Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 581. Yesterday I went to an AA meeting for the second time. I like it. Real people with the same struggles. Love for all :kissing_heart::muscle:


Congratulations :smiley::+1:be proud of that numbers of days ! Feels good yes? Keep that up :muscle::pray::pray:


Awesome numbers :ok_hand: im very happy that u liked the secound meeting with AA . ITS always good to listen and talk to others . Did you shared alitle about your self . ? I remember i was scared at first .But yeah it does gets easier . Happy for you , keep comming back !


Yes! I was the last one and it was oke to share. I listened to the other stories first. When I left I felt happy :grinning:



75 days today. In some ways I feel like that is a lot…but then in other ways I feel like it is just a tiny drop in my hopefully-one-day-full bucket. But I’m feeling pretty good. Today is a good day.


Is it that time again?


Im so happy for you :smiley::pray: .


Hi! I usually post here at morning but today I forgot. Propably forgot it yesterday too. 19 days clean today! Little over two hours until 20 days but only 45 mins left of this day so 20’s have to wait until morning. Feeling great!

Also noticed that I’ve spent here about 10% of my time in past 22 days, mostly reading. If I substract time I’ve slept, or more accurate spent in bed, time spent here rises to 14-15%, if my sub-par math is to be trusted…


Day 195. I won a free coffee today! :sunglasses:


Yeah, I know. I’m in B.C just wasn’t aware it was going on already.


Saturday morning check in, have a great sober weekend y’all :cowboy_hat_face:


I pray every day that we start opening Timmy’s here in MA. I think the closest one is out in Buffalo.


Yup, we’re still here lol. Can’t beat the weather in B.C. Here on Vancouver Island we just got our second snowfall of the season.


Day 32 sober. Tempted and tired. I need to rest well.


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 196. Happy Friday everyone.



Day 39.
Went out tonight to see a bunch of old friends. One owns a vineyard and makes his own wine so it’s not usually a sober event. Serious battle with myself to take charge and not drink. Instead I drove and had a great time. I now have these good things to be thankful for;

  1. The journey by car took less than half the time it would take by tube.
  2. I got to see parts of London I usually miss when travelling underground - driving through the Kings Road, along the Thames then passing Mark Bolan’s shrine in Barnes. Quite atmospheric at night. Felt like a tourist.
  3. A few others weren’t drinking either so I felt super relaxed and didn’t miss wine at all. For all I know they never have - I was too busy getting drunk to notice before.
  4. Got home in time to say goodnight to my son instead of rolling in in the early hours. So an extra cuddle - always a bonus.
  5. I know I’ll be up bright and breezy and gym fit in the morning.
    So, I am so so pleased I didn’t let that asshole ‘have a drink voice’ win. :grin:
    Take care all and congrats on a sober start to the weekend.

Lol @Quitter02 - hangovers… what are they now? Oh yeah a distant foggy memory. I know what you mean too - I imagined I’d be down a size by now and I’ve gone up!! Bollocks.

@Peace12 how funny you named your headache today. I named my (have a drink voice) 'Fk It’ as that’s how each nag starts… "fk it, have a drink… "

Hey @Addictive. Each day you get through I feel relieved for you. I get what you mean about a void. I think sobriety and self control slowly feels less alien as each day passes. We’re all behind you. :metal:t2:


Day 12 completed. Been quite productive today even if it has been a bit start stop. Looking towards the 2 week mark, just got to get through the weekend.


20 minutes away from double digits! Really hasn’t been hard. This will be my 2nd weekend through it!


It’s a sober day, that’s all that matters. You get to hit reset when you wake up the morning and make another go of it. One day at a time is how it’s done, brother. Try to make tomorrow a better one.