Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Happy 40th @Hopeful1! :blush::tada::partying_face: Hope you do something nice for yourself to mark today as it’s a big deal!


100 days @Geo Is awesome :star_struck: - consider this a personalised counter milestone: :closed_lock_with_key::heavy_check_mark:


Happy Sunday 7 month today :butterfly:


Holy heck, this thread this morning is like a kaleidoscope of numbers (signifying hopes, dreams, trials and triumphs) in all their incandescent glory. My eyes are burning brighter because of it. This morning marks my 40th day. I am proud to be here celebrating life and sobriety with you all.


Just a short check in, feeling sick.
Today day 146.


Oh dear, hope you feel better soon @Buts


Checking in day 34


Hi! 21 days, or 3 weeks sober! Last night saw a nightmare where I used subutex, benzodiazepines, mushrooms and amphetamine all at same time. Then tried to puke it all out, felt ashamed and rented small room from some blind guy where we eated blue cheese :grin:


My word that’s a specific ending :joy::rofl:


Oh no. Hope it’s nothing too bad!


You have every right to be proud of yourself!!


That’s really awesome! 300 days!!! Congratulations :blush:.


So happy for you! 300 days is awesome, keep going and never stop!


Day: 120 today!
Feeling wonderful.
I am grateful for the support offered here, to my community supports and most importantly, my son, who is my reason for remaining in recovery and fighting every day!
Sending my love all. :heart:


Hold on tight ! The early days will be a rollercoaster, it was to me .All kinds of feelings and they came in a mix along with shame and guilt . Stay motivated and you are :smiley: meetings and sponsor will help . Be strong u can do this !:ok_hand::pray::pray:


Love it :heart::pray::pray:


Congrats witth 300 :+1::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Congrats on your 300 days @Lionfish!! You are amazing!!!

Triple digits is a big deal @Geo, well done!

@Amanda.0617 nicely done on your 120 days!

Keep adding them up guys! :slight_smile:


On day 21 going to visit my mum soon along with my gran grandad and uncle, gotta admit this used to be a major trigger for me to drink when I got home “to unwind and vent” gonna keep myself in check tho cos I’m loving my sobriety x


Good luck with that visit :slight_smile: loving your sobrierty is a good reason to keep on the good work. You do deserve good life without alcohol. Hold on to your focus and be calm . It will be fine :pray::pray::pray: