Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I don’t normally check in twice in a day, but in this case I’m hoping it helps me let go of things and move on with my day. Though I’m not tempted to drink right now, alcohol itself isn’t the issue, it’s important I don’t let my “emotional sobriety” get derailed, because that ultimately feeds into my sobriety regarding alcohol.

Today I learned of a new way that part of my ethnic heritage and family can be dragged through the mud casually in public because it’s “just an expression.” I’m trying to navigate how to go about managing my feelings and response to this. I need thick skin, and not give people the power to yank me around by my emotions, but at what point do I stand up and say things aren’t okay?

(I’m not looking for public replies on that particular debate/topic by the way, I’m too worried about the derailing potential there)


I’ve been to 2 different meetings so far. One was called beginners. The guy who did the main share invited me to go to one somewhere else that was called Big Book, chapter and verse. But it was still the same format, main share then open to the floor. ( I met @RedDragon at that one). The same guy has also invited me to his home meeting which is somewhere else again. My plan is to try a few out to find where I’m comfortable.
Though I’m still not 100% sure I’m going to go the AA way completely. I’m just not ruling it out.


Don’t we all. I was getting those thoughts within a week. It’s just the alcoholic brain trying to get you to drink.


That won’t happen though will it? Not with all the evidence you have of his behaviour?


Just got back from the balloon jam. Me and my family had a good time.

And I was awarded balloon twister of the year! They gave me $100 award. Yeah!


Hey! Way to go!!! Balloon Twister of the year! That’s excellent!! Good for you!
They always burst whenever I try it.:joy:


I totally read that as Ballroom Twister first time and thought that’s gotta be some upbeat funky dancing!
I love even more that it’s balloon :balloon::balloon::balloon:
Can’t wait to see pics :+1:


To day it is friday morning, im superhappy that im sober to do the things i love. Heading to work with a sence of freedom in my heart. Today it’s my first day for the rest of my life. Im willing to make atleast one people that i MEET on my path to smile. Im a live and gratefull. Seeking my higher power to stay motivated. Hope we all manage to have a good day to day. So welcome HAPPY SOBER FRIDAY :grinning::heart::pray::pray:


That’s awesome :grinning: very very cool


Best of luck to you regarding court. I understand it’s very hard and tough for you . I hope you will forgive when u are ready for that. If to long it will only drag u more down. I dont want that for you. I can’t tell you what to do but i can tell about me when it comes to forgive… I did let shitty grudge hold me from good mindset a very long time … No good at all but i did manage by different things . A letter, and a heavy talk was my answer. I really hope you will get trough it in your own way. Best of luck


Thinking of you @Ifs, hope you’re ok.


Checking in with double digits!! Day 10. :slight_smile:. It’s been hard work but so worth it. Hope you all have a happy sober Friday.


Oh and I meant to add that I commit to remaining sober today. :muscle:t2:


Day 116,
Long day ahead, working from 8.30 untill 20.30.

How are you doing @Bob123? I miss you here :heart:
Most of the time we checked in together.
Hope you are ok!


144 and still sober folks :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


I haven’t got a sponsor yet, I don’t think there is one available yet as its women for women, so not working the steps. I don’t know if I will get to that point, as they say just take what you need from the meetings. I do have a home group now though which is a 10 minute walk from my house. Where is Nick asking you to travel to this time?


I get casual Irish racism quite a lot not quite daily, but at least once a week I encounter it, especially about potatoes. If it’s an innocent uninformed attempt at humour I usually let it slide, but if someone persists I usually calmly advise that I understand they are trying to be funny and explain why it is actually quite offensive.

Don’t let them get to you. You are better and stronger than that.


Churchdown. So far the Cheltenham one I went to last Friday is l looking good. It’s easy to get to


That’s literally a 10 minute drive from my house, is Nick going with you? That’s tonight? Steps meeting might be good, get a better understanding. I doubt I’ll go to that one but if you’d be more comfortable I can meet you again. My normal meeting is tomorrow at st Peter’s


Day 168. Travel for the holiday comes to a bittersweet end as I head back home this morning. First time seeing my brother back in his renewed home turf of NYC.

This is always the hardest part… :v: