Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 196. Other than my friend telling me I got in to grant because of luck and they needed to fill quotas and a stomach ulcer from stress, I’m doing real good! I’m solid in my sobriety and the clarity of how the serenity prayer plays out. Still have to figure out what to “do” when I can’t control things, but maybe that’ll come. Happy Friday everyone :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Checking in at day 5. I feel weird today, not myself, like I’m completely off balance. I’m headed to a meeting though! Lets do it! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


Day 5 is about to be completed haha :slight_smile:

Playing in today’s Splatfest (a special event about once a month from a Nintendo video game called Splatoon 2) to enjoy the rest of the night and make it the rest of the way.

I think recently it was been getting slightly easier to say no, and to not returning to my old ways. Like, it used to be really hard, but it’s going well so far haha :slight_smile: Here is hoping nothing changes for a while, right haha? :wink:

Update/Edit: I just thought about how some people might have a video game addiction. I want to straightway apologize for making it harder on you if that is something that affects you. I apologize for causing any triggers; I was just trying to say I have plans I am excited for and didn’t mean to hurt or distract you from your sobriety. Thank you for understanding.


Day 196 wrapping up, and that’s a small miracle. :v:


You got that grant because you are hecking awesome and worked your ass off.

Passing curiosity, have you read the Tao Te Ching?


No, but i will now! :blush:
I know that… I’m a bit caught up in a codependent relationship with her, and need out. I’ll figure it out.


I’m baaaackkk… I had 5 months under my belt and got complacent with my daily recovery. So here I am - day #2. I’m trying to set boundaries and told my partner that if he was going to continue drinking as well, we cannot be together. Living in his presence of being drunk all the time, keeps me living in my past with chaos. It is a hard decision to make, but I have to put my sobriety first - no matter what. So here I am on a Friday night watching a documentary on a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane in Canada. Geez I feel fucked up…


Big fan of the Stephen Mitchell translation, but there’s a bunch.


Day 145 and goodmorning :coffee:
Weird day yesterday. Did you ever had a urinary infection? If you have, you know yoy have to go to the toilet really often :flushed:
I worked yesterday and yesterday evening. In the evening I work on my own in the shop. And with a urinary infection…
For a few times I ask my customers to watch my store so I could go to the toilet :open_mouth:
It was awfull :persevere:
But hey: still sober.


20 days clean! 10 days until next key-tag. Somehow those small pieces of plastic are growing on me. I’m starting to get excited!


Well I missed my last 2 check in’s but I stayed sober. Yesterday I started my DWI educational classes, 1 down and 2 to go. With it being my 1st I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but opened up told my story and heard others as well. Definitely learned something and plan on learning more and sticking to being sober. Keep it up everyone, and have a great weekend!


Happy Saturday peeps :wave:t2:; Day 39 for me :muscle:t2:. Shout out to @Addictive and @Deny, you’ve got this. @Addictive I can hear a change in you just from your posts :clap:t2:. @liv_m, your friend sounds a bit toxic - but I think you know that :weary:. Happy to hear you had a good day @VSue, you deserve a break! @Buts, that sounds miserable. I’m sorry. Last but not least - Lou, @Hopeful1, looking forward to celebrating the big 40 with you tomorrow, with out ‘fk it’ and Henry in tow :joy:


Hey, you worked hard for that loan. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! I remember your anxiety over it. Keep smiling girl!


Fill a quota of AWESOME. People are asses…sorry about your “friend”


I’m sorry today day 0. I messed up again. I hope to do better


Don’t be sorry. Guilt and shame is an unproductive emotion. Be strong and be proud of your candour, your honesty and your willingness to keep going and keep fighting.


Thanks @peace12, a bit Shakey today but still going


Ack, very unpleasant thing…I hope you feel better soon :kissing_closed_eyes:


Day 11 cant beleive I’m so close to 2 week mark ! Been feeling kind of blah and disoriented lately. Mostly in the quiet times when I’m not busy doing something. I just kind of zone out. Wish my brain wasn’t so fuzzy but I’m happy to not be hungover this morning. I just want my life back so bad and I know that one drink is gonna bring me more guilt than it’s worth.


Ok so day 20 here I had a bad night not in the sense of cravings but I had lots of trouble sleeping and staying asleep I had to get up for a couple of hours and I know when I did finally sleep it was around 5 in the morning. I slept solid and deep then cos i had no nightmares and that’s great cos I have PTSD and they can hit me hard, i used drink to try black out alot so now I’m on my own waiting it out in the small hour till I’m exhausted. Then my mum rang me early and woke me up lol an hour later I’m off the phone eaten breakfast had a green tea now back to bed I better not sleep tho cos I’ll make tonight worse. Thanks for reading peace x