Checking in daily to help maintain focus

  1. Fricking anxiety attack from hell. I know why I drank thru this shit…I wont…but fuck…ordering delivery…


Is it pizza? If so what are the toppings?


Way to go Geoff! 100 days is a pretty big milestone as far as I’m concerned.


Keeping it :100: Geo! You were here for me when I first got on this app and I want to thank you for that and being a friend! Congratulations on :100:.


Thanks so much! Happy sober Saturday!


Checking in, stopped doing it daily and I need to get back to that. Today has been a good day so far. Saw my mother which can be an emotional trigger but things have been better with her and I and it was nice seeing her. She’s a nurse and was able to help me out with a medical problem I have due to my crohns and I’m thinking working out mixed with a bad diet for my disease is the cause. Came home after spending time with her and my dog taz who lives with the family. Something about animals, especially dogs for me. I’m just a giant ball of mush and love them unconditionally and get the biggest smile when I see that guy barking and wagging his tail as I walk in​:blush:. Such a tough guy I am lol :joy:. Now I’m resting for a bit after getting something done to my arm before I go work out. After the gym (leg day leash favorite workout day lol) I have a meeting I used to go to regularly tonight but bc of work have been unable to attend and I am looking forward to it. My sponsor is the guest speaker and I can’t wait to show up and give my support. He’s a great guy, obviously lol for having the want to sponsor this crazy guy lol. After the meeting hopefully going to fellowship and get some tacos with the group and have a fun Saturday night sober.
I hope everyone is having a great Saturday SOBER! Love all of you and appreciate all of you for being apart of my journey in sobriety.


Congrats Geoff!!


Triple digiiiiiiiiits! :fire:


Yay. Hadn’t thought of it that way, but yes.
Cheers all


God gave us free will. We’ve got to commit to to the sober path. I can hope to stay sober and do nothing to change or I can say, “I will change, I must change.” If you want it, make it happen. Make a plan and visualize putting it into action the next time the desire to act out arises. God shows us the path, and we can call on Him for help, but you’ve gotta do the walking.


Almost to 200! Awesome and by the way don’t forget that haters gonna hate. That’s all your “friend” is doing. I sense a bit of jealousy over your good fortune. You mentioned she is struggling so keep that in mind and take it with a grain of salt. Been there done that :heart:


well done my friend. 100 was big for me - after that things started to feel a little a bit easier, a bit more stable. Hitting triple digits felt big and important. Now, it’s time to turn around and do it all again :hearts::snowflake::bird:


Day 39. Gah my weekends are sooooo boring! Boring and sober so I can handle it at least. One more week left in my nursing class and 4 weeks in hell hole math. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Congrats on 100 days @Geo keep it up bro. @Quitter02 way to go as well on making it to 39 days, gotta keep on going.

Day 20 sober and 2nd day of class is done. Had a very productive day of discussions as well as some self reflection with the group. I have to say I’ve enjoyed both days, learned alot and I’m looking forward to making a plan to keep myself on the path of staying sober.



Day 6 is just about done :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, everyone! We can do this! :slight_smile: I promise! :slight_smile:


I’m about to take up some serious space on this thread because I’m proud of myself…I love being sober and I love myself and I don’t care who knows it. Anyone that wants to try to hold me back I will remove from my life. I’ve removed alcohol and I’m working on my bad behaviours. I’m only filling my space and time with positive vibes.

That seemed so serious!! I’m happy, I’m free from the chains that bind me and I’m going to put in the work to stay on this path.

Checking in…


YES I love this, I’m right there with you! (Not sober time wise but that mentality!) Powerful stuff! Congrats on a huge 300, awesome!!


Thank you so much @Becsta, it’s a great state of mind to be in, so happy we’re in this together.


Yes! Been a pleasure to have walked with you these many months, lady. The only way the chains go back on, is if we decide to put them on. Never going back! No retreat. No surrender.