Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 10 coming to a close and while I was feeling ok yesterday today I’m just feeling overwhelmed. I used to run to my old “friend” alcohol for help and now I’m just dealing with everything sober. It kind of sucks. I think i just need to go back to bed and start the day over :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Day 50 today. I feel beyond grateful. :heart_eyes:
And I am pregnant again. Hopefully this time everything will be good. I am really very very fullnof anxiety due to the Bad experience I Made Last year (misscarriage)…
Any recommendations to have a happy pregnancy after a misscarriage?


Day 11 complete. Trying and struggling to keep busy, I want this so bad but today I’m getting annoyed at the slightest thing. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just let it slide? Makes me want to take something but I know that’s not the answer. Wishe luck for tonight, I’m going to need it.


Isn’t it weird that we are basically experiencing the same feelings on the same day. Almost 2 weeks, we have to do this. Keep pushing through.


Day 171 of fighting the “Demon Alcohol” (Ozzy is my HP). Coffee gives me strength (so is Juan Valdez). Strength to you all today!! :pray::muscle:


Beginning 146.

I’m not sure what to carry with me and what to leave behind. I’ll just have to trust that the journey will do the sorting for me. Retreating isn’t an option, but taking a rest is. I feel like I have no reason to be exhausted, yet I am.

A friend is struggling and I don’t have the energy to be of help. Tough love seems to be needed but I don’t feel it’s my place. At least not until I’m in the right headspace to approach it.

Going to get productive at work and try to get out of the funk.


I’m so happy for you! My wife is pregnant too after having 2 miscarriages last year. We had taken this one slow, we didn’t tell anyone until we did all the gentic testing and translucency ultrasound. She’s at 13 weeks now and everything looks good. So, I’d suggest taking it slow until you get past 12 weeks. After that, then it’s time to get excited!

On a side note, over the years, my wife had 5 miscarriages, she was convinced it was because I drank and smoked. Soon afer I quit, boom, healthy baby. I don’t know, maybe something to that?:blush:


Day 194. How am I? Oh,

(Note: Cancer astrology)


I agree with Dan, I think you should take comfort in knowing you have more sober time under your belt for a healthy pregnancy. When I had my son, I was always worried because of my previous miscarriage. But I kept the faith and prayed often for his safety, this helped me feel better and it worked. He just celebrated his 17th birthday on Monday! :heart:


It’s normal, I was irritated at EVERYTHING when I got sober. So much more so than normal! I’m really proud of you and your resolve, it does get better. Be patient with yourself and keep saying no to those addictions. You’re building your power up and sober muscles all at the same time and that’s a lot of work, some minutes, hours and days that’s literally all I could do. Stick with it my friend!


Congratulations thats wonderful news :smiley::pray::heart: very happy
For you and your family . Listen to your body and follow the doctors. What a lovely news 3 times HURRA,HURRA HURRA :smiley::smiley::smiley: take it easy


Thanks , it’s been a tough day at work but im a live and sober .Thanks for asking …


44 days just glad to be here.


Woot, woot!! :star_struck::tada:


50 days checking in. Today is the first day since being sober that the voice of insanity rose it’s ugly head with force and I was sooooo tempted to give into it. The crazy thing is that I wasn’t just thinking, ‘have one drink’ it was more like ‘buy a half bottle of vodka and stop again tomorrow.’ Honestly - like that has ever happened! Tomorrow I would have no doubt said the same thing and again the next day until I was right back where I started. It’s really scared me how powerful the urge was. I drove home from work almost chanting the serenity prayer. When I got home I found an online meeting In the Rooms (thanks to whoever on here that suggested that site) and have calmed down a bit but feel like the bubble of happiness that I’ve been living in recently burst today. Anyway, I’m still sober and tomorrow I’d another day.


Sounds like a good plan! Have you tried taking magnesium before bedtime? It’s considered natures muscle relaxer, helps to regulate your nervous system, decrease anxiety and can help headaches. It makes me sleepy :sleeping:/helps with sleep.


Do you think this has anything to do with Pink Cloud Syndrome? Good thing you realize it won’t stop at the one bottle of vodka… for me the hangover the next day would be another reason to drink- starting up the ugly cycle once again. You did the right thing by joining on online meeting as soon as you got home and checking in here! Hope you’re feeling better.


Well done for you not giving into the holler of the ‘voice of insanity’. You’ve done brilliantly! Hopefully you’ll feel better tomorrow and this was just the death throes of alcohol trying to claw you back in its grasp. Even though you are 50 days in, which is brilliant!, just focus on today. And today you nailed it.


Thank you. Just looked up pink cloud syndrome and I think that definitely has something to do with it. I’m feeling a lot better and happy in the thought that I’ll wake up sober tomorrow.


Oh congrats!!! No advice per se, just shine a bit of light on these anxiety to help reduce for you to feel a bit more at peace :sparkles: I read something today, when deal with strong emotions we can tell ourselves “real, but not truth” to support us in coping.