last week, and next week will be better still if I have any say in the matter :slight_smile:


15.98. Court again tomorrow. Supposedly he will be there and try to have the order lifted. I gotta tell ta. I am never going to forget this shit and it will be a very long time before I am willing to forgive. I definately dont want to go back to the way I was living. I will live alone forever before I go back to living life like that. I don’t know what the future holds. I only know what I can put into it. I am anxious to turn the page and start a new chapter.


Yes I’m in the process of reading it right now. No alcohol is in the house, I’m not even going to the store bc of the temptation. Thank you for the advice.