Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Yes yes and yes lady!!! You’re post is making me smile after a very long day. You are kickin ass!!! :pray:t2::raised_hands:t2::slight_smile::heart:


Wow dude…great self reflections and self awareness. It’s pretty amazing to read how well you are able to understand the complexities of craving and the understanding that you have choices. Thank you for this :heart:


Do you prefer a deep dish with a flat lid, or flat plate with a domed lid?
For science, of course.
*looks in microscopes


@AyBee and @Deadman - butter in the fridge or on the counter?


@aircircle depends where you live and the quality of butter. Temperature affects butter greater, and not all butter is created equal. Fat and moisture content varies, and so does its stability as the temperature rises. Also a consideration is rate of consumption as fats will turn rancid over time, so refrigeration is the safer option
*looks in microscope


Seriously your being way to nice. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.


Cobalt your a really good man and I appreciate your kind words. Thank you and your words helped a lot. I hope your having a nice evening


Day 40! Wow, seisously can’t believe it. Only 10 days until 50. Even though I’m always complaining about homework I’m worried that when I’m finished with semester is my mind going to wonder to the bottle. Until then, one day at a time. Hope y’all had a better Sunday than me.


Ever destroy a perfectly good slice of bread with rock hard butter? I have. For that reason, I keep my butter on the counter. So many broken breads, so many. :cry:


This is why i include where you live in my assessment. Ambient temperature is important to both spreadability and health and safety


Checking in at day 7. Today was rough. I’m feeling so much and none of it makes sense. Does it get better? Or level out? I’m hoping so because it just felt raw and tense. Hope it gets better tomorrow.


Late to the party as usual…checkin’ in on #73. It does get better @Betterbee, keep on fighting daily and do not give up, sobriety is so worth it. @Lionfish, great read and such a winning attitude. Nothing can stop you with it, congrats on 300! @Geo, way to go on the hundro! So many inspiring posts today that I can’t keep up!


Two weeks today!


loving this new look on life …Happy to be here today also Thankful for all of you that keep me coming back here and staying positive :metal::footprints::+1::footprints::metal::footprints::+1:


It absolutely gets better @Betterbee - there’s ups and downs along the way in the first few weeks particularly. I don’t know your backstory but I drank every day for two decades so it took me some time to find equilibrium. The first two weeks were so rough for me, by the end of week 3 I felt more human. I still have some voices telling me that one drink can’t hurt but they are much more muffled (they used to scream at me) and I know it would put me right back to the hell I just clawed my way out of. It does get better. Just hold on for dear life. You can do this.


Day 41 beginning - happy to report that my persistent headache has subsided though sleep has done a runner with it. :roll_eyes:. Well done to all those checking and I hope today is peaceful for you. @Buts, hope you are feeling better.


Not better unfortunally. Having 39 fever.
Going to see a doctor today.
Today day 147.


Late check in, but I did it! One week! :smiley:

Well, I am off to bed shortly. Night!


Oh no. You must be feeling deathly. Hopefully you will get a good fast working antibiotic.


Oh dear, hope doctor has the right medication and you recover quickly. Big hugs to you.