Checking in daily to help maintain focus



Emotions can kill us but they can also set us free :butterfly: Embrace them and surrender…I no longer fight myself. Have a super day you lovely lot :hugs:


Feel like hit by a train :flushed: Have the shakes and my heartbeat is 160 per minute! Have antibiotic now and it must be better after 2 days.
Looking forward to that!
Thank you @happyfeet and @Peace12 :heart:


Sounds horrific @Buts. Wishing you a speedy recovery and warm hugs :hugs:


HB 160!

Get well @Buts


You poor thing, those are seriously no joke. I can’t believe you lasted as long as you did without medication! You’re a super trooper, hope you are feeling better soon!


Oh my friend, I’m so glad that you have been to doctor, that sounds so miserable. Wishing you a swift recovery - please let us know you are ok :hearts::hearts::hearts:


Thanks @Zoesgram1. I have made it to 14 days and literally a few hours until 15 days. I really struggled yesterday but I’m still going. I just hope I can keep going and don’t fail myself.


What a wonderful smile! :slight_smile::heart:


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 199 and tomorrow will be Day 200! Hurray.



Day 407
Bad-mood-day with a serious infection of m.o.n.d.a.y… Literally every patient today was annoying me…:triumph:
At least I’m sober


Checking in on Day 79. Gonna be “one of those days” here at work, so, at least I knew that going into it. Maintain the P.M.A.!!!

Today’s posi song: Shelter ‘We Can Make It Through’.


Hey whats that book you are referring… can you kindly share it please…


I’ll hit 5 months on Valentine’s day. I feel pretty good this morning. The days are getting longer and there’s been a little sunshine. We’re planning a getaway for the coming long weekend. I’ve got my exercise for the next 3 days planned. My wife did a bunch of healthy meal prep for this week and it made me feel pretty cared for. Even though my body felt burnt out, I still managed to get 3 decent workouts in. Not the best week in my recovery but I’m sober and feeling rested. Adjusting to life now that my wife and I have schedules that are in sync.

I haven’t had a lot to say lately, but I’m still keeping tabs as much as I can. I’m always in your cheering section!


Wow. I am speechless. That does not happen often. Stunning dish!


I dub thee King of the Butter Dish!

A nice butter dish somehow makes the butter taste better too.
And don’t get me started on a good butter knife…


Day 50 and feeling pretty kickass overall!

I’ve not been checking in lately, or really even posting very much, and I realized last night that the reason why is subconscious leftover behavior from childhood. Due to growing up in a highly volatile and abusive environment, I learned at a young age to take up as little space as possible and try not to “bother” people.

I’ve been working on gaining freedom from that mindset for a long while, and especially since becoming sober I have made great strides.

Nonetheless, that old shadow has crept back in a little - there is an inherent fear of being viewed as self-obsessed if I talk of myself too much, or of others interpreting it as disinterest in their stories. Finally really seeing the depth of selfishness I displayed in the throes of active addiction appears to be enhancing that old fear in regards to sharing about my recovery.

Just sharing my observations here by way of getting it out in the open, as I find that often helps in the growth process.

Congratulations to everyone on your milestones! Here’s to another glorious day of sobriety - of freedom! :confetti_ball:


Day 22 wooohooo still going super strong I’m in town with my dog waiting for my wife to poo lol x


Day 22 clean. Feeling bored and grumpy. It’s nasty weather, sleet everywhere (had to check that word online) so I’m not going outdoors, my shoes leak. Also feeling mentally tired. And lonely. And hungry. Ok, my whining starts to sound almost tragicomedic :grin: I guess my HALT is upside down… Propably have to do something about it.


Checking in…

It’a finally stopped snowing… Unfortunately it will start snowing again tomorrow. Weather happens as does life. Currently I find my focus in tunnel vision anticipating this week flying by so I can celebrate my milestone. However, I know that is doing a disservice to not only my future (by setting up expectations) but my present. By not being present in today I am wasting precious moments.
All those on this forum who are familiar with me are aware I am a “no complacency” kind of guy. So as I type this I have made the choice that today I will go for a run. Snow or not I’m doing it.
Stay focused and strong my friends.

In case you haven’t heard it today
I LOVE YOU & YOU’RE AWESOME :grin::call_me_hand: