Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 635. Busy day at work and then played football :soccer: tonight, competitive sport really tests fitness but having not played for a good few years I did OK and scored two goals :grinning:.

Sore legs now though, but I feel great. Sober is not boring.

Stay strong and stay sober everyone.


Up n down with my emotions. Starting to work on step one, have a get together next week to go over step one. Starting my DUI classes tonight. Anxious about it, really want to focus and get these 3 months over with and put myself in a better place. Spoke to my mother last night late and found out my grandmother is doing better. She is still in the hospital but she looks better which is good, sadly my mother says she will need to be on oxygen permanently after this. Worried for her, she is getting older and anything can be something at her age. Haven’t had thoughts of using but that can change all too quickly but staying focused and working out really helps minimalize urges.
Hope everyone is having a sober Thursday.


Day 38 and rolling on. Massive headache this eve so off to bed.
Happy birthday @Bomdhil :gift::birthday:
and congrats @Annaka. Wonderful news. Only advice is above what the fab crew have shared already is to call a misscarriege helpline if worried. They can be so reassuring and help keep some perspective when thoughts build. Take care. X


Day 31 sober. A hard day full of struggles and temptations. I am sober but it had been a tough day


@Hopeful1 thank you for your greetings!:slight_smile:


Thanks my friend. I appreciate it :heart:


My heart has been racing today and I could quite easily of gone down the road and got something. Not sure how many times I have had to stop myself today. Noticed myself rocking slightly whilst watching TV, not sure what that’s all about


It’s doing whatever it takes to be sober, I involuntarily rock myself when I need comfort-it helps, just roll with it! I’m really SO proud of you! Keep saying no. If it gets too hard, do something different and try a meeting but do not cave.


Man, I feel for you. You know you are strong enough to do this!! You have proved this every day.


11 days so far, haven’t felt right at all today. I want to say I don’t feel like me but I’m not even sure what me is. Does that even make sense? Am I starting to lose the plot?


Same here. Day 1 after going to a networking event that happened to be at a bar, should have turned around and skipped it. Now I know that this type of environment cannot work for me at this stage.


It’s hard to know “you” in the beginning. I repressed so much over 25 years of drinking. When I quit, I wasnt sure how to live, how to deal with stress, happiness, ect. I always used booze…you will slowly find you…


@Thirdmonkey got there before me. Just about what I was going to say.
You have to strip away the user you to get to real you. The you that’s supposed to be. If that makes sense


It’s not just alcohol, I could quite easily go and get pretty much anything just for a buzz. I know I need to stop it all but at the same time I still feel I need it (whatever it is)


Going to take some getting used too. Hope I like real me as I can’t remember being real me


There is something inside you with a need for the buzz of something. Look inward and find out what hole that buzz is filing. For me, one of the things I drank for…I set super high, unrealistic goals for my life. The higher I set them, the harder I failed. The more I drank.


I’m craving for coke today and not the fizzy stuff or mdma and I want to bet on something. It’s not going to fill any hole, just feel I want it. Just a really aweful day today. Hopefully sleep soon then start again tomorrow


That’s the thing, you get to write your own story as you go along my friend! As we are clear enough to see things finally for what they are (which happens after you sober up a while) if there is something there you don’t like, you just work on transforming it into something better. Sobriety gives us the time, space and clarity to do this if we want to, you just have to want better and keep moving toward it! Be patient with yourself, one day at a time right now. Staying sober is huge, just keep doing it minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. You can do this and make a better life for yourself that you don’t need to fill up with different addictions! :heart:


Am I being too hard on myself? I want to change now but I don’t like what I have seen of sober me today. Just have to stay front seat of this rollercoaster and see where it ends. I miss my family so much :frowning:


Probably a little, cut yourself some slack. Getting sober is some hard shit and it isn’t all peaches and roses. We’ve all had our moments, it’s ok. You’re doing great!