Checking in daily to help maintain focus


It’s his home meeting. I’ll see how I feel. Might well go to the Cheltenham one .


Good luck today girl, I’ll be thinking of you!


unfurtunately they dont even care or want to hear about that because he is the victim on this case and I am the perp. If and when the tables are turned they will want to hear it. or if it were to go tp trial.


I’m checking in at day 13.:slight_smile:


I forgot to check in last night on this thread, so here I am :wink:

Day 3, complete! :slight_smile: And Day 4 is now beginning haha :wink:


Day 9 today not a good say emotionally but happy to be sober!


Day 7. Was doing fine until last night. My husband bought a bottle of wine and left it in the cabinet for me. I didn’t even know it was there until I went looking for something else. Managed not to open it, but now it’s Friday and I had a dream last night I drank. I think I will be ok, but wanted to check in to hold myself accountable.


Checking in to 117… I have no idea how tbh. :confused:
Just happy I made it last night


goBlue24 how are you doing? Hope you are better.

  1. Had to miss the 6:30 am meeting this morning, bc I could not fall asleep last night so will be going to the 12 pm one instead. Going to a Sober CrossFit tonight hosted by The Phoenix ( First CrossFit experience for me… a little excited a little nervous. Refuse to lift anything heavy over my collarbone :point_up: haha. Hope everyone has an awesome Friday!


Congrats on 55 and good luck tonight! I’d hate to see what a drunken cross-fit looks like! :grin:


Lol! Thanks Bill! I’ll let you guys know :wink:


Checking in on day 11! Happy sober Friday everyone!


Can you give that bottle to someone else? Or dump it? That is a surefire way to make SURE you won’t drink it if you get rid of it first. I love that you checked in about it, but you don’t sound too sure of making it with that bottle there. Ditch that bottle love!


Didn’t get any sleep before work but I made it through the night and thats all I could ask for. Thank you for everyone who wrote kind words to help


Day 16. Listening to this guy has really helped pursue sobriety this week. My therapist says I have been ‘self medicating’ and the medication is easier to stop if I address the ‘illness’ that I am medicating. It is only a 20 min video, have a watch and let me know what you think?
Gabor Mate is a dr who specialises in treating addiction.

Happy Friday y’all! XXX


Thanks for the feedback. I dumped the last bottle. He seems to want me to keep drinking. So, I should probably keep dumping them until he gets the message.


My yoga instructor was just talking about this guy. I’ll check it out.


I would be having a serious conversation with your husband if I were you.

Make sure he knows you are serious and ask him to respect your choices.


Already had that conversation, but will have it again.