Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Im going to lock off for the night. Fresh start tomorrow and hopefully a better day. Thanks @MandiH


Checking in.
A little over a week before I hit the year milestone. On top of that there is a huge snowstorm in my area. So I’m for all intents and purposes snowed in. Which has lead me to mindful reflection of how far I have come and refocused my sights on my goals. Both short term and long term. Now as long as cabin fever doesn’t set in I should be good hahahaahaha

Side note: I highly recommend picking up the book “can’t hurt me” by David Goggins.

In case you haven’t heard it today:


Checking in at day 4 and I know exactly how you feel! I don’t know who I am without drinking. Now is the time for me to figure it out!!! I’ve been feeling so out of it today but I’m sure that’s normal for so early on. I can’t wait to go to a meeting tonight! :slight_smile: happy sober Thursday everyone! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


You don’t have to know who you are without booze yet. All you need to know is that you are better without the booze.


Oh wow that’s damn true!! :star_struck: thank you!!!


37 days and counting. It’s crazy to me how I don’t want to drink. But seriously isn’t losing weight supposed to be one of the benefits of not drinking? That’s a rhetorical question. I am low carb, low sugar…what’s the deal yo!?! There seems to be only two benefits I notice right with not drinking and that is better sleep and I just forgot the second one, so it can’t be improved memory! Haha. I’ll post when I remember what I was going to say. :roll_eyes:


Oh yeah not having hangovers! How the hell did I forget that?? Hormonal brain fog is the cause I am sure of it!


Day 4 is done, complete, a success haha :slight_smile: Heading to bed for the night again. Night!


I was the same at around the 11 day mark. You are not losing the plot. I found the first two weeks really tough mentally and physically. It is only in the last week or so really that my relentless cravings have diminished though I am still fighting headaches every few days, and sleep problems. It gets better @Ady - you just need to hold tight for a bit more


Checking on Day 38 with Henry. I decided to name my headache since he is so committed to following me around and going everywhere with me. I commit to remain sober today and hope you all have a strong day - or at least find the strength you need to get through it and make it count.


@Buts thank you thank you @liv_m thank you and ha ha ha. The pic is so funny


:tada: Only 1 month to go and you did every month one time sober @Frank68 !! :trophy:

Congratulations @Annaka, I’m so glad for you!! :baby: :heart:

It takes time @Addictive to feel better. For me the first 3 or 4 weeks were the hardest. I was irritated, depressed, didn’t sleep well. Sober you as you see it now, is not the sober you you become! The sober you has to balance out, it takes time!

Another one with almost a year in the pocket! You @Twowaymirror!! :trophy:

Let’s kill Henry @Peace12!! :hammer::gun::wrench::bow_and_arrow::rage:
Hope he’s died soon! :wink:


Day 144 and goodmorning! :raising_hand_woman:
Hard day at work yesterday. Have a new co worker and I have to get used to her. She founds me strict (I’m assistant manager). It makes me uncertain. I want her to like me, but otherwise I want the work done as it should be it in “my” store. I am a hard worker, a “in control” type and a perfectionist. So it’s hard for me to let go.
I am to strict to myself and so I am to strict to others too :flushed:
I have to work on that.


Idk if Henry is a good name for a headache but it works for me, I believe King Henry VIII was fond of chopping the heads off his ex wives, since divorce wasn’t popular he felt death by beheading achieved what he wanted lol. So off with there head…ache lol


Buts way 2 go! But I have to say lol your always a day behind lol :wink:. Congratulations on 144! Keep kicking some Dutch ass!


trying as hard as i can staying sober and gratefull. Sobrierty is here and now , i know life can be challenging and it is .my lady is not easy .sometimes i ask my self if it’s worth struggle , fighting my own head and yes it’s all worth it . I deserve it and so do you folks. Hang in there and continue the good hard work that you do . Wish us all a sober and cheerful day :smiley::heart::heart::smiley::pray::pray:


Checking in on Day 76. Made my final student loan payment yesterday, and man, that felt good. Treated myself to this as well. Finally have a decent back up bass. Have a strong day!!!


…and today’s positive song is another from Good Clean Fun.


Happy for you and boy enjoy that pretty thing . Got to love it :smiley::smiley::smiley::ok_hand:


4.64 weeks as of now!
I’ve switched my counter to weeks since I hit my first month. It seems to match my level of accomplishment needs :wink: I’ve moved from days to weeks. Halfway through week 5!!!