Checking in daily to help maintain focus


On day 21 going to visit my mum soon along with my gran grandad and uncle, gotta admit this used to be a major trigger for me to drink when I got home “to unwind and vent” gonna keep myself in check tho cos I’m loving my sobriety x


Good luck with that visit :slight_smile: loving your sobrierty is a good reason to keep on the good work. You do deserve good life without alcohol. Hold on to your focus and be calm . It will be fine :pray::pray::pray:


Day 197.
@TMAC @Deadman, to be continued I suppose…


Welcome to triple-digits Geoff! Awesome accomplishment! And it is a HUGE milestone! :sunglasses:


I’ve been finding it difficult to check in. On my worst days, I don’t even think to check in, just as I don’t think to eat, sleep, etc. as I should. On my bad days, I do think to do so, but struggle to pull it off. On my great days, I get excited about the rest of my life and forget to check in. So here I am on an okay day, making it work :slight_smile:

Still sober, still truckin’. Still never a boring day. Congrats to all of you with milestones!


@Thirdmonkey Sorry to hear about that. I’ve noticed my anxiety creeping up lately as well. I’m wondering if it’s related to the winter weather. Maybe just not getting enough exercise, sun, fresh air??? Hope you’re able to find the trigger and address it. Hang tough, brother!


Checking in on Day 78. Think I’m getting sick, so that’s a bummer. Fingers crossed that’s not the case.

This song, to me, says that we’re only guaranteed today, so make the best of it.

Have a strong day!!!


Awesome Song! Hope you dont get sick. Crossed my fingers for you :slight_smile: continue to STAY in present. Here and now !


Great work, my friend. Outstanding!! :fist_right::fist_left:


Love the way you says it !:smiley::heart::pray::pray: you are doing it . Be proud and keep on inspire :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Day 337.

One year ago today, I unexpectedly learned reiki. I had been asking for a few years to learn it and with many close people around me dying all at once last year with me being involved in the end of life care for them all, it was just stated today is the day you learn. I had just walked in the door from the hospice house and I said ok so that was that! This really started the process of changing my entire life to better help myself and others. Today, I start a new venture of study into meridian tapping! I truly believe there is so much more we can do to help heal ourselves naturally so I’m learning all I can to be able to help others in various ways. I’ve discovered this last year there really is so much to true healing and emotions really do play into the physical body. This method should help me learn how to release built up emotional blockages for people. I have never tried this myself but it does appear to work, so I’ll be very interested to see how it all goes! None of this ever would have been possible if I continued to drink. Yay for sobriety!


Love what you filled the space with. All of this is so much easier when I am stern with myself in regards to not letting extrinsic negativity get in my way. :blush:


So neat - I’ve always been interested in Reiki, but haven’t quite been able to open my mind enough to decide it would be useful. I suppose that is why it wouldn’t have been for me before. From what I know it depends on both the healer and the patient both being open to transferring and receiving energy for means of relief or healing. :blush: Happy 337.


Thank you! It’s pretty awesome and the more open to it and relaxed you both are, the better it works but it still has effects even if there are any hangups or lingering doubts on it by the reciever, you just may not notice them or the change after but I’ve seen the positive changes in people after even when they didn’t notice themselves. When I point it out, it’s fun to see the lightbulb click but sometimes they will “will” themselves right back to that negative space when they are aware they were out of it for a while because they are comfortable there so I don’t say anything too often now, I just let them enjoy it while it lasts.


Day 6! This time is different


Service related shit from years ago…could be lack of sun…not drinking today.


I think it’s a urinary infection and a kidney infection. Going to see the doctor tomorrow.


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 198 and almost a month till I can try to get my license back. I am getting very anxious about it all and praying for the best.



Hi I was the same drinking too much from stress and causing me more anxiety :roll_eyes: feel much better this week and looking forward to a healthy week ahead :blush:


That’s great :blush::blush::blush: I’m also keeping an eye out for a reiki course in my area I got it before whebmn I was very stressed it really helped me